Best pixie cuts for older women

Find the perfect pixie cut for you with these ideas.

pixie cuts for older woman

by Lorna White |

If you're a fan of shorter hair but fancy a change, then a pixie cut could be the perfect hairstyle for you. Pixie cuts for older women are ideal when your hair is looking older, as they look great on thinning hair as well as grey hair too.

Pixie cuts are short on the back and sides with a little more length on top. There are plenty of celebrities who love the pixie cut style, like Dame Judi Dench and Dame Julie Andrews, who look stylish and chic with their pixie cut styles.

Although a pixie cut requires minimal effort, there are plenty of different ways you can style it, and these celebs are on hand to show you how it's done.

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Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton has always maintained a good amount of hair on top, despite her shaved backs and sides. This extra lengths allow her to curl the top or keep them sleek and straight like above.

Maintaining your pixie cut hairstyle

First things first, if you currently have longer hair but you're keen to go for the pixie cut then go gradually. Cutting all your hair off in one can often make you feel like you're losing a bit of your identity, so it's best to go gradually shorter overtime.


Whether you're wanting to stick to your natural grey or have something a little bolder, it's a good idea to have some highlights to give your hair dimension and the appearance of added texture. Having one single colour could make your hair look a little flat, especially if it's on the thinner side.

Another way of adding the appearance of more volume with colour is by having slightly darker roots and lighter ends to make the hair look thicker at the root.


Although you may think short hair equals less hassle and maintenance, you might want to think again. Having a very short style will mean more regular trips to the salon and more styling to make it look right. Not as easy as whipping it up into a hair clip on a bad hair day. Before chopping it off, have a think whether or not you can keep up with the maintenance.


As you'll need to style your hair everyday, you'll want to invest in some good styling products as well as a good quality hairbrush and comb. We've listed some of our must-haves below.

OUAI Matte Pomade 50ml


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This styling wax adds instant texture and definition to any hair type and is great for creating a number of different looks, including sleek and sophisticated styles to curls.

TRESemme Flexible Hold Hairspray 400ml

TRESemme hairspray

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A good hairspray is essential, especially if you want your hair to stay in place all day. The TRESemme hairspray is not only super affordable, it'll also keep your hair in place without making your hair feel stiff and sticky.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray 95ml

volume spray

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If it's volume and fullness you're lacking then a volumising spray is essential. This one from Living Proof works to add volume at the root that will last all day while also providing heat protection before styling.

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