The best anti-ageing cream for men

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by Eleanor Weaver |

So often we've found that male skincare can fall to the wayside, despite the fact that it can do wonders for the appearance of their skin too, protecting their skin from free-radicals, sun damage and dryness.

And whilst men's skin ages differently from a woman's, a good quality, hydrating anti-ageing cream can help their skin feel firmer, revitalised, and help reduce fine lines if they're a cause for concern. Combined with exercise, reduced sun exposure, and a good diet, they'll be feeling younger in no time!

How we picked the best anti-ageing creams for men

To find the best anti-ageing creams for men, we've scoured reviews and recommendations and tried these products ourselves. There’s a range for different skin types and budgets so you’re sure to find the right one for you or a loved one on this list!

We think a pick of these would make a thoughtful Father's Day gift, something they might not buy themselves but would go down a treat.

We've also asked the experts to answer our tester's skincare FAQs to make sure you can make your decision well-informed and ready to incorporate your anti-ageing cream of choice into your skincare routine.

Our top picks

Best anti-ageing moisturisers for men

No7 Men Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Day Moisturiser SPF15

Ishga Men’s Marine Cream

Dr Dennis Gross Anti-Aging Moisturiser

Best anti-ageing serum for men

Lancôme Génific HD

Best anti-ageing gel for men

Clarins Men Energising Gel

The best anti-ageing moisturisers for men

Perfect for dryer skin types, this hydrating but non-greasy moisturiser will quickly absorb into the skin helping it feel smoother, firmer and more radiant, great for tired-looking skin. Scented with peppermint for a refreshing lift, it helps reinforce the skin's defence against daily aggressions.

One customer wrote, "Don't worry about what some people think about 'men's' face and skin creams, this really does work even my wife saw the difference! Not only that, it has cleared up a razor soreness. She who must be obeyed said 'always fancied having a toy boy'... I am 84! Will use often."

Designed for all skin types, this cream is packed with natural and certified organic ingredients including Aloe Leaf Juice, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. This scented cream absorbs quickly into the skin to firm, smooth and tighten pores. Formulated specifically for men, it penetrates men's thicker skin and used twice daily, should last up for 45 days.

One user said, "The pot is fairly small, but the cream goes a long way. Just a small amount easily covers your face, and it has a refreshing, slightly minty smell which is nice. It is almost like mousse in texture and absorbs well into your skin. As of yet, I have had no dry skin around my eyes later in the day, and I have already noticed that my skin looks smoother/more even. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a refreshing, light face cream - particularly so if you want anti-ageing benefits."

This anti-ageing moisturiser from Kiehl's is designed to target fine lines and wrinkles specifically for men's thicker and coarser skin. Formulated with Cypress Extract, it gently exfoliates to help smooth rough skin and easily absorbs to help visibly firm the skin for a more youthful appearance. With ingredients including caffeine and Capryloyl Salicylic Acid (LHA), the skin will feel stimulated, less dull and smoothed of imperfections.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "I really like the packaging of this at it gives a more masculine feel in line with auto repairs or polish, which helps identify it as a men's skincare brand. It absorbed well into my skin and the cream itself had a springy, soft consistency which made my skin feel instantly firmer. It has an almost menthol scent to it which I wasn't the biggest fan of, but it did help make my face feel more awake and skin feel lovely and fresh."

This Nivea matte finish men's moisturiser has a light hydrating formula that offers your skin much needed moisture without any greasy residues. The specially formulated moisturiser is anti-grease, anti-shine, and fast-absorbing – for a matte skin look all day long. It regenerates your skin immediately after shaving and reinforces your skin's natural barrier to lock in the moisture. Your skin feels smooth, protected & refreshed.

One reviewer wrote, "I think Nivea Men Deep Matte Finish is the best daily cream a man could want. The freshness of the cream last for at least half a day and the smell is very pleasant. There is a nice cool feeling that the cream leaves after putting on the skin. I will definitely be buying this again and highly recommend it."

