The best skipping ropes to jumpstart your workouts

The best skipping ropes for all fitness levels will put a spring in your step.

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While you may only remember ever using a skipping rope on the playground as a kid, skipping ropes nowadays have far surpassed that old string rope and wooden handle design.

There are skipping ropes for beginners that are easy to get started with, weighted skipping ropes, and digital skipping ropes so you can track your progress and jumps. There are even ropeless skipping ropes, perfect if you're nervous about getting tangled, tripping, or getting your ankles whipped - we've all been there!

Whatever your fitness level, now's the time to hop, skip, and jump your way to your new fitness routine as we round up the best skipping ropes for every type of workout. We've broken down everything you need to know if you're new to the skipping world and included a list of just some of the benefits you can reap from this affordable piece of kit.

What should I be looking for in a skipping rope?

Now there are so many skipping rope varieties available, the marketplace might be a bit overwhelming. To help narrow down your options before buying your new rope, there are a number of factors you're going to want to take into consideration:

1) Experience level

Are you a beginner or are you experienced with a skipping rope? If you're a beginner and only plan to use it a few times a week at most, opt for one with low to moderate speed. The more experienced you become, you can increase the rope speed and consider weighted skipping ropes for a more intense workout.

Don't forget your sports bra and gym towel to wipe away that sweat!

2) Purpose

Skipping ropes have been built for a range of purposes. A lighter rope is better for improving your endurance, while a heavier rope is better for building your strength simultaneously and achieving a full-body workout. If you're body conditioning, you may want a skipping rope that focuses on speed as a priority or, if you're just not sure, an interchangeable skipping rope will give you the option of different training methods.

3) Height

Your skipping rope should be long enough for your body, so your height is helpful to know when determining if a skipping rope is the right fit for you. As a general rule of thumb, these are the measurements to match height requirements:

Buy a rope length of 7ft if you are up to 4’ 10”

Buy a rope length of 8ft if you are 4’ 11” to 5’ 4”

Buy a rope length of 9ft if you are 5’5” to 5’11”

Buy a rope length of 10ft if you are 6’0” to 6’6”

Buy a rope length of 11ft if you are 6’ 7”

The best skipping ropes

The Beast Gear skipping rope takes the top spot as a piece of high-quality equipment that'll support beginners and more experienced skippers looking for a high-speed, high-intensity workout. With over nine feet of adjustable rope length, it suits anyone from three to seven feet tall, and the rope itself is strong and durable for indoor and outdoor use.

It's lightweight, portable with a carry bag included, plus 360-degree rotation handles for ultra-smooth rotations. With over 19,000 reviews rating an average of 4/5 stars, it's seems to be a favourite all-around!

Promising review: "I can skip so much faster with this rope which is essentially a covered cable. It tears through the air with very little resistance and I'm sure it will last me as long as I work out. I'm not quite sure what you're supposed to do with the dangly bits when you have adjusted the rope but it doesn't affect how you skip if you just leave them sticking out. This rope makes me want to skip better. I will learn now."

Beast Gear's second entry in our list, is a cutting-edge speed rope that'll literally cut through the air to give you the speed, momentum, and rotations you need to jump fast and smash your goals. While this can be used by beginners, it's ideal for Crossfitters, boxers, martial artists, and anyone seeking to achieve their fitness goals.

The new advanced ball-bearing mechanism is hidden inside the handles, meaning the Beast Rope Pro spins even faster than the original whilst still retaining the adjustability of the rope length, quality, and durability.

Promising review: "I skipped recently for the first time (since childhood in the playground!) when I attended my first boxing class. I immediately wanted to buy a rope of my own and so glad I chose this one. This is a phenomenal skipping rope - so simple and easy to use. Fast and effective. It was very easy to adjust. There are also good YouTube videos on how to adjust the length etc if people find the leaflet tricky to follow. I can't wait to use it more. It is light/ doesn't take up much room. I am so so pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone."

Just because you're working out, doesn't mean you can't do it in style. In a beautiful, chic colour combo, this rope is lightweight making it ideal for packing for a trip to the gym. A great pick for beginners, the foam handles are comfortable to hold and the flexible, robust rubber encased wire rope is easily adjustable to suit your height. It features 360-degree low noise rotation so you can achieve a smooth swing with each jump.

Promising review: "Love! Love! Love! This skipping rope. It is stylish but definitely hard-wearing. I am a beginner and found it easy to adjust as I am also quite small, the handles are soft. Was able to skip outdoors on the patio without it breaking or damaging."

Available in metallic red and gold, this pro skipping rope is ideal for strengthening your legs and lower body muscle tone. With 9 feet of adjustable cable rope, you can achieve smooth rotations with the stainless steel ball bearings so no matter how simple or intense your workout, the rope will cater to you. It's designed with durable, lightweight handles with extra grip so you can keep a firm hold, and is a convenient and portable addition to any gym bag

It's important to note that this skipping rope is intended for indoor use only and isn't suitable for use on concrete, tarmac, etc. as this could wear the cable excessively. If you do intend to use it outside at all, make sure to use a yoga mat to soften the blow of the rope on the ground.

