All the running essentials you’ll ever need including leggings, socks, shoes and jackets

Want to make sure you’re fully kitted out for your run? Our running guide is packed with what to buy.

Women on a run

by Eleanor Weaver |

If you enjoy running or want to start running more, wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need in one place? Well, we’ve delivered just that with this ultimate guide to all the running essentials you may ever need.

Whether you're a beginner, a regular at Parkruns, dog owner, commuter, charity runner, or a casual jogger that loves to get out in the fresh air to clear your mind, there's bound to be something here that'll provide the motivation you need. Not only will the best running essentials help you feel top of your game, but they'll also help to prevent any injuries by providing the support you need.

While you don’t need everything to get started, you can easily refer to this page when the moment calls to upgrade your running gear. Buy new items when your old kit wears out, improve your comfort, and better your running performance with the best buys available here, all in one place.

Running essentials

In this article you’ll find shortlists for the best of the below for a range of styles, fits, and budgets:

• Running backpacks

• Running water bottles

• Phone holders for running

• Running earphones

• Running socks

• High impact sports bras

• Fitness trackers

• Running jackets

• Running leggings

• Running trainers

• Skincare for running

• Visibility accessories for running after dark

• Dog running accessories

Best running backpacks

If you're a keen runner or feel like you don't have the time in your routine to run, then a commuting backpack is the answer. You can run to work, the shops, or a friend's house, safe in the knowledge that these packs will carry everything you need.

They're designed to fit perfectly so they're not too cumbersome as you move, keeping you cool, calm, and focused as your feet pound the pavement. They're fully adjustable for comfort with shoulder, chest, and waist straps to keep it streamlined to your body for the least friction and resistance and often include other safety features including reflective strips, whistles, and water resistance to keep your items protected.

Lightweight and light on your pocket too, this is a real bargain compared to some other running rucksacks. It might not contain the most (measuring 45 x 31 x 18cm) but this is a great backpack if you want to run to work and don't need to carry a laptop. The bright assortment of colours makes it safe during darker mornings and evenings with reflective strips and a whistle included too.

Review: "Bought for cycling - lighter and is the perfect size. Well made and very good value for money."

This running backpack is great if you're looking to run long distances with enough water to hand. The main rear compartment is compatible with 1.5 litre hydration bladders, whilst the front flask pockets will securely store 350ml soft flasks.

The front pockets perfectly store your mobile phone and coins, while the two extra zip pockets are great for other essentials you don't want to lose or want to access quickly on routes, such as your keys or bank cards.

Review: "Wore this for the first time this weekend at a trail half marathon and the first thing I said when I finished is how much I love this vest. It's brilliant. It didn't move. Felt really comfortable I hardly knew I was wearing it. I also purchased the same brand soft water bottles and they were great too. A brilliant piece of kit."

Suitable for running, hiking, cycling, and more, this versatile backpack is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 360g with the option for the bag to fold down for easy storage. Ideal for shorter runs, the ergonomic design on the back provides maximum breathability and comfort for a close fit without feeling muggy. Despite a darker design, this backpack also has reflective strips for safety and an interior hook that will hold a water bag.

Review: "The first thing I noticed was the quality. This is an excellent bag, looks great, and really well made at a fantastic price. I bought this for running and have done over 100miles in it now with no issues at all. Perfect for fitting a water bladder with Velcro straps to hold it in place. It also has hip pockets which were ideal for sports gels."

Best running water bottles

Staying hydrated is essential for any workout, but especially if you're running long distances or on a warm day that has you sweating up a storm. Having a handy, lightweight water bottle with a good grip is ideal to keep to hand should you need the refreshment.

If you're someone who needs water when they run, these clever bottles have been designed with an active grip to be comfortable in your hands and are available in a twin pack of pink and grey. They're leak-proof, made of durable BPA-free plastic, and have a sports cap lid design for easy slurping on the move.

Review: "Thank you, we love these! Needed something easy to hold/ carry as we run up to 10K a day - this is perfect, forget that your actually holding it! So comfortable to work with and holds a good amount of water! (A full normal size bottle will refill it perfectly). Will be buying again! Happy customer thanks."

Another 500ml twin-pack, these bottles share the same features as the Invero Sports Drink Water Bottles, just with a different cap. These come with a one-way valve system so you don't need to push and pull up the top to drink, or require a lid - it uses suction instead, great if you don't want to get distracted fiddling with your bottle on your run.

