The best gas and charcoal barbecues for summer

Our pick of the top BBQs, from Weber to Argos.

best barbecues

by Stephanie Anthony |

When the sun is shining, nothing beats a bit of alfresco dining and having barbecues with your friends and family. So, we've found the best barbecues from the top brands and more affordable ones, in both gas and charcoal.

There is nothing more special than the smell of smoke from a BBQ lingering in the air - it tingles our primordial senses and truly feels like summer. We're totally ready for some good weather, getting together with friends and family to eat alfresco.

From burgers to kebabs, koftas to steaks, corn on the cob and roasted peppers - whatever your go-to menu, whether you're catering for a large group or just the two of you, firstly you need a good BBQ!

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The benefits of charcoal barbecues

Versatility – you can sear really hot and fast (quicker than gas), slow-cook large cuts (briskets, ribs etc) indirectly and even place produce directly into the hot coals (wrapped in foil). You can also use it as a smoker.

Flavour – you just can’t replicate the flavour you get grilling on a charcoal BBQ compared to a gas barbecue.

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The benefits of gas barbecues

Speed – you can get cooking in under 10 minutes.

Accuracy – you have greater control of temperature. The heat is also very direct and consistent.

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