How to wear grey hair without looking old

Going grey doesn't mean you'll look old. Learn how to go grey while still looking youthful and stylish.


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Spending an awful lot of time and money in the hair salon to hide those grey roots can often become a struggle, which is why so many women are choosing to ditch the dye to embrace their naturally grey hair. Over the years, us women have been convinced that grey hair makes us look old, while men become silver foxes - so let's own it.

When home-dye kits hit the market in the 50s, marketing campaigns would target consumers with greying hair, convincing them that grey hair made them look old and unattractive. So it's no surprise many women began dyeing their hair to meet the demands of modern day beauty standards.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and we now know that this is a very dated idea. Women are beautiful, no matter what their hair colour. Many famous faces have also embraced the grey, showcasing how grey hair can look just as stylish and chic as brunette, blonde or red hair.

If you're keen to embrace the grey but you're unsure how to wear it without looking old, take a look at our top expert tips for wearing it right and advice on maintaining your gorgeous grey locks.

7 famous faces who wear their grey hair with confidence

There are lots of celebrities who have welcomed their natural hue, and from cute pixie crops like Judi Dench's to big natural curls like Andie MacDowell's do, here are some grey hairstyles to inspire you.

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How to wear grey hair

If you're decided on making the move to the grey side, there's a few things you can do to maintain your healthy head of hair to keep it in the best condition and looking youthful.

Get yourself a good hairdresser

Grey hair needs regular maintenance to stay looking its best. As our hair ages it becomes finer and feels coarser, which can leave hair flat and tricky to style. Regular trims every six weeks will help make styling easier and if you’re in a rut talk to your hairdresser about giving your style a refresh.


Protect your hair from the sun

It isn’t just your skin that can be damaged by the sun, explains Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley. “Grey and white hair lacks the protective pigment melanin, making your hair more vulnerable to sun damage.” If you’re going to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time, it’s extra-important to use a protective product or wear a hat. {#h-it-isn-t-just-your-skin-that-can-be-damaged-by-the-sun-explains-anabel-kingsley-trichologist-at-philip-kingsley-grey-and-white-hair-lacks-the-protective-pigment-melanin-making-your-hair-more-vulnerable-to-sun-damage-if-you-re-going-to-be-in-the-sun-for-a-prolonged-period-of-time-it-s-extra-important-to-use-a-protective-product-or-wear-a-hat}

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer 250ml


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This mist helps protect your hair from the sun as well as heat-styling to prevent breakage to leave the hair soft and smooth. It'll also help banish any frizz!

Invest in your skincare

If you're worried about looking older with grey hair, you'll want to make sure your skin stays looking youthful by using a good anti-ageing moisturiser, serum and eye cream to make sure your skin stays as hydrated as possible,

When things are looking dull, give it a boost of brightening

Keeping your hair clean is the key to shiny locks. “Dirt shows up faster on grey hair, so shampoo and condition at least every other day to keep your strands glossy,” advises Anabel. Using a clarifying shampoo occasionally is also a good idea to get rid of hair-dulling product residue. Also, purple toned shampoos are essential. “Grey hair can easily become brassy and dull, so to counteract yellow tones use violet coloured products regularly,” suggests Anabel.

Keep your hair in tip top condition

As well as conditioning after every wash, a regular hair mask will provide a much-needed moisture boost. “Grey hair is usually dryer and lacks shine,” explains Anabel. “Regularly using a conditioning treatment will help to hydrate the hair and smooth the cuticle, for a healthy shine.”

Be full of confidence

Like with any hairstyle or fashion, when you wear it with confidence you look fabulous, and the same goes for grey hair. When people compliment you, say thank you. Don't apologise or give endless reasons why you wanted to go grey, you don't need to give reasons to anyone.

Choose the right makeup

If you’ve recently gone grey, then you may find your usual make-up needs adjusting to make the most of your new look. Less is definitely more, but that doesn’t mean going paler. If your brows are going grey, then adding a little darker definition with a brow pencil or gel one or two shades darker will help frame your face and highlight your eyes. A pop of lip colour is also a great way to brighten up your look overall and will help show off your lighter locks.

Switch up your wardrobe

Think colour! Grey hair looks fabulous with a pop of colour, so if your wardrobe is full of greys, blacks and browns, you might want to treat yourself to some new tops or dresses that are your favourite colours. Reds and jewel toned colours like sapphire and emerald greens look great!

Alternatively, if you're not quite feeling a total makeover, jazz up your accessory cupboard with some bold handbags, hats and shoes.

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