The best desk chair under £200 that will protect your back

Protect your back and your wallet with these comfortable and affordable options.

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Now office spaces have popped up in our homes, whether that be in the study, kitchen or at the dining table, you'll be wanting to find a quality desk chair that provides you with all the padding, support, tilts, and adjustments to make your time whittling away at work as comfortable as possible.

But add a price cap - we'll say £200 - and your options become extremely limited if you want the best support for your money.

Luckily, we've done the hard work and found the best and affordable desk chairs for under that price point that'll not only look good in your home but keep you supported.

You won't need to break the bank, or strain your back in the process!

Already got a desk chair and just need to improve your back support? Check out our pick of the best back supports to alleviate back pain as you work.

The importance of a comfortable desk chair

Working from home has us sitting more than ever, and studies have suggested that prolonged periods of sitting can pose a risk to your health, adding tension and stress to the neck, spine, and back. This can have a prolonged effect on your posture and potentially lead to chronic pain and premature degeneration with the discs being compressed in your spine.

As well as reducing your sitting time and taking the opportunity to move during the day, even if it's just for one or two minutes, choosing an ergonomic chair will help to prevent poor posture and support the spine. It'll help to ease the seated suffering you may already be experiencing and make for a much more comfortable, less stressful, and healthier working day.

What to look for in the best desk chair

While it might seem necessary, it is actually important to remember that padding isn’t everything when looking for comfort in an office chair. While an extravagantly padded chair might seem like the obvious choice for back and body comfort, such a design is likely to set you up for an unpleasant time. The padding will store up body heat and paired with an unbreathable material, the chair will become increasingly uncomfortable over time.

For these reasons, contemporary office chairs tend to focus on utilising meshes, breathable materials, and ergonomic shaping to provide a high standard of comfort that can accommodate extended use throughout the day. Another benefit of mesh backing is that, unlike traditional padding, its bounce and comfort don’t degrade over time.

What is the most affordable desk chair?

Even more so now that many people are working from home, desk chairs have popped up across the market, and it's hard to sift through all the options, especially when the comfort isn't guaranteed.

You'll be spoilt for choice with cheap and basic models you'll want to steer clear of, and then there are the bulky office chairs that'll look out of place in your home as well as cost a fortune for all their promised perks.

Many people assume that 'ergonomic' means a chair has to be expensive - but that doesn't need to be the case!

We've found ten desk chairs that'll not only look good, but they'll also be a treat to sit in and can cost as little as £42.99.

For more top home office buys make sure to keep an eye on Amazon Prime Day 2021 so you can snap up some great deals.

Best desk chair for supporting home office working

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This breathable mesh-backed chair from Life Carver is ideal for casual use in home offices and can easily be tucked under any desk you're using making it unobtrusive in any room. The cushioned seat is comfortable, and there's curved lumbar support to assist in body positioning. The seat's height is adjustable too, but as it is so compact, it doesn't come with armrests. However, if you're looking for a simple chair with support at an amazing price, this will do the trick.

Promising review: "I am so glad I made this purchase. I needed a small desk chair to fit in my little desk area but I also wanted my chair to be comfortable. This desk chair is comfortable and compact. Most small desk chairs I’ve seen online are not comfortable and they don’t provide enough support, which is not the case with this one. It was super easy to assemble and the delivery was quick! Super pleased! Would definitely recommend it for someone who is looking for a small yet comfortable desk chair."

We really like that this chair comes with functional flip-up arms so you can make it adjustable to you and your space. The built-in lumbar support of this chair is complemented with well-ventilated mesh material to make it breathable and flexible. Curved to the contour of your lumbar, the back will ensure you won’t strain or fatigue your muscles. The padded waterfall seat is also upholstered in black mesh, and it can be tilted for optimal support, the downward tilt promoting healthy blood flow.

Not sure if it's quite the right look for your home? It's also available in black, white, red, and blue and you can even choose ones without wheels if you find them frustrating, or worry about scratching the lino or floorboards.

Promising review: "This is an excellent chair for its price range. With us working from home, we needed another office chair. This one is comfortable, and the padding has been holding up well for several months. I really appreciate the fact that the arms flip up and out of the way when required."

Pretty in pink or grey if that's more your style, this gorgeous high back chair has been built with comfort in mind, beautifully padded so you'll have to be careful not to doze off! Swivel, lift and tilt to the best position to support your back and neck with the headrest, perfect for long working hours and styling in your home.

Promising review: "A stylish and comfortable chair for home office. I think it is excellent value for money, really sturdy, and no aches or pains after being sat at the desk all day. Not too difficult to assemble either."