Review: "Lovely water bottle, would definitely recommend this product as extremely comfortable and lightweight to carry, one size fits all as both perfect for my husband and myself, no water spills or trapped lips, brilliant for both running and everyday use."

Maybe you don't need a rucksack, but this running belt comes with a 600ml bottle, perfect for keeping you hydrated and your valuables safe as you run. This makes for a great hands-free option and the belt comes with a compartment for the bottle with an elasticated holding strap so there's no risk of it get dropped or lost.

Review: "Good belt for long run, need it for my longer 10K+ runs, and feels comfortable and only moves ever so slightly (it moves to where it's comfortable) and it has a good pocket for keys and small snacks."

Best phone holders for running

Everyone who runs knows how essential it is to have an exciting playlist to keep you motivated and to pace, whether that’s for one mile or 26.

We can assure you that running hands-free is so much easier (and safer), which is why it's best to have a form of phone holder to keep your phone and keys secure and handy when you're out and about on your run. There are different styles available, so we've included one of each to cover all your preferred comfort needs.

Keep your phone and keys handy with this slick, sweat-resistant armband that is skin-friendly, easy to adjust and bend, and provides super convenient access to your phone with the sensitive screen window for skipping songs, pausing, and answering calls. It's widely compatible and suitable for mobile phone sizes up to 6.1 inches.

Review: "I bought this for my first 5k run!! Realised I had nothing to carry my phone in and not a chance I was running without my music so panic bought this 2 days before. It arrived the day before my run and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. It was secure and comfortable during my run, I was able to access my phone easily via the touch screen. I now use it for every run and gym session, extremely happy with this!"

Available in Medium and Large, this running belt makes for a great alternative for storing your phone and valuables on the move, but it won't give you the quick access that an armband might. Soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly, with an adjustable strap, it can hold phones up to 5.8 inches with a handy earphone hole, ideal for wired earphone users having to leave the phone pocket open.

Tried and tested by Commercial Content Writer, Eleanor Weaver: "I have been using this waistband for years for short runs, 10k runs, and the 10 mile Great South Run, and it has never let me down. True, the pocket is harder to access so you won't really be able to use your phone on the move, but I've found that when I'm in the zone, I don't really need to use my phone anyway! As long as you have a good playlist set, it's not necessary. The strap is really comfortable both over and under-shirt with zero 'bounce', and I've found it's been able to comfortably fit all my valuables and my phone securely, with a good stretch in the band allowing for my phone to fit well. I would definitely recommend it."

This running vest is one of the lightest, weighing only 159g and with a patented, tailored, neoprene, breathable design for a weightless fit. The waist belt is adjustable, and the front pocket will fit all major phones thanks to its large size. The pouch is lined with frictionless Lycra so you can glide your phone in and out freely, making this another easy-access option that'll definitely have you looking the part!

Review: "Honestly this running vest is the best I've used. It's fully adjustable so I can get it to fit nice and snug which is how I like it and it's so light that I genuinely forget I'm wearing it. The pocket is great for carrying your phone/iPod and big enough if I want to take something extra with me, like a small banana. It feels strong and durable so I'm sure it will last forever. Highly recommended."

Best running earphones

Whether you're listening to a fun and upbeat playlist of songs to keep you motivated, or a podcast to keep you distracted and in the zone, you're going to need a quality pair of earphones that are comfortable, sweat-resistant, and won't budge!

While headphones are an option too, we think earphones are better because they're lighter and less likely to make your ears feel clammy. These favourites are wireless too, so there's no risk of you accidentally yank your earphones out as your sprint for the finish.

Not only do these new earphones look seriously cool and hi-tech with the minimalist transparent case and clear plastic skin, but they're fit for purpose, fantastic for running, and working up a sweat being IPX4 splashproof. Sound is provided by 11.6mm drivers, and active noise-cancellation is found on board, as are touch controls for adjusting on the go.

Tried and tested by Commercial Content Writer, Eleanor Weaver: "I have never been a fan of in-ear earphones, but that finally changed with the NOTHING Ear (1) earbuds that were extremely comfortable and form-fitting to the ear, and have completely upgraded my listening experience.

"Through the accompanying app, you can customise your earphones to suit you, from the touch functionality on the buds to the complete sound experience, making it completely personal to you, your preferences, and your usage. For getting in the zone, the noise cancellation was impressive, effectively blocking out all noise around me, but I was able to turn this off when near traffic with just a tap.

