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Are you self isolating at the minute because of Coronavirus? It's very important we follow the Government guidelines when it comes to keeping ourselves and our families safe, but it's also equally important we stay mobile and fit.

With self-isolating and social distancing in mind, there are loads of simple exercise routines you can do at home to keep you fit, flexible and mobile until it's safe to go back to your favourite keep fit class!

Keep your hips moving

This is great for toning the muscles around the hip and stabilising the joint. Stand behind a chair, swing one leg out to the side and then back again, with control. Keep feet facing forwards and don't lift too high. Try to keep your upper body still so you are really working your hip. Start off doing 5 on each leg and work up to doing 10 each side every day.

Work that waist

This works the muscles around your waist and tummy. Stand up tall with feet hip-width apart and good posture, arms by your sides. Slowly lean over to one side without twisting, hold for a second, tighten your tummy, and lift back up to stand. Don't try to lean over too far. Aim to do at least 5 each side every day. When you find this easy, take the upper arm over your head to increase the stretch.

Tone those thighs

You will feel this working those hard-to-target inner thigh muscles. Sit in an upright chair, place a soft ball (or cushion) between your knees and squeeze by bringing knees towards each other. Try to hold for 2-3 seconds and release slowly. Don't hold your breath! Aim to do 10 every day.

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Raise your pulse

This gets your heart rate up and challenges your balance. It's good to do this to lively music. As you walk on the spot, begin lifting each knee a little higher and then tap it with the opposite hand. Once you get the hang of it, start taking your arms up and over your head from side to side before you tap the opposite knee. Try to keep going for 30 seconds and gradually increase the duration as you getfitter.

Products to help you get fit


Products to help your home workout

Resistance bands1 of 4

Resistance bands

Add some resistance bands to your hip workout to make it a little harder and build strength. You can pop the band around your thighs just above your knee or around the ankles.

Weighted hula hoop2 of 4

Weighted hula hoop

Work your waist with this weighted workout hula hoop to help tone up your abdomens and keep your waist working. It also breaks into helpful pieces to save storage space.

Soft fitness ball3 of 4

Soft fitness ball

Use this soft pilates ball for your thigh workouts to improve lower body power and core strength.

Fitness tracker4 of 4

Fitness tracker

If you're keen to do some exercise to get your heart racing, this little gadget is very clever to keep an eye on your heart rate.

Online workouts to try

During the coronavirus outbreak there are many online fitness experts and gyms providing free online workouts for people to do at home.

Psycle are offering free fitness classes over on their Instagram on live stories each day.

Corepower Yoga are providing free workouts over on their website

Results with Lucy will be live streaming fitness classes over on their Instagram live stories.

10-minute home workout for Seniors with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

Start your day with a gentle warm-up with Green Goddess and fitness guru, Diana Moran

Get fit with Jane Fonda on YouTube!

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