Helping to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, as well as providing a nourishing base with almond oil, this moisturiser by skinChemist also has anti-ageing properties. Both mineral and chemical filters are combined to protect against the broad solar spectrum, not only protecting against UVB radiation that causes sunburn, but also against the entire ultraviolet spectrum. This works to prevent premature ageing of the skin, erythema and even skin cancer. The brand also offers SPF 30 Wrinkle Killer Moisturiser (£24.99) with a similar formula.

Our reviewer with sensitive skin said, "I've tried both the SPF 50 and SPF 30 from the skinChemist Wrinkle Killer Face Cream range. It's so important to protect your skin and make it part of your daily routine.

For best results, the packaging says to apply evenly, generously and on a thick layer to the face. Unsurpisingly, I found that the SPF 50 formula was much thicker than the SPF 30 formula, so take that into consideration with what you're looking for. Personally, the SPF 30 formula works better on my skin.

It does apply white on the skin to begin with, because of its consistency, but rubbing into the face (especially in an upwards motion, which is better for wrinkles), easily solves this. It has a pleasing scent that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and leaves your face feeling plump and rejuvenated. A recommended buy."

With active ingredients Anogeissus and Hyaluronic Acid, this potent anti-ageing cream for men is great for helping to reduce the appearance of lines whilst delivering age-correcting moisture and SPF UV protection. Recommended for dry or combination skin types, the Anaogeissus is infused with elastin-optimizing Dill Seed Extract to help visibly diminish lines plus youth-extending Cassia alata.

One reviewer, aged 45-54, said, "A lovely, luxurious feeling moisturiser with the added bonus of SPF!" They used it for the purpose of anti-ageing and it worked well with their combination skin.

This lightweight formula is hypo-allergenic which means it is a great fit for even the most sensitive skin. For daily protection against aggressions and free-radicals, this cream is powered by Matrixyl 3000 Plus to effectively and visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and give younger-looking skin in a matter of weeks. With added SPF too for UV protection, this is a great choice of cream to add to your routine.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "Despite the cream having a thicker consistency than expected, it made me feel really refreshed and pampered - it felt luxurious really! My skin felt firmer and well protected. I also liked the handy pump application which helped me know how much to apply. It smelt a little like sunscreen, I imagine due to the SPF, but it was actually a nice scent and not too overwhelming. I would definitely use this again."

A more expensive option on this list, but definitely worth it for the quality. Dermatologist-developed by New York's elite Dr Dennis Gross, this anti-ageing cream locks in the skin's moisture and protects the skin from antioxidants. Recommended for use on all skin types, this cream uses the power of retinol to help rejuvenate the face and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst the Ferulic acid boost the power of vitamins in the skin's repair.

One reviewer with sensitive skin said, "I bought this product at the end of 2020 and I am extremely happy with it. I was not familiar at all with the brand and I have to admit, I was feeling a little sceptical about trying a pricey, unknown product for me, but I am so happy that I did.

"I have been poorly and going through a number of medical treatments that have been affecting my skin. My skin was very dry, tired, and dull-looking. In the past, I used a very expensive Ferulic acid product, and I have to say that it was brilliant. However, although I was familiar with ferulic acid, I thought that ferulic + retinol could be a good combination and I bought this product. To begin with, my skin was a little irritated for just say a week, but after that, I started noticing the changes. Amazing, product.

"I incorporated the night serum, and later on the eye product. So, if you are tempted, due to my experience my advice is to go for it. It is an amazing product, and Dr Dennis Gross is an amazing range."

This softening anti-ageing cream uses only the purest essential oils to provide super-powered antioxidants to protect your skin from the damage of stress, pollution and UV rays, topical circulatory stimulants and nutrient-rich extracts to hydrate and plump the skin. Suitable for all ages and skin types, this cream will energise your skin and make it feel brighter and revitalised.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "This moisturiser was extremely soft and felt really lovely on my skin. It felt a little heavy but it made my skin feel instantly plumped and smooth which helped create a more youthful appearance. The scent of the essential oils was quite therapeutic making it a cream I'd recommend to use before bed to help drift off and wake up feeling shiny and new."