"The ease of usage was something I was seriously impressed with, from connecting to your phone, the app, and adjusting the sound experience too, making this a fantastic choice of tech-pros and newbies alike. I didn't have any issues with connecting, with changes in the app working instantly, and the fantastic 34-hour battery life never let me down - Having owned these for a month, I've not even needed to charge the case yet! These seriously rival the favourite AirPod Pros which only have up to 24-hours of playback with the case in comparison, and these come at almost half the price. These offer fantastic value and are a top recommendation for versatile listening, for sport, running, and every day."

There's nothing worse than being one leg out the door and realising your earphones are out of charge. With Fast Fuel, a five-minute charge on the Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earphones gives you one hour of playback when the battery is low, so you'll never be caught out again! Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks are sweat and water-resistant for use during tough workouts or running.

Review: "Just got these. The sound quality is amazing. With these earphones, the different instruments and sounds seem more defined - in the background of a song there is a piano and it sounds more poignant to me. I can’t comment on battery life but I’m sure that they’ll be first-class too."

The Bose Sport Earbuds won't budge during any fitness activity and put out a high-quality sound for you to enjoy your tunes. With three comfortable and secure tips, these earphones will deliver up to five hours of playtime and an additional 10 hours with the charging case. They're sweat-resistant, perfect for running and come in a choice of three colours to match your favourite running outfit.

Review: "After a lot of research (I wanted these predominantly for running) I chose the Bose Sport Earbuds. Although more expensive than some I am thrilled with them. Have small ears but the smallest fitting as perfect. Stay in comfortably. Beautiful sound quality. Simple straightforward app to use with them. As you’d expect from Bose, quality feel even down to the charging case. And with the app update you can easily change the right earpod to push volume up and down. Brilliant and would highly recommend."

Best running socks

Out of all the running gear you need, your socks can easily get overlooked but they're recommended to prevent blisters and to protect your feet. They're literally what's hitting the ground running after all!

Running socks should be made from a breathable, quick-drying fabric to keep your feet dry and often include extra padding, especially in the toes, heels, and arches. You can also look for compression technology and special fabrics that can help stop your socks from smelling, no matter how much you sweat.

CEP's socks offer support and medi-compression technology, which in turn means they are great for anyone training seriously as wearing these will help you recover faster. Wear these as part of your training day rather than for an actual workout and your legs will be ready quicker than ever before. Think of them as a fundamental part of your 'Training Toolbox'!

Review: "LOVE these! I know that time will tell but, right out of the delivery bag and onto my feet... these are awesome! Now into the washing machine to prepare them for tomorrow's adventures. I will update my rating if my experience changes."

This budget pair of running socks from Karrimor provide soft, underfoot comfort that is perfect for running with a padded toe and heel, ergonomic fit, and a moisture-wicking fabric for added comfort.

Tried and tested by Commercial Content Writer, Eleanor Weaver: "These socks have become my go-to for running and have helped me to run regularly and manage the Great South Run (16km) without blisters - something I don't think would have been possible without running socks. They're soft with a padded underfoot and ergonomically fit - no slipping here! The padded heel and toe keep my feet from feeling friction and with the moisture-wicking fabric, I've never had an issue with sweat increasing the risk of odour or blisters. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a reliable pair of running socks and are working on a tight budget."

These running socks feature innovative Anti-Odour Technology and Anti-Blister Protection, offering targeted cushioning in the high-impact heel and forefoot areas linked by dynamic support in the arch and around the ankle. They feel light, breathable, and foot-huggingly comfortable to wear, while the seamless construction reduces the friction that causes blisters.

Review: "Wow, brilliant! I purchased a pair of Accelerate socks in March, and have run about 325 miles in them. I rinsed them under the tap each week, and they stayed aroma-free until July, when I finally put them in the washing machine. Unfortunately, I did notice some wear to the right sock, and a small hole developing. However, I contacted Rockay, and true to their Lifetime Warranty, they sent me a new pair within three days. They aren't particularly thick, but they are very comfortable and I've had absolutely no blisters! I get very hot, and I've noticed that they keep my feet cool. Try them, I'm glad I did."

Best high impact sports bras for running

Without proper support, running can really become a chore caused by the weight of your breasts. As a high-impact activity, the movement from running can cause back pain, and then there's the 'bounce' which is truly uncomfortable.

