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If you’re experiencing pain while you’re sitting at your kitchen table, on the sofa while watching TV or anywhere else that you might be, the best seat cushions are a fantastic solution for alleviating some of that pain. When it comes to relieving pressure during prolonged periods of sitting, you might find you need some extra support from a support cushion on the back of your chair or under your bum to ensure you’re as comfy as possible. Aching joints, sore muscles and discomfort in your back and hips are things you’d expect to feel if you’re not getting the right support while sitting down but poor posture can also cause headaches, poor sleep and a lack of motivation too.

The most common reason for needing some more cushioning while sitting is an injury or medical condition. Those with sciatic or herniate discs could benefit significantly from more ergonomic support. If you’re recovering from surgery, such as a hip replacement, a seat cushion may help with relief and support. The right cushions can also aid those with certain chronic conditions, such as arthritis, as they’re designed to alleviate pressure on affected joints and bones.

Best seat cushions at a glance:

• Best seat cushion overall: Feagar Seat Cushion – view on Amazon UK
• Best gel seat cushion: Supportiback Gel Seat Cushion – view on Amazon UK
• Best seat cushion for lumbar support: Supportiback Lumbar Support Pillow – view on Amazon UK

Of course, the need for the best seat cushions goes beyond support for medical conditions. They’re also great for adding extra comfort to chairs where sitting for a long time can become a little uncomfortable. You can get some great seat cushions and back supports for office chairs if you’re working from home or even if you’re heading to the office. As many are designed to be lightweight and portable, you can take them with you so you can sit comfortably wherever you go.

Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, need aid in recovery from injury or surgery or simply want more comfort when sitting around the home, at work or in the car, the right cushion can make a big difference to your overall well-being and quality of life. Take a look at our pick of the best seat cushions below that will make sure you’re sitting comfortably every single day.

Best seat cushions

Best seat cushion overall

Feagar Seat CushionFeagar/Amazon

We're starting strong with the Feargar Seat Cushion. This memory foam cushion is built to support you. Not only does it give reinforcement in all the right places, but it also helps increase blood flow, which is great if you sit for long periods. Want to know the secret to the incredible back support? This seat cushion is ergonomically contoured, which helps distribute your body weight across the whole chair, reducing pressure on your lower back and tailbone.

Customer review: "After searching for weeks, I decided to buy this support cushion for my husband who has very serious mobility problems. Impossible to get up or sit down without help. This cushion is strong enough to support him without giving in (108kg.), and its orthopaedic design gives him all the comfort he needs. He uses it at home on his orthopaedic armchair, and on the car seat, when I drive him to a medical appt. It also gives him great support to stand out of the car. When he didn't have it, he had big problems to get out of the car. We have a Volkswagen car, with seats that are low and not easy to sit on or off. The cushion is very well made, and has an excellent cover fitted with a zip so that you can wash it."


  • Takes pressure off their tailbone
  • Strong yet comfortable support


  • Some reviewers felt it was too soft for their needs

Best gel seat cushion

Supportiback Gel Seat CushionSupportiback/Amazon

Are you looking for a chair cushion that can be used in your home office and the car? If the answer is yes, then you'll love the Supportiback Gel Seat Cushion. It is made from 100% pure memory foam and has a breathable cover to help keep you cool and sweat-free when summer hits. Not only that but it has the perfect density in the cushion to redistribute weight and take pressure off for maximum comfort.

Customer review: "Wish I had this in my 20s, might have saved a lot of pain later. I can't work out why all chairs aren't built like this, with a coccyx cut out? I've only had it a few days but it's interesting the differences that can make already. What's strange is that while it enables you to sit straighter the shoulders naturally roll backwards, so in fact it can help with posture all along and naturally stretching out your shoulders. It's also pretty comfortable to sit on, the coccyx doesn't get compressed, so no hard chair, or slouching. So yes recommend. It's a little wide but that's natural. To support your leg it needs to reach slightly to the outside of your thigh. I'd suggest a board underneath if your chair is narrow to stop sides drooping so as not to damage the cushion. At the same time if doing that be aware not to sit too high with no foot support. Either way you can use this anywhere, it's quite firm so if the surface is large it supports itself .i.e. sofa, bed, floor. Don't wait."


  • Cooling gel
  • Helps to redistribute weight to alleviate pressure on pain points


  • Some reviewers felt the cushion lost its shape quite easily because of the memory foam filling

Best seat cushion for lumbar support

Supportiback Lumbar Support PillowSupportiback/Amazon

Whether you're using an office or dining room chair, this Supportiback Lumbar Support Pillow, with extendable straps, is here to help. The viscoelastic memory foam moulds to your back, which helps provide the foundation you need for comfort when sitting in front of a laptop, computer or tablet. Plus, it's beneficial for everyone as it isn't too firm or soft.

Customer review: "This cushion is perfect for my wheelchair and very comfortable. I highly recommend if you suffer from lumbar pain. Has adjustable straps which makes it easy to be used on a manual and powered wheelchairs."