While the armrests may be fixed, you can get great support and adjustability with this chair that provides a fun 'pop' of colour to your workspace (though more neutral colours are available too). It'll provide you with ergonomic lumbar support and as well as swivel, the chair's tilt and height can be easily adjusted. This chair will be a long-lasting, affordable piece of furniture for everyday use.

Promising reviews: "So pleased with this chair, didn’t expect the quality and sturdiness for the money - would definitely recommend."

Another review: "Comfortable chair that meets all my needs. Excellent back support along with superb seat padding enables the user to sit at the seat for hours without getting uncomfortable. Highly recommended."

This ergonomic chair is made up of a simple but sturdy structure, with a mesh back offering airflow to keep you cool and comforting lumbar support. There's height adjustment and the waist pillow is adjustable too which will help to effectively relieve the fatigue on your back vertebrae. The well-positioned fixed armrests will keep your elbows supported - It's a no-frills, reliable office chair that would suit any typical home office.

Promising review: "This is a very comfortable simple adjustable office chair. Took my very careful husband less than 20 minutes to put together. The seat is nicely padded and the back is well supported. The mesh cover for the back is made from breathable nylon so won't make you sweat during the warmer weather. The armrests are at a sensible height, though they are not adjustable. The chair can be gently tilted and swivel. All the five castors move easily and silently. The chair seems robust and of good quality."

Hbada's S-shaped mesh backrest offers great lumbar support that mimics the spine with 4-way adjustability, while the T-shaped adjustable armrests operate to reduce muscle strain and promote comfortable, healthy seating posture. It's lovely and soft with a velveteen material, and we love that it's rounded and curved in shape for safety to prevent any accidents with little ones. The overall design of this chair makes it a compelling option for anyone who spends a long time at their desk.

Promising review: "I needed a better chair for working from home and this one fits the bill perfectly. It is comfortable and feels good quality, especially given that it was one of the cheaper listed options. The foldable arms mean it can be tucked neatly under my desk to save space (also handy as they don't get in the way when I am playing Bass guitar!)."

This chiropractor-approved desk chair alternative will not only provide ergonomic support but all-day alleviation to back and arm pain. By promoting micro-movements and engaging your stomach muscles throughout the day, it'll help to strengthen your core too. It comes with an air pump and while it might look a little odd, it'll certainly help you achieve a healthier back and a better work-life balance.

Promising review: "So happy with this chair. I have had back problems/herniated discs for years. Because of this, I’ve always hated standard office chairs. This chair has made it much easier to work at my computer for longer periods of time. Very comfy! I also read in many other reviews that people found the ball on the low side. I didn’t find this. It is the perfect height paired with my standard Ikea desk."

The breathable mesh back of this chair is contoured to suit the human body and offers waist and lumbar support, while the adjustable headrest supports the neck. The seat is gently curved to offer comfort and leg support and has 9cm high-density sponging to evenly support the pressures of the body. The chair has tilt, arm, and height adjustment, making it a great solution to working from home like a professional all whilst staying comfortable.

Promising review: "It's a very comfortable chair. Your back doesn't get sweaty. The head part is really a bonus as sometimes I just sit and relax. I have constant back pain so can say that the back support is good enough to keep me sitting without feeling a gap between my back and the chair. We assembled this chair in an hour. Assembled the mechanism to the seat before screwing it on the back part so that was easier."

Combining old-time charm with cosy comfort, this office chair from John Lewis' new ANYDAY range is a versatile and durable model. The upholstered, height-adjustable seat and mesh backrest provide comfort while the added lumbar support will help to promote a better posture while you work. The armrests also lift up so you can neatly tuck the chair under your desk at the end of the day, great for clearing the clutter and stepping away from the working day. John Lewis recommends using it for short periods of time, so this option is best if you're often flitting between your desk and other business.

Promising review: "My colleague tipped me off to get this chair before we all were told to work from home. This chair is better than the one I sit on at work. It is supportive and comfortable and looks great at home. Great service too. Thank you, John Lewis!"

Relax while you work with a chair that is both comfortable and stylish. In a plush grey material, this chair can adjust to your preferences and requires minimal assembly. Tilt, spin, and adjust the height of the chair to meet your needs. It has a lovely high back for support and elegance, and the cushioned fabric seat pad will provide comfort all day long. Ditch the classic look of an office chair and upgrade your office space with a cute and modern chair that will help provide comfort, while pairing well with almost all home decor.

Promising review: "I needed a replacement chair for working from home. I am sat in my chair all day for hours and needed a good supporting chair for long lengths of sitting. This is both styled beautifully and incredibly comfortable. The cushion is thick and soft. The back is tall with good lower back support and a perfect headrest. It is even adjustable! You can lower and raise the height of the chair and recline the back. I am so happy with this chair!"

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