Sports bras have been designed to stop this from happening - instead, they provide extra support and minimise movement. These sports bras have been designed specifically to tackle high-impact exercises like running so you can be sure of greater comfort and improved performance.

Designed for runners, by runners, this sports bra provides the ultimate comfort experience, available in sizes C to H. Easy to get on and off thanks to a fully opening back, it's super-soft and breathable with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry as you work up a sweat. This best seller is guaranteed to provide you with the greater levels of support and control you need.

Review: "The most amazing support. I never thought I'd find support like this for my size. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing a bra (in a positive way)."

Available in sizes B to FF, the revolutionary Shock Absorber sports bra is here to save the day as it has been created especially for running and high-impact sports. With an enhanced Infinity-8 support system, it targets excessive breast movement, and the moisture-wicking seam-free inner fabric will provide you with the best comfort possible for your run.

Review: "Very firm hold and good shape for high impact sports such as running and riding (I use it for both). It washes well and stays in perfect shape. Sizing is quite small. Normally 34, but needs 36 with this one."

Available in sizes A to E, this sports bra is all about functionality. Designed with ultimate bounce control, more coverage, and thicker straps, this bra absorbs and spreads the force of movement to minimise bounce making your runs way more comfortable. As well as having moisture-wicking Cool Comfort™ technology, we love the zip-front design which should make putting your sports bra on a little easier. It's worth noting that customers say this one fits a little small.

Review: "I just bought 3 more of these as I had worn out my original ones by washing them so much. They are soft, easy to get on and off when you are hot and sweaty. Love them."

Best fitness trackers for running

A fitness tracker isn't essential, but it's a handy piece of kit if you're looking to easily track your performance, monitor your steps, calories burnt, and distance travelled - ideal for outdoor running - plus a whole host of other fantastic features which allow you to track your fitness, health, and wellbeing.

While they're never 100 per cent accurate, it's a great indication of what you've achieved in your workout and you'll be able to use the companion app to track your performance and improvement over time.

This fitness tracker watch is affordable, functional, and looks great, available in four different colour variations, including pink, black, and green. This IP67 sweatproof watch can record daily data such as steps, distance, and calorie consumption. It can also detect your sleep quality, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen, the ultimate workout partner with seven different exercise modes including, of course, running.

Review: "I love this watch!! It’s really great for the price, I really wanted a good fitness watch without having to pay a ridiculous amount! I’m really happy with the purchase and would defo recommend this buy. I was so shocked by the different functions it can do. This is definitely a great purchase if you're beginning a fitness journey and want to track your vitals."

The Fitbit Charge 5 comes with up to seven days of battery life and is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. It can track sleep, active zone minutes, heart rate, as well as providing notifications from your phone on the go. If you're running outside, it also has built-in GPS so you can track your route and effort at different intervals.

Tried & Tested by Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner: “The Fitbit Charge 5 is sleek and very pleasing aesthetically especially the cream and gold colour way. It has a bright OLED screen and a variety of options when it comes to tracking your workout. I love the new infinity fastening which means my watch strap doesn’t catch on my clothes and the EDA scan that tests stress levels is a great bonus. You certainly get a lot for your money with a Fitbit Charge 5, but a Fitbit Charge 4 is still a great option!”

This simple yet valuable Fitbit device looks great on your wrist, can track your daily activities, and is water-resistant too. Just connect your device to the app and get tracking. It's a bit more limited for running specifically but if you are the type of person to try to beat your step record, you will love this one.

Review: "I am a first-time Fitbit user, and although I haven’t had it for long, I think it’s amazing! The app is so easy to use, and I was mind blown at the sleep tracking. Also, I can actually see my steps being tracked and looks pretty accurate. I have very narrow wrists, so I worried about the watch looking too clunky, but it isn’t at all. I also hate sleeping with anything on me, but this didn’t bother me in the slightest. I decided to try this Fitbit before spending all the money on a smartwatch I may never wear. Best decision! So far, I love it."

Best running jackets

As well as feeling unpleasant and uncomfortable, running in the rain unprotected can result in water-logged clothing that can sap your body temperature, making you susceptible to colds and exhaustion. The winter cold and wind, too, can play a big part in rapidly cooling exposed bodies.

Having a running jacket will help protect you from the elements - not even the weather can hold you back! Plus, a purpose-built running jacket will be much more comfortable for running in compared to your run-of-the-mill giant fleece or raincoat.

