The best CC cream for mature skin

Discover why a little more coverage from the best CC creams are essential this summer.

best CC cream for mature skin

by Georgia Scott |

When coming into the warmer months, opting for the best CC cream instead of applying your usual foundation routine is a great way to keep the skin looking flawless but feeling fresh.

We all want our make-up to appear radiant when it's sunny outside, so discovering a new CC cream will help to even out the skin tone while looking natural and providing enough coverage to suit your preference.

What is a CC cream?

CC stands for 'colour correction' and is great for those who struggles with any redness, pigmentation or discolouration in their skin.

Household skincare brand, Olay, summed up the definition of a CC cream perfectly. Olay said, "CC creams neutralise the look of skin imperfections by utilising colours opposite of each other on the colour wheel. For example, if you were to have purple undereye circles and veins, you’d want to go for a peach/orange colour option, and if you’re dealing with redness associated with rosacea, sunburn, acne, or broken capillaries, a green one would work well to neutralise the reddish colour."

How should you use a CC cream?

A CC cream is similar to a tinted moisturiser and usually has lighter coverage. If you prefer, they can be applied with your fingertips, as you normally would your daily moisturiser.

However, if you prefer to apply your complexion products with make-up brushes or a sponge, feel free.

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