Get a salon-worthy style at home with the best hair waver tools

Whether you just want subtle curls or a beach hair look, a hair waver can do it for you.

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We absolutely love curly and wavy hair trends, there are so many different options to pick from and it's fun to create a look unique to you. Whether you're looking for loose curls, trendy mermaid hair or a classic beach wave look, a hair waver tool will help you achieve the perfect style.

Usually, when you're trying to attempt that fresh salon look, it takes a while to get it just right, and most likely an array of hair tools to help you do it. Luckily, with one of the best hair wavers from our list below, you can customise your curls and waves quickly and easily. Similar to a hot air brush, these tools make styling your hair a breeze.

Most hair wavers are larger than usual hair curling tools, so we love that you can get a lot of your hair done at once, making the process faster than usual.

What is a hair waver?

A hair waver tool is either a triple- or double-barreled heated curling tool or a single wave tool that moulds your hair strands into loose curls or waves.

What type of hair waver is best for me?

When searching for your ideal hair waver, consider how long and thick your hair is, for instance, if you have thinner hair, you don't need a waver that can reach high temperatures as it will increase the likelihood of breakage. If you have longer hair, go for a hair waver that can hold thicker strands of your hair.

The best hair wavers of 2022

Amika High Tide Deep Waver

Editor's pick
Amika high tide deep waver

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This is easily our favourite choice of hair wavers: it's super easy to use and thanks to the triple barrel aesthetic you won't get any kinks in your hair. We also love the temperature range, starting at 50C and going up to 180 degrees.

Babyliss Deep Waves Waver

Best hair waver for long hair
Babyliss Deep Waves Waver

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There's very little not to love about this Babyliss waver, it's within most budgets at £55, features a heat-protected layer so you can place it down without burning the carpet and is easy to use. It's best suited for long hair, as it's quite large and can hold multiple hair strands.

Mark Hill Pick 'N' Mix Mermaid Waver

Best budget hair waver on budget
Mark Hill Pick 'N' Mix Mermaid Waver

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If you're looking for a hair waver that is affordable, then this is an excellent choice. It does exactly what you need from a hair waver, nothing more and nothing less.

Mermade Hair - Pro Waver 32mm

Best for creating mermaid hair

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If you want to re-create the trendy mermaid hair then this Mermade hair waver is the one to do that with. The wider barrels heat up in under a minute, so you can style your hair quickly and seamlessly. It's also brilliant for creating beach curls.

ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand

Best luxury hair waver
ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand

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If you're looking for a luxurious hair waver with better features, the extremely popular ghd wave wand is the one for you. It makes near-perfect curls for both thick and thin hair, as well as short and long.

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