This lightweight windbreaker jacket with full zip and drawcord hood from Adidas, available in black and violet, will help to keep you protected from wind and light rain, though for heavier rain you'll be wanting something a little more robust. With 360-degree reflectivity, this jacket comes with front pockets to keep your essentials to hand, including a sweat-guard pocket ideal for valuables. We also love that this product is made with recycled content as part of Adidas' ambition to end plastic waste.

Review: "Lovely jacket, great colour and lightweight. Small Pocket with a zip which is excellent for storage. Excellent product for the price and prompt delivery service. Very satisfied with my purchase."

Another reflective jacket made from sustainable materials (yes please!) the Nike Shield Jacket has a water-resistant design to keep you dry, and when the weather clears up, you can pack it into the back pocket and go. It has tons of pockets to hold your essentials and a choice of fun colourways to make you stand out whether you're running off-road, in your local park, or down your street. It's lightweight too, just with a slightly longer back compared to the Adidas Own The Run Jacket for extra coverage.

With a high neck and thumbholes, this jacket is designed to keep you warm on those chillier days. There are two-side, zip-up mesh pockets to help keep your phone safely in place, with a hole in one of the side pockets where you can hide your earphone cable in your jacket. It's slim-fitting but available in sizes S-XXL with an array of colours to suit your favourite running gear.

Review: "Love, love, love this jacket. It is soft and comfy but also warm. It fits snugly but is still comfortable. I'm normally a size 18 (sometimes 16) and the XXL was perfect for me. My phone fit into the inside pocket easily and meant that I could hide all the cables away when I'm running - a lot more practical. Would definitely buy again and I am considering checking whether they have this in another colour."

Best running leggings

When you're running, you want to be in the zone so you enjoy the exercise and focus on your fitness goals. But there’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of leggings that won't stop falling down at the waist, bunching at the ankles, or chafing at the seam. This is guaranteed to be a nuisance we'd all much rather do without.

To save the frustration, you can invest in a pair of running leggings that have quick-dry technology, are breathable, provide good compression and support, and won't budge. Better yet, some even come with pockets so you can pass on the phone holder and have your phone handy at your side.

If you're a keen runner and want to invest in the best leggings for your endurance training at the gym, the Lululemon Fast and Free leggings are made for you. 'Unrestricted movement' is what makes these leggings extra special, and designed specifically for running, these will give you the freedom you need with the weightless, quick-drying Nulux fabric. Plus you won't ever need to deal with your waistband sliding down (frustrating, we know!) thanks to the tighter waistband and continuous drawstring cord that'll keep your leggings firmly in place.

Review: "Bought those a couple of months ago and haven't stopped wearing them. They are so comfortable and lightweight, stay put during running (and keep me cool!) and are perfect for long walks, having so many pockets is extra handy too."

Available in a bunch of cool colours, these Gymshark gym leggings will mould to your body flawlessly as the seamless contours flatter you around all areas, ensuring confidence and support throughout your whole workout. The supportive ribbed waistband provides a high-waisted fit that won't budge and the breathable, sweat-wicking fabric will have you feeling cool and comfortable, no matter how fast you run.

Tried and tested by Commercial Content Writer, Eleanor Weaver: "I've been wearing these leggings for years, and not only do they have amazing stretch, you can comfortably size down for more compression, but they've stood the test of time and haven't lost their shape in the wash. High-waisted leggings are an essential part of my gym wear, and I've found no matter if I'm running, cycling, or using weights in the gym, the waistband always stays put."

If a cropped legging is more your style, these high-waist crop leggings from Adidas have an elastic waist for a great fit and moisture-absorbing AEROREADY to keep you cool and dry. Highly-rated, reviewers have praised these leggings for their excellent quality and comfort that makes them comfortable for running, lounging, and everything in between!

Review: "I was looking for a pair of reasonable length (I am slightly petite in the leg so they normally come up long) joggers and these did not disappoint! I love the retro look with the original three stripe design. The waistband is comfy as it isn’t a tight elasticated fit. I have been injured and have not managed a run in these yet, but they are great for walking and don’t need to pull up too much. I love the fact there is a little pocket inside the back of the waistband, it may not fit my phone, but it is useful for a card/ key/ inhaler."

