Perfume gift sets any fragrance-lover will enjoy

From Chanel to Marc Jacobs, we've listed the most beautiful fragrances for your loved ones.

Chanel No 5 perfume

by Marina Avraam |

Be it birthdays or wedding anniversaries, perfume gift sets are a great present for friends and loved ones alike. They're packaged beautifully, and if you choose the right one then the recipient will know just how much you pay attention.

From sweet and floral to sharp and musky, there's a perfume gift set out there to suit every individual's preference. Perfume sets are also a fantastic way to sample a variety of luxury fragrances before buying the real thing, which is always a plus!

Including classics such as Chanel No 5, as well as more contemporary scents like Marc Jacob's Daisy, we've rounded up the best perfume sets that your loved ones will adore.

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Which perfume is best for me?

Choosing your own signature scent is never easy. What you like now is bound to be different to what fragrances you wore when you were younger, as our preferences are evolving by the minute.

So, what steps do you need to take to choose the right scent? First, decide on whether you are opting for a casual, everyday scent or an evening fragrance.

Next, we recommend deciding what notes you prefer in a fragrance. The top note, as it's referred to, is the strongest aroma that you will smell - usually for the first 20 minutes after you spray. The middle note will stay with you for a few more hours, while the bottom note will stick with you for a whole day.

If you prefer sweet, fresh scents then look out for floral and citrus notes. On the other hand, if you like muskier aromas, make sure to keep an eye out for woody, earthy notes.

The process may take a while, and it's likely that you will sample lots of scents before settling on the right one, which is another reason why perfume sets are so great. You can gift someone (or yourself) the opportunity to experiment with different scent profiles and decide on their signature fragrance.

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