If you're looking for the best affordable anti-ageing cream to pick up and incorporate into your skincare regime, this is the one for you! At less than a tenner, you can buy online or in your local Superdrug store, making it a handy one to keep stocked up. With horse chestnut and peptides, this cream easily absorbs into the skin, leaving it moisturised and not oily, and helps reduce the appearance of premature wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "This felt the most like a traditional moisturiser and after rubbing it into my skin it seemed to absorb well. It was cooling and refreshing on my skin and while I can't say if it'll help with anti-aging at this stage, it certainly made my skin feel more hydrated and moisturised which can only be a good thing! I tend to have quite dry skin on my cheeks so this really helped with that."

The award-winning Bulldog skincare range doesn't shy away from anti-ageing creams, and have made this Age Defender Moisturiser to help reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles after just four weeks. With a unique blend of five essential oils, this moisturiser is packed with amazing natural ingredients and antioxidants including rosemary, echinacea and vitamin E. Your skin will feel nourished, smooth and well hydrated.

One reviewer wrote, "The Bulldog range is fantastic. Ethical, natural, cruelty-free and works very well too. Lovely smell and amazing price when compared to what you get for the equivalent products that cost silly money. I'm glad I tried this range and have bought other products since. Recommended."

Specially formulated for men, this clinically proven anti-ageing moisturiser harnesses the power of the sea to help firm, smooth and hydrate the skin. With a light texture that'll absorb effortlessly into the skin, this cream is power charged with Padina Pavonica, Ginkgo Biloba and Abysinne to help improve suppleness and elasticity for younger-looking skin.

One reviewer said, "Bought this for my husband as I’ve been using Elemis for years now. Definitely see the difference in his skin and would definitely recommend this for men. Husband wishes I bought it for him sooner."

Another natural marine cream, this natural skincare from Ishga is full of clean ingredients that'll transform any skin type whilst brightening, refreshing and smoothing the skin. With sensual aromatic oils of sandalwood and bergamot for scent, shea butter and extract of macadamia for nourishment and vitamin E to help plump and heal, your skin will feel as good as new!

Tried by our tester Matthew: "This has become one of my personal favourites. The cream was really lovely and almost cooling on application and the scent really lifted my spirit. It felt as natural as advertised and my skin felt instantly smoother. It absorbed quickly and I've gone on to use it for over a week now thanks to how nice it feels and how much better and well-nourished my skin feels for it."

This all-day moisturiser helps combat the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dullness for a younger, more revitalised look. With skin-strengthening ingredients, this cream absorbs quickly as well as helping to visibly calm skin using soothing anti-irritant ingredients and powerful antioxidants. This cream would be a great option for more sensitive skin or if you're looking to protect your skin from aggressions in the air and pollution.

One reviewer said, "I have returned to Clinique after years away and it's a welcome return. This coupled with the regular soap has really benefitted my skin. Getting 100ml is also a bonus as it dramatically lifts the value for money. To make this product excellent it needs SPF as it is, after all, an anti-ageing product."

Made for demanding, mature skin, this regenerating day cream provides the care and protection you really need to face the day which leaves your skin feeling radiant and smooth. It absorbs quickly and is packed with natural ingredients including anti-oxidant rich red clover, acerola berries, raspberry seed oil, and shea butter to support the skin's regenerative properties and protect against free-radical damage.

Tried by our tested Matthew: "This cream was really soft and creamy but required a little more to get full coverage to my face. With the blend of botanicals in the ingredient list, these definitely came through in the scent and feel of the cream - making my skin feel naturally protected and fresh. The scent was a little too strong for me but I wouldn't mind using it before heading to bed. I also tried the serum - it was much looser and a little goes a long way. The scent was much more subtle which I liked and it made my skin feel instantly tighter, and a little tingly, which made me feel like it was really working to target my wrinkles. Cooling and penetrated into my skin well."