Best running trainers

It's a well-known fact that having the right running trainers can really improve your performance and make sure you avoid injuries and extra bodily stress. A good pair of running shoes will be lightweight and breathable, correctly support your feet and joints, and prevent your feet from blistering. All definitely ideal for short and long-distance runs.

These breathable running shoes will have you reaching your potential with the Flywire technology that gives you support where you need it. The high foam heights provide soft responsiveness and long-lasting comfort that'll help you run the distance with stability, durability, and a natural bounce on your side. This is also one of Nike's most tested shoes, so you're guaranteed well-tested quality with each stride.

Review: "I absolutely love the design of this shoe! It fits my foot like a glove, is easy to put on (thanks to the traditional design of the tongue), and has tons of bouncy cushioning. I've only had them for a short time so I can't comment on durability, but if these are like my previous Nikes, they'll last forever."

Our Commercial Content Writer, Eleanor Weaver, has tried and tested the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 and 37 series with a good recommendation, so we have high hopes that these will deliver too. The upper mesh offers breathability and a plush sensation that stretches with your foot for optimal shape and fit, The uniquely curved and springy sole of the Nike Air Zoom provides great support and cushioning without the bulk, helping you to boost your pace and build endurance over time The forefoot of the Zoom Air has been designed to feel softer to give you more bounce with every step, as well as wider, too, to leave more space for your toes.

Review: "I can’t count how many times I’ve purchased a pair of Air Zoom Pegasus shoes; they’ve been my go to for at least three years. I love the design of this version the best of all so far. The only difference I notice in this pair is that there doesn’t seem to be quite as much room in the toe box as other versions. It’s not that they are shorter, it’s almost like they are flatter; I am aware of the top part of the shoe on my toes. I only notice it when I first put them on and then I wear them all day and it’s not a problem. It won’t stop me from ordering another pair in the future and I recommend them to anyone."

Blisters will be a thing of the past with this shoe. If it's comfort you seek, you won't be disappointed. The ASICS Gel Excite running shoes are super soft with gel cushioning, so you hardly feel like you're wearing shoes at all. They're lightweight, super breathable, and are suitable for a multitude of distances thanks to the AmpliFoam midsole and durable rubber outsole that provides maximise traction.

Review: "Having suffered a Plantar Fascilitis injury I decided to get some new running trainers to get back into it. These are extremely comfortable and supportive. They come up slightly smaller because of the comfy thick sole. Adore the colour too!"

Best skincare for running

To prevent your skin from becoming irritated as you run, it's a good idea to stock up on some home skincare essentials should you need them, dependent on the weather, your skin sensitivity, and your skin type.

This all-natural anti-friction cream is formulated to feel silky smooth on the skin and protect irritated areas that may be chafing as your run. Containing naturally anti-bacterial and skin-repairing Colloidal Silver, this has wonderful healing properties and is ideal for skin abrasions, cuts, or wounds. Perfect for everything from under-boob rub due to sweating, or if you're wearing a sanitary towel that is irritating your skin.

Review: "Something so small and simple just made my life easier, prettier, better. You've given me back the experience of a light summer breeze in a skirt, something I thought would be lost to me. For years, I've tried hacks and various undergarments and it never really worked. Today, I tried your Anti-Chafing Cream for the first time and it was a revelation. Thank you."

If you're running any time of year, you should be wearing SPF to keep your skin protected. Dermologica's Protection 50 Sport SPF50 has a lightweight feel, will help defend your skin and has an 80-minute water-resistant formula making it perfect for runners and sports enthusiasts.

Review: "Dermalogica sunscreen is my go-to sunscreen. Lightweight, nice gentle scent and a good size so can use on the body without worrying you're using it up quickly."

If you're kitted out with the best running socks and trainers, blisters shouldn't be an issue, but sometimes they crop up even if it feels like nothing in our running style has changed! Having a handy pair of blister plasters at home, like these ones from Compeed, will help you to heal faster and provide padding so you can run again without the blister getting aggravated.

Review: "I cannot describe how happy I am finding these on Amazon! Compeed plasters are of great quality, very adhesive, and almost not noticeable! These are cheaper to buy on Amazon than in any pharmacy in Ireland so I am very happy with the purchase and I will be ordering more. P.S. I cannot imagine summer without plasters in general as my feet get blisters real quick. Compeed plasters are real-life savers!"