  • Adapts to your body shape to provide support
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Some reviewers felt the cushion was a bit on the thick side

Best orthopaedic seat cushion

FORTEM Seat Cushion PillowFORTEM/Amazon
Price: $21.99

Find yourself slouching over your keyboard while answering emails? The FORTEM Seat Cushion not only helps you maintain good posture whilst avoiding pain on your coccyx, but it'll also give you that little lift. This option is super lightweight and portable, plus it's easy to clean and has a waterproof cover.

Customer review: "I was looking for a support pillow to ease my pain in my lower back due to a herniated disc which causes me sciatic pain. This pillow has helped a lot to ease my pain when sitting down. I have yet to use it while driving as I am unable to do so yet but I believe this will make such a difference when I am able to drive again. It is firm enough without feeling too hard & it feels well-made & not at all cheap. The size is right too, not too small & not too large that I would be unable to take it with me while travelling. This cushion is worth every penny and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is having trouble sitting for any period of time."


  • Alleviates pressure on the sciatica nerve
  • Promotes healthy body posture


  • Some reviewers felt the filling flattened out after sitting on it for a while

Best doughnut seat cushion


Widely recommended by doctors and physiotherapists, it's clear that doughnut cushions have many benefits. This ERGONOMIC INNOVATIONS Donut Cushion offers a medium level of firmness to alleviate painful conditions while remaining durable and supportive. If you struggle with back pain, you'll find the carefully considered coccyx cut out particularly useful.

Customer review: "My hubby’s GP recommended a doughnut cushion as he has serious back issues and is particularly susceptible to pressure sores. I had a good search through all the options available and decided on this one. I’m really pleased I did. The cushion is really lightweight and covered in velour making it soft and comfortable. Its shape means there’s no pressure on vulnerable areas and it does sit you in a well-supported position. Since it arrived my hubby has used it everywhere, even on the sofa and his mobility scooter. I had a sit on it and it is really comfortable. The underneath of the cushion has a nonslip finish and it really doesn’t move at all once you are sat on it. My hubby is very happy with it and it really seems to have helped. His skin is no longer under pressure and red thus reducing his risk of ulcers and he feels his back pressure has also reduced. You can remove the cover for washing and the hole in the middle is 16cm x 8 cm so not too big but big enough to do its job. So if you are looking for similar protection then I would recommend this cushion without hesitation."


  • Ideal for tailbone and coccyx pain
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Some customers thought the cushion was smaller than they expected

Best seat cushion for posture

Tumaz Wobble CushionTumaz/Amazon
Price: $22.95

Seat cushions for posture don't have to be boring and basic - this option from Tumaz proves just that. With nine different colours to choose from, this balance cushion is easy on the eye. Not only will this reduce any aches and pains you might have, but it also boasts incredible benefits for posture and core strength.

Customer review: "Such a simple concept, a few minutes every day improves your balance and core strength. It's helped me no end as I suffer with knee and ankle issues, allows me at +60 to still play weekly football with friends who are 30 to 65."


  • Helps with strengthening core muscles
  • Reduce pressure on the lower back


  • As it's an inflatable cushion, it may not be suitable for everyone

Best back and coccyx seat cushion

FORTEM Chair CushionFORTEM/Amazon

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $34.99

Thanks to the high density memory foam inside, the FORTEM Chair Cushion is adjustable to the contours of your body. It has two cushions to ensure your back and your tailbone area are supported and comfortable at all times. The back pad has a stretchy elasticated strap so it can fit most chairs while the seat pad has a non-slip rubber grip bottom to stop it from sliding about while you're sitting on it.

Customer review: "I am very impressed with this set of support cushions as they help support my seating area and back at the same time. There’s no more painful lower back and upper shoulder pain. Both cushions complement each other, although can be used separately. The memory foam is of great quality without being too soft or too hard. Both cushions are comfortable and relaxing whilst retaining their shape, even after hours of sitting down! The sizing is just right without the seat being too big and the velour covers adds that extra touch of luxury. I previously returned a cushion as it failed the sizing test of being smaller than this and the comfort factor of being too soft that it offered very little support.
Very please with my purchase."


  • Made using 100 per cent pure memory foam
  • Alleviates pressure on the sciatic nerve to reduce back, leg, and bottom pain


  • Some reviewers expected the cushion to be thicker


Our verdict: what is the best seat cushion?

Fed up with suffering from pain while simply sitting watching telly or while driving? Or, just looking for a seat cushion to help improve how you sit while working from home? Here is our verdict on the best cushion for posture:

Taking the number one spot is the incredible Feagar Seat Cushion. Features like the non-slip bottom, slow rebound viscoelastic foam and ergonomically contoured design have made the decision a no-brainer.

Is gel or memory foam better for a seat cushion?

Whether you're after a cushion for your office chair, sofa, dining room or car, both gel and memory foam have their benefits. Memory foam will mould more to your body shape so it'll offer that more personalised, tailored approach to your support and pressure relief needs.

Gel cushions on the other hand offer cooling effects so they may be better for you if you're someone who tends to overheat or gets hot easily. Gel cushions are often the firmer out of the two and provide a more consistent support while memory foam cushions are often softer and more contouring.

Ultimately, it comes down to your specific needs and personal preference as to whether gel or memory foam is the best seat cushion for you.

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