Ecooking™ have introduced a new 50+ series which aims to specifically nourish the skin with the rich moisture of the hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that increase the collagen production in the skin; and reduce pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. Unlike others on this list, it also contains CBD and stem cells which tighten and pamper loose skin for revitalised energy. It also contains SPF20, great for protecting your skin from the sun and keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "I had a little difficulty using this cream at first, I think the packaging might have been too big for the pump to work efficiently from the get-go, but with a bit of a squeeze I was able to apply the product. Thinner than expected, the cream was still rich and creamy, cooling to apply and made my skin feel smooth. It's mostly fragrance-free which I appreciated. I also tried the Ecooking™ 50+ Good Night Cream which I applied before bed. It felt very much similar to the day cream but with the addition of helping to instantly ease and soothe some inflamed skin on my face. I really love that these products contain collagen-boosting properties which will help with anti-aging and as my first experience using a product with CBD, I found it really helpful."

The best anti-aging serums for men

This youth activating serum concentrate for men has been formulated by Lancôme scientists, creating a range that helps reveal the skin's youthful characteristics which infuse the skin with life and radiating energy. Suitable for combination, dry, normal and oily skin, this cream should visibly rejuvenate your skin and help improve the evenness of skin tone and texture.

One reviewer said: "I've been using Lancome for over 30 years and Advanced Genifique Face serum really makes a difference in my skin's appearance, it helps reduce my fine lines and smooth out my skin."

Designed to help counteract sun damage, fine lines, pre-mature ageing and free-radicals, this cream should be used before bed to work its magic as you sleep. With key ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and pomegranate extract, the cream will hydrate your skin, fight anti-oxidants and defend against puffiness and signs of ageing.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "I really like the roller application which made it really easy to specifically target my fine lines, however, if I was looking to cover my full face, it might take some time! It was really cooling and soothing on my skin and made my face feel more awake than usual come morning. I would like to continue to use this but with targeted anti-ageing around my eyes."

The best anti-ageing gel for men

Perfect for re-energising the skin with moisture, energy and hydration, this would definitely be good if you're skin is a little on the dry side or is feeling dull and needs a little lift. Full of vitality to meet the needs of stressed, tired and dull skin, this gel cream contains organic red ginseng extract to help boost the skin's natural energy, defend against skin aggressors and leave the skin feeling more refreshed.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "This has been another favourite that has made my skin feel instantly fresh, soothed, lifted and awake - definitely what I need at the start of the week. Because of this, I'd definitely aim to use it in the mornings to give me that boost I need and despite being a gel, I found it really comfortable to wear. I was worried a gel would be sticky and greasy but it was the complete opposite. Lovely and soft and absorbed well."

Formulated with Linseed Extract, this non-greasy gel moisturiser for men absorbs easily into skin to help visibly reduce lines and wrinkles for firmer, younger-looking skin. It softens the skin for 24-hour hydration and helps strengthen the skin for a more energised appearance. As men’s skin is thicker than women’s and also produces more oil, this moisturiser tailors to men's needs in this weightless, non-greasy texture gel.

Tried by our tester Matthew: "This gel was another strong contender for my bathroom shelf, providing another cooling and soft sensation against my skin that sunk in well and made my skin feel anew. It felt really light on my skin and made it feel more 'airy' for want of a better word like my skin was breathing and not feeling restricted by a heavier cream. The formula was non-greasy, non-sticky and the small pea-sized amount recommended was all that was needed to cover my whole face. I think this product will definitely go the distance making it great value for the price."

Men's anti-ageing skincare FAQs

We reached out to Sönd's Consultant Dermatologist Rachael Burns for her expert opinion on men's skincare and how best to incorporate anti-ageing creams into your skincare regime, whether you've got a morning or night-time ritual or are new to the world of skincare.

Sönd are an alkaline skincare brand that specialises in creating products that support regeneration and irritable skin such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

All of these questions were ones that our testers were curious to know as men new to anti-ageing creams and facial skincare.

