The best coffee pods and capsules to buy online

If you can't find your usual coffee pods in the supermarket, go online and try out some of these alternatives

Best coffee pods and coffee capsules

by Sophie Athawes |

Many of us are lucky enough to have coffee pod machines at home to get our daily caffeine fix. But are they as good as the rich, roasted goodness we get from our favourite coffee vendors? And, more importantly, are they readily available in supermarkets?

As Brits, we are quite literally obsessed with coffee - consuming around 95 million cups every single day. That’s around four cups per person, per day. Thanks to the likes of George Clooney and Sofia Vergara with their celebrity endorsements, luxury coffee pods and machines have become quite the craze for hard-core coffee lovers. Lots of people are now even creating coffee bars in their own homes.

There's no better time to go in search of the best coffee capsules that are still available online. So, fear not, coffee lovers, here are the best coffee pods and capsules that will give even the coffee shops a run for their money – all of which can be safely delivered directly to your door.

Coffee pods and capsules FAQs

Do coffee pods fit all machines?

Different brands have different types of coffee pods and coffee capsules that are not compatible with all kinds of coffee machines. Pods are usually used with a particular coffee maker, but it is possible to use them in a regular drip coffee maker as well.

What is the difference between coffee capsules and pods?

The main difference between pods and capsules is that capsules can contain around 5 grams of coffee while pods contain 7 grams. This means that the coffee extracted from pods is more full-bodied. Additionally, pods are more sustainable, can be easily recycled, and have less of a negative environmental impact.

Do all pods work in Nespresso?

It is good to remember that all pods are designed differently. However, the simple answer is yes – most pods will work in your Nespresso machine.

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