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Here are the best duck and goose feather pillows for your bedroom.

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When it comes to the best feather pillow, you will want to find one that blends comfort and practicality. Unlike memory foam or latex pillows, feather pillows are filled with ducks or geese's soft, insulating feathers. This natural filling provides plushness and adapts to the shape of your head and neck, ensuring optimal support, which makes it one of the best pillows for light sleepers.

The appeal of feather pillows goes beyond a luxury look. Sleeping on natural fibres has its own set of advantages. Given that we spend at least a quarter of our day in bed, it's essential to choose materials that are gentle on our skin and hair - and are breathable, too. Feather pillows, with their natural breathability, ensure a consistent airflow, reducing the chances of overheating during the night. Also, the organic nature of feathers means fewer chemicals and synthetic materials, leading to a healthier sleep environment.

The best feather pillow at a glance:

• Best value feather pillow set: Habitat Duck Feather Soft Pillow- View on Habitat
• Best feather pillow for extra cushion: Littens Extra Filled Luxury Super King Pillows: View on Amazon UK
• Best feather pillow for sustainability: EarthKind Feather & Down Standard Pillow - View on John Lewis

For those who tend to overheat, a cooling pillow can be a game-changer, ensuring a sweat-free, restful sleep. And if you need additional support due to back or neck issues, an orthopaedic pillow can be the perfect companion, tailored to provide targeted relief. Before diving into the roundup, knowing the difference between down and feather pillows is important. Down is made with quill-less feathers from the chest and underbelly of a duck or goose, while a feather pillow is made of feathers with quills from the wings and backs.

Of course, while the pillow's interior is crucial, getting the bedding right is essential, too. Look for the best pillow covers made of natural fibre, such as cotton, linen or silk pillowcases, to create the optimal sleep environment for your bedroom. So, enough pillow talk. Let's take a look at the best feather pillows to send you off to a blissful night's sleep.

Best feather pillows

Best value feather pillow set

Feather pillows habitatCredit: Habitat

Snuggle up in the embrace of this Habitat Duck Feather Soft Pillow. A bedtime luxury - crafted from 100 per cent cotton cover and 100 per cent duck feather filling, this pillow promises breathability and comfort. The feathers used are a by-product of the food industry, meaning the animals won't be alive when the feathers are gathered for use in pillows. The feathers are RDS certified, meaning full traceability and ethical standards exist. Plus, it comes with the convenience of machine washability and is ideal for tumble drying, too. It comes as a two-pack for your bed as well.

Customer review: "My go-to for feather pillows every time Habitat bedding has always been my first choice for pillows and quilts, and the bedding including fitted sheets, mattress protectors and quilt covers and pillowcases wash like a dream and don't fade or crease badly either so win-win!"


  • Made with 100 per cent natural duck feathers
  • It comes with a pure cotton cover
  • Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying


  • Some customers said the pillows are quite flat

Best goose feather pillow

Snuggledown Hungarian Goose DownCredit: Amazon

If goose feathers are your top choice, this Hungarian goose feather pillow could be an excellent pick. The pillow aligns with your body so you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep. Constructed using a blend of 80 per cent goose down and 20 per cent small goose feather - this pillow is encased in the brand's heritage check, and 300 thread count soft touch cotton fabric.

Customer review: "This pillow is very soft and holds its shape after a night's sleep. If you're a side sleeper and you find polyester pillows too hard, it's worth trying them."


  • High-quality and comfortable
  • Holds the shape
  • 300 thread count and pure cotton case


  • It can be over-stuffed for some

Best feather pillow for extra cushion

Duck Feather Pillow PairCredit: Amazon

If you like your pillows with a little more cushion, you are going to love the Littens' Extra Filled Luxury Super King Size Pillow. Boasting a 230 thread count and a 100 per cent combed cotton cover, this pillow offers a silky-smooth touch when you rest your head. It is generously filled with 85 per cent white duck feathers and 15 per cent white duck down, so it can offer unmatched comfort and luxury. Its meticulous double-stitch edging and piped trim give it a touch of sophistication. Plus, with the assurance of anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic properties, it's great for those with sensitivities.

Customer review: "Superb quality and high comfort."


  • 230 thread count for the cover
  • Generously filled with 85 per cent white duck feather and 15 per cent white duck down.
  • The filling is washed, sterilised, and steam purified, making it hypoallergenic.


  • Even though it's super filled, some may find it is not enough

Best feather pillow for a two-year guarantee

Silent Night pillowCredit: Amazon

Silentnight's Duck Feather Pillows come with a breathable cotton cover and are generously filled with soft duck feathers, offering a plush resting place for your head. Their natural lightness ensures loftiness, while the cotton keeps you cool. It also has the added benefit of being machine washable, guaranteeing natural comfort night after night. Whether you prefer a single pillow for softness or two for medium support, these pillows cater to every need.

