What is the difference between BB & CC cream?

BB and CC cream

by Lorna White |

You've no doubt spotted some BB or CC cream when shopping for new make up, but exactly what is it? And what is the difference between BB & CC cream?

To help you learn more about this kind of make up, we've rounded up everything you need to know about BB and CC cream, the difference between the two as well as the benefits plus some of the best to buy.

What is CC cream?

CC stands for colour corrector and it delivers a 2-in-1 effect, as though you've used a colour correcting concealer underneath your foundation. The colour correction helps to neutralise any skin imperfections and discolouring, and it works particularly well for redness.

It has a lighter coverage than foundation, so it's ideal if you don't like the feel of heavier make up or if you're looking for a lighter weight foundation for the summer.

What is BB cream?

BB stands for blemish balm and acts as a tinted moisturiser with a very sheer level of coverage. It helps to make the skin appear brighter, hydrated and smooth, evening out your skin finish.

Many BB creams also contain an SPF to give your skin some protection from the sun, so it's great to use for protection from the environment.

What is the difference between BB & CC cream?

The biggest difference is that CC cream is much better when it comes to colour correction than BB cream is. If you suffer from redness or uneven skin tone on the face, then CC cream would probably suit your skin better. Because of this, you may even want to use a CC cream underneath your foundation to correct any discolouration before adding coverage with your foundation. As the coverage of CC cream tends to be medium to full, there may be no need to add foundation on top, but it really depends on your skin and how you feel most comfortable.

BB cream is far more sheer in coverage compared to CC cream, and it won't help improve the appearance of redness or blemishes. BB cream is more focussed on taking care of your skin, adding hydration and a brightness to your complexion.

How to apply BB and CC cream

You can apply BB and CC cream just as you would your usual foundation, either with your fingers, a foundation brush or sponge like a beauty blender.

You can wear them alone without any moisturiser or primer, or you can do your usual skincare regime before applying.

Although many BB and CC creams contain SPF, we'd recommend using a face SPF on your face before applying your make up, especially in the summer months.

The best BB creams to buy


bb cream erborian
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This 5-in-1 formula aims to even out your complexion, reduce the appearance of blemishes, leave the skin feeling hydrated and it has a matte finish. It also contains SPF 20 and works to adapt to your skin tone.

Body-shop BB cream
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We've always been fans of The Body Shop and their affordable beauty buys. This BB cream creates a hydrated and luminous finish for even coverage. Containing SPF 30, this BB cream is sweat resistant and super lightweight.

garnier bb cream
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Enriched with hyaluronic acid and aloe, it's great for hydrating and soothing the skin. This formula helps to even out skin tone while allowing the skin to breath. It also helps protect the skin from the sun with its SPF 25 and has anti-aging properties.

The best CC creams to buy



IT cosmetics CC cream
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This CC cream is loved by the Yours team and it's a best-seller for a reason. Not only does it have SPF 50, but it has so many more brilliant benefits including its full coverage, anti-aging properties and natural finish.

Clinique Moisture Surge™ CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30
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Formulated to help the skin appear more radiant, it helps prevent ageing while you wear it while protecting you from the sun for a real flawless finish.

L'oreal cc cream
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Ultra-lightweight, this CC cream contains mineral pigments which green tone blend seamlessly to help correct the appearance of redness in the skin. It comes with SPF 20 and is also infused with pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E.

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