What makes a product anti-ageing?

"Stereotypically, 'anti-ageing' products are designed to increase the amount of collagen within our bodies," says Rachael. "Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, accounting for approximately one-third of its protein composition. Collagen is broken down into amino acids that are used to build new proteins and compounds that are responsible for improving the elasticity, hydration and dermal density of our skin."

Alongside this, anti-ageing creams can "help the skin remain hydrated, exfoliate, fight free radicals and protect against sun damage. In combination with other products these best practices can certainly be combined with our products to help men’s skin."

How does men's skin age differently to women's?

While you don't need to use anti-ageing creams made specifically for men, those anti-ageing creams created with men in mind will take into consideration how men age differently from women, as well as scent profiles if the product comes with this.

Dermatologist Rachael Burns pointed out that there are in fact notable, structural differences between men and women's skin.

"Men naturally have an increased testosterone production which results in thicker skin (approximately 25 per cent) and the skin itself has a tougher texture. Men also have a higher density of collagen than women which is directly correlated to signs of skin ageing.

Man doing skincare regime
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"As a result, a man’s skin tends to age differently and much slower than a woman’s. As we age, often starting in our 20’s, the amount of collagen we produce starts to decrease – leaving our skin less elastic, full, and firm. Additionally, the quality of the collagen in our face starts to deteriorate as the collagen and elastin become fragmented and thick (leading to “crows feet” and wrinkles).

"Stereotypically, the breakdown of collagen is more prevalent in facial skin, which is why our face often shows signs of ageing before the rest of our body. As women have less collagen than men, the ageing process is more noticeable in their face from a younger age."

So while the ageing process may not be as noticeable for men, using an anti-ageing cream can still be beneficial to skin health, protecting against free radicals and helping to hydrate the skin as ageing skin becomes typically dryer.

What's the difference between a serum and a moisturiser?

With so many products available, it can be hard to know how the jargon differentiates.

Rachael says, "A serum product is water-based whereas a moisturiser is both water and oil-based. Serums are designed to penetrate the skin and work at a deeper level. Moisturiser products are designed to hydrate and protect the top layers of your skin."

Depending on your skin type, whether that's normal, dry, sensitive, oily or a combination, you may find that serum or moisturiser works better than the other.

How else can I reduce the signs of ageing?

"Outside of a good skincare routine, it’s important to have dietary habits that promote skin health," says Rachael.

"For example, berries are rich in antioxidants that help fight cell-damaging free radicals. As we age our body’s natural ability to fight off free-radicals diminishes, which in turn leads to higher levels that can have a detrimental impact upon our skin cells. When there are more fre- radicals present than there are antioxidants, our skin cells begin to weaken and show signs of ageing.


"Collagen and elastin are two proteins that give our skin structure but poor lifestyle habits can accelerate damage to these proteins which can leave our skin sagging in appearance and increase fine lines and wrinkles. A diet rich in antioxidants such as blueberries may help combat free radical damage and promote healthier-looking skin."

What would you advise for a beginner's skincare regime?

Dr Ross Perry, Medical Director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics shared his evening tips and simple quick morning wins to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean.


• First wash with warm water to open up pores

• Use a facial cleanser instead of soap as it keeps the correct PH balance of the skin. Don't use soap on your face, however tempting and easy it might be!

• Use a scrub or exfoliator 1-3 times a week but don’t over scrub as this can irritate the skin

• Either post shaving apply a moisturiser to your whole face or, if have a beard, apply moisturiser to upper face and beard oil to the lower face

• Lastly, use a sunblock to sun exposed facial areas.


• Cleanse again to remove dirt from the day

• Use a moisturising night cream and if concerned about aging, add your anti-ageing cream here as this will help repair the skin whilst it is resting and less exposed overnight.

Ultimately, keeping it simple and consistent is the key to help improve the appearance and health of your skin. Dr Perry says, "Try a few different creams but stick with them for at least two months to know whether they work for you unless they are causing irritation."

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