Customer review: "Excellent. Arrived quickly, well packaged. They are so comfy I couldn't believe it."


  • Offers adjustable comfort levels: use one for soft and two for medium comfort
  • Ethically sourced and RDS-approved
  • It comes with a manufacturer's 2-year guarantee


  • Size dimensions are slightly smaller than standard UK sizing

Best feather pillow for medium support

Snuggledown pillowsCredit: Amazon

Introducing Snuggledown's Scandinavian Classic Duck Feather & Down Pillows, a blend of comfort and support. Designed especially for back and side sleepers, these pillows ensure your head is slightly raised and aligned with your spine. Encased in a 230 thread count soft touch cotton fabric, this pillow promises nights of serene sleep. It is also a washing machine and dryer-friendly, making it a fuss-free addition to your bedroom.

Customer review: "Great value for money. I sleep well on them."


  • Washing machine and dryer-friendly
  • Non-allergenic, reducing the risk of allergic reactions
  • A blend of 85% Duck Feather and 15% Duck Down


  • Non-removable cover, so you will have to wash the whole pillow

Best feather pillow for sustainability

EarthKind Feather & Down Standard PillowCredit: John Lewis

If sustainability is a priority for you, this pillow would be an excellent choice. EarthKind's commitment to sustainability shines through here. Crafted from recycled feather and down, this pillow retains its original warmth and softness. EarthKind's meticulous cleaning, sanitising, and hand-finishing processes ensure each pillow is as good as new. Made in the UK and devoid of plastic, it's an eco-friendly choice for any sleeper.

Customer review: "I slept like a baby. Normally, I wake up at least once throughout the night, but now I sleep straight to the next morning. The pillow was so comfy, and I woke up with no neck pain. I'm not sure if it's down to feathers being used, but it made a difference."


  • Eco-friendly approach with recycled feather and down
  • No plastic packaging
  • 233 thread count
  • Made in the UK, ensuring local quality


  • Maybe too thin for some

Best budget feather pillow

Dunelm Duck Feather Pillow PairCredit: Dunelm

Dunelm's Duck Feather Pillow Pair is luxury at a low price. These pillows with premium white duck feathers promise a soft, breathable sleep experience. It has a pure cotton cover, boasting a 230 thread count and is finished with piped edging and cassette quilting. This pillow set is a real blend of style and comfort.

Customer review: "Lovely fluffy pillows - smell a little to start with, but it's not unpleasant - very good quality and value for the price."


  • A high 230 thread count for a luxurious feel
  • Made with a premium white duck feather for enhanced comfort
  • Soft, breathable, and finished with piped edging for a touch of elegance


  • Some reviews say the smell is strong

Best feather pillow for breathability

Marks and Spencer's 2pk Duck Feather & Down Firm PillowsCredit: M&S

M&S always brings quality products, and their Duck Feather and Down Firm Pillows are no different. They are filled with duck feathers and down and offer a firm yet luxurious feel. The pure cotton cover ensures breathability, while the Better Cotton Initiative and Responsibly Sourced Feather & Down also attest to M&S's commitment to ethical sourcing.

Customer review: "Two well-made firm pillows, good quality outer material.."


  • Part of the Better Cotton Initiative
  • Responsibly sourced feather and down
  • Made with 100 per cent cotton cover for breathability


  • Specific firmness might not cater to all sleepers

Best feather pillow for back sleepers

Slumberdown Duck Feather Medium Support Back Sleeper PillowCredit: Wayfair
Price: £31.74 (Was £80)

Slumberdown's Duck Feather Medium Support Pillow is essential for back sleepers. Enveloped in 100 per cent cotton, this pillow is filled with duck feathers, promising medium support for a restful night. This pillow is a great all-rounder, ethically sourced and compliant with European standards. Not to mention the added benefit of being machine and dryer-friendly.

Customer review: "I never have any luck purchasing mattresses and pillows. Everything seems so underwhelming or good for a few first sleeps. But after using these pillows for three weeks - I love them."


  • Responsibly sourced feathers compliant with European Down and Feather Association regulations
  • Offers medium support, ideal for back and side sleepers
  • Washing machine and dryer friendly, ensuring easy maintenance


  • Some reviewers did not find it comfortable

Best feather pillows FAQs

What's the difference between feather pillows and down pillows?

Feather pillows are filled with the outer feathers of ducks or geese, which are flatter and have quills. Down pillows, on the other hand, use the fluffy undercoat of the birds, resulting in a softer and fluffier feel.

Are feather pillows suitable for allergy sufferers?

Many feather pillows undergo special treatments to make them hypoallergenic. However, if you have severe allergies, it's important to choose a pillow specifically labelled as hypoallergenic or consider a pillow protector.

Why does my new feather pillow have a distinct smell?

New feather pillows might have a natural scent. This usually dissipates after a few days. Airing it out or using a fabric freshener can help speed up the process, or opt for a pillow spray to start out.

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