Best visibility accessories for running after dark

If you run during early mornings or late nights, having accessories with increased visibility is a must-have to keep you safe. This could include LEDs, reflective bands, fluorescent clothing, or a clip-on torch to keep you clearly in view of traffic and other pedestrians.

Take your safety, and visibility, to the next level with this piece of kit from LUMEFIT that'll keep your route well illuminated, and keep you clearly in sight with the bright front lamp, rear safety light, and ultra-reflective straps. It's fully adjustable, so one size fits most, and the adjustable beam will allow you to see where you're going no matter if that's up or downhill.

Review: "Been running now for a while and struggle big time on early morning and night time run. Have tried torchlight, headlight, mobile phone, etc to no avail and still manage to trip or twist something because of debris on the floor. But tried this and all is good, the device is lightweight, the beam is great, and can be angled towards the floor, so I can go at any time and not risk my ankles getting broken because I’ve slipped on something… Great product."

Running in the cold and looking to grab a beanie? This hat will keep your head warm, and keep you clearly visible with the ultra-bright, rechargeable LED headlamp, and fluorescent yellow design. It can fit a wide range of head sizes, has three different brightness settings, and is easily washable once the LED light is removed.

Review: "I bought these as a fun gift but essentially for walking the dog on dark evenings. The lights are BRIGHT! and easily adjustable - my daughter wears it back-to-front when she doesn't need the light. Both recipients were very happy with them and also using them for DIY in awkward places. Very pleased with this purchase!"

These LED reflective armbands are highly visible in the dark, with an upgraded rechargeable design meaning they'll work well at all times. In adjustable lengths, the slap band has three lighting modes and a reflective strip that'll keep you safely visible even when the power is off.

Review: "This is the coolest night running equipment I've ever seen. Before, I only dared to run in places with street lights. Now I can go anywhere. There are three levels of brightness that can be adjusted. One is fast flash, the other is slow flash, and the other is always on. Also equipped with a data line for charging with fast speed. I like this device."

Best dog running accessories

Why not bring your dog along as a running buddy? Perfect for combining your dog walks with your running, these accessories will let you comfortably 'walk' your dog, but completely hands-free.

This innovative dog walking lead, which allows you to go hands-free, is comfortable and easy to use, giving you the freedom to exercise at your pace and for your dog to have fun too. The adjustable waistband features reflective stitching, a strong bungee, and a durable buckle which you can clip and unclip from the belt when your dog is free to roam.

Review: "What a great idea, a lead which attaches to your waist to keep your hands free including two bags which you slide onto the belt that you can put treats in, poo bags and a clicker. The other bag can hold your keys or phone, ideal. It has a reflective band that is very visible for safety. The lead feels strong and is like a very strong elastic so it gives when using it for running when the dog pulls. There is also a normal loop to hold the lead with if you’re not using the waist bit. Excellent."

This dog-walking belt provides an all-in-one solution with the same bungee-style cording, but with large pouches included as part of the belt design to accommodate all the essentials for you and your pup including a water bottle, poop bags, and valuables. We also love the wide back support belt with breathable mesh fabric which will help to reduce the pulling stress and protect your waist effectively.

Review: "This is one of my favourite purchases in the past year. It enables me to run with my dog after a cesarean section. I have massive ab pain after having my baby and this helps distribute the weight of holding the dog while jogging through my core. I was having massive shoulder pain when holding a lead in my hands and this eliminated that. The only issue is that when he pulls, he sometimes has a little too much freedom and scares me with how far he gets from me, but if I grab the leash it eliminates that, so we use this mainly off sidewalks and roads.

"I love the belt and fill it with doggie treats, hand wipes, poop bags, etc. This is such a convenient option and I’m extremely happy with the purchase!"

If you've got yourself a hands-free waist belt, a dog harness with a no pull front clip will give better control for pulling problems, without putting stress on your four-legged friend. It's safe to wear, easy to adjust, and there's a whole host of colours and sizes to suit your canine companion.

Review: "I don't know why I didn't try this sooner, it's changed about 80 per cent of my dog's excitable behaviour because I have lots more control over her. She's a very large female German Shepard and we run together most evenings. It is easy to fit adjust and she adapted to it quickly. Don't need her collar, I simply attach her Halti strap to the lead strap which is attached to the upper body of the harness. The upper handle is a super bonus, I use this for extra training but I would recommend that this strap has a fluorescent covering as quite difficult to see and grab at night. Overall great quality followed by good customer service."

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