The best foot massagers to help with circulation and relaxation

The perfect treat after a long day.

the best foot massager

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The best foot massagers are the perfect way to unwind after a long day. They work by using vibrations, kneading and massaging away those pesky pains just like massage guns. Even if you’ve been embarking upon your daily exercise in some of the best walking boots on offer, there’s still a good chance you’re experiencing a bout of dryness and aches from all that movement and the change in weather. That's where the best massagers come in.

Wellness technology makes excellent gifts to help your loved ones (or you) unwind. Massage guns help to target aches and pains in the body. Face massagers help relieve tension and puffiness. Foot massagers help to stimulate your muscles and improve your circulation, and foot massagers can even be critical for those with long-term conditions such as diabetes. You no longer need to take a trip to the spa to give your body the treatment it deserves.

Best foot massagers at a glance

• Best foot massager: RENPHO Foot Massager with Heat - Buy now on Amazon UK

• Best foot massager on a budget: Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager - Buy now on Amazon UK
• Best foot massager for larger feet: HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat - Buy now on Homedics

However, like most things, they come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing which one is right for you can be the challenging part. So, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of the best foot massagers to suit every budget, need, and lifestyle.

The best foot massagers

Best foot massager

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with HeatAmazon

Rrp: $199.98

Price: $109.99

This panel-controlled massager from RENPHO has arguably the sleekest design of all. With the touch of a button, you can get a foot massage with a 15 or 30-minute timer, combining air compression, foot reflexology and soothing heat therapy. It has a number of different options and intensities so that every massage can be personalised and suits people looking for relaxation all the way through to training athletes. Best of all, the RENPHO suits feet up to a UK size 12, which is also larger than most.

Customer review: "This product is just pure bliss for my feet and I feel like as if I am spoiling myself. It really does the job but since I have a bit smaller feet I have to move my foot around to get most sports covered. My parents love it too. It really does the job happy with it. Just wish it wasn’t so big and a bit more light weight.But over all happy with it."


  • Sleek design
  • Air compression
  • Multiple kneading intensities
  • Touch button which can be controlled by your feet


  • Most suitable for medium to larger feet

Best budget foot spa

The SENSIO HOME Foot Spa is a foot spa designed to alleviate foot aches making it the perfect companion after a taxing day. Immerse in its warm, bubbly embrace, enhancing blood circulation and rejuvenating tired muscles. It comes with a luxury pedicure kit, complete with multiple attachments, which elevates the pampering experience. With adjustable settings and removable rollers, every massage session is tailored to perfection.

Customer review: "God send after long walks or in the heat with cold water. The bubbles alone are fine even without the vibration."


  • Comes with a luxury pedicure kit
  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • Good value


  • May not be as premium as other options

Best foot massager on a budget

Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot and Back MassagerAmazon
Price: $49.99

The Snailax 2-in-1 is a great budget option for anyone looking for relaxation. Its versatile design means that it acts not only as a foot massager but also as a foot heater, a back-heating cushion or a back massager. In terms of massaging capabilities, it has eight shiatsu rollers to combat tension, as well as heated shiatsu balls to stimulate circulation in your feet. It’s not designed for anything too strenuous and only offers a basic massage, but is definitely a great pick-me-up after a long walk.

Customer review: "Really great product. I work from home and my feet are always cold especially in the winter and this does the trick to keep them nice and warm. Really comfortable as well."


  • Well-priced
  • Can be used on other parts of your body


  • No kneading function

Best foot massager for larger feet

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager with HeatHoMedics
Price: £129.99 (was £149.99)

A slightly more industrial style of foot massager, the HoMedics device offers six rotating massage nodes and 18 massage heads on a portable board, which is big enough for up to size 12 feet. You can also add a touch of heat to your massage using the hands-free controls, and it’s the perfect size for storing away when you’re done. It’s on an automatic 20-minute timer, so you don’t need to worry about being sat there for too long either, as tempting as it may be.

Customer review: "Bought it for my wife and she loves it. Definitely can feel it working on both sides of the foot."


  • Hands-free
  • Suited for up to size 12 feet


  • Not particularly stylish

Best adjustable foot massager

Nekteck Foot Massager Machine, Shiatsu Heated Electric Kneading Foot MassagerAmazon

The biggest selling point of the Nekteck foot massager is being able to adjust its height – something most other devices don’t have included. And despite its added extra (making the affordable price tag even more worthwhile), it doesn’t compromise on ability. It has three massage settings with varying intensities, as well as heat functions, a timer, and 18 rotating massager nodes. The only slight downside here is that it’s not so great for smaller feet, and users who usually wear a size four say it’s slightly too big for them to reap all of its many benefits.

Customer review: "Bought this for my wife as she suffers with plantar fasciitis. She uses it every day and always says how this relieves her foot pain. Heating function is also really nice, especially on cold winter evenings! Definitely recommend."


  • Adjustable height
  • Portable
  • Heat function


  • Not great for smaller feet

Best foot massager for on-the-go

H&S Foot Massage RollerAmazon

Rrp: $11.99

Price: $10.99

This electric-free choice is super popular with athletes, with its super portable and lightweight structure. The H&S Foot Massage Roller is an ergonomically contoured roller for full contact with the sole of the foot, with nubs to recreate an acupressure effect. Just by rolling your foot over the device, you’ll instantly feel the benefits of stretching and massaging your muscles from heel to toe.

Customer review: "It's perfectly OK, good quality and it's works well"


  • Lightweight
  • Well-priced


  • Not suited for relaxation as you have to put in the work!

Best circulation booster

The Revitive Essential Circulation Booster is simplicity and efficacy combined. It's designed to stimulate both foot and calf muscles to help with leg health. Although not technically a foot spa, this device helps to combat the fatigue of prolonged sitting or standing and rejuvenates tired, achy legs and feet. Suitable for all genders, its unique muscle stimulation sensation is both comfortable and invigorating. For optimal results, indulge in 30 to 60-minute sessions weekly, gradually intensifying for a robust yet soothing muscle contraction.

Customer review: "I really like this. I didn't expect the pulsating too be so strong and was pleasantly surprised. I use it most days on setting 35."


  • Good for pain relief and circulation
  • Reduces the swelling in the ankles
  • Good value


  • Not strictly a foot spa

FAQs: Best foot massagers

What are the benefits of using a foot massager?

Foot massagers can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. Regular use can also aid in the recovery of foot injuries and reduce muscle soreness.

Are foot massagers suitable for people with medical conditions?

While foot massagers can be beneficial, those with certain medical conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, or diabetes should consult with a healthcare professional before using one.

How often can I use a foot massager?

For most people, using a foot massager daily for 10-30 minutes can be beneficial. However, it's essential to listen to your body and avoid overuse. You could even try using massage oils, if your new piece of kit allows it.

What's the difference between a manual and an electric foot massager?

A manual foot massager requires you to move your feet over the device to get the massage, while an electric foot massager typically has automated nodes and rollers that provide a more intense and consistent massage.

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