Promising review: "Great quality rope. Would definitely recommend! It's great quality and easy to carry."

If you're looking for a skipping rope that'll best suit your hand dexterity, this is the one for you. Ergonomically designed, the Gritin skipping rope has memory foam handles for optimal comfort as your skip whilst also preventing them from slipping from your grip as you sweat. The 360-degree swivel rapid ball bearings are installed in the handles to minimise resistance and to help avoid any cable snags, and you can fully adjust the 3 metres of PVC-coated wire rope to suit your height. Another great pick for all ages and skill levels.

Promising review: "At the beginning, I wasn't sure whether this would meet my expectations but I got it anyway. It turns out to exceed all my expectations: comfort handles feel nice to grip, the rope is strong and resistant yet light enough to just skip or speed jump. What I've found most useful is how easy is to adjust the length, so if you train with someone else who's got a different height you can quickly change the length to take turns.

"To be honest I can't find any drawbacks. All in all, this is a great product."

As well as being adjustable and durable, this rope is a more high-tech option that can record your progress and help you keep up the motivation you need to achieve any fitness goals you may have. The user-friendly digital counter tracks your weight, workout time, number of jumps, and burned calories and a timer can be programmed to set a workout time. It's the perfect skipping rope and workout tracker all in one! Available in a choice of fun colours, it's great for helping you monitor your skipping progress.

Promising review: "This skipping rope is definitely worth buying. I had an old PVC one that recently broke in half due to wear and tear, and so the reason to buy this one is that your PCV rope will break! It's much better to spend a little bit more money and buy one that will last than to save a few pounds only having to buy a new one after a month of use. The skipping rope has metal strands inside and this made sure that it will last forever.

"I am definitely satisfied with the product, it's great value for money. The counter is also very helpful in maintaining motivation and challenging myself every day. I strongly recommend it."

If you're wanting to start skipping but you're feeling intimidated by all of the choices that are out there on the market, this rope might be for you. With adjustable, tangle-free and lightweight rope, this makes it a good option for a great all round skipping rope that can be incorporated into your routine. Use it at home or take it to the gym, this skipping rope will help you to build your endurance and stamina in no time for a reasonable price.

Promising review: "It’s a good rope to start with or for beginners. Easy to adjust and the grips are comfortable."

So you've put in some sessions with your beginner rope and now you're looking to add some weight to work on your strength... This weighted rope is the perfect choice for a beginner looking to add a bit of a challenge into their routine as a next step. Reasonably priced, good quality and the perfect weight. The reviews speak for themselves.

**Promising review: "**Really pleased I bought this. Although I am in my seventies I make a point of excercising. The weights in the handle aren't too heavy to make you not want to do it but heavy enough to make a big difference. Really enjoy using it."

Designed to help you slim down and strengthen your upper body, this weighted skipping rope is sold with two 80g removable weights so you can boost your training to incorporate cardio and strength training all in one. With the fast, tool-free adjustment, you can make it the perfect length for you whilst the bearing system allows for training at moderate speeds. The PVC rope makes it ideal for indoor performance and you can use the Decathlon Coach app to enjoy free workouts, whether that be at home or in the gym.

Promising review: "Just the right weight class very happy with it."

This skipping rope is truly unique and if you're nervous about getting caught up in the rope, this is the perfect solution for you. The CyberDyer cordless skipping rope comes with comfortable handles with easily adjustable hanging balls so you know exactly when to jump and gives the sensation of using an actual rope. These come designed with detachable weighted iron bars if you're looking to practice strength training too and, as you don't need to worry about the rope hitting things, this rope can be widely used in the office, bedroom, living room, outdoors, and even in tight spaces.

We'd recommend this to anyone, regardless of skill level, age, fitness, and height.

Promising review: "LOVE these. I’m a mum of three so jumping (along with coughing and sneezing) can cause some 'issues' sometimes (Mamas, y’all know what I mean). I think because you're not using so much pressure to jump a certain height to clear the rope, that I haven’t had an issue once with these. I bought them about 3 months ago and use them 3-4 times a week. I love the weighted handles too. Sometimes I do my jumps then run up a hill and it’s nice that I don’t have to put the rope down. I can run the hill with them still in my hands. Definitely would recommend it."

Ideal for CrossFit and high intensity workouts, this speed rope is a fantastic quality rope and is great for beginners to the CrossFit regime. As well as having a variety of colour choices, this smooth rope is versatile and will help you through your RPM training.

Promising review: "Excellent rope, was weary of the cost but a solid piece of kit. As with a lot of things in the CrossFit world - you get what you pay for!" and "Fantastic quality rope. I was recommended this by my CrossFit coach as a beginner hoping to learn double unders. It’s light and easy to use with comfortable grips. Would definitely recommend."

This rope is more expensive, but hear us out! Crossrope provides some of the leading weighted jump ropes in the world and even though they’re weighted, they’re some of the most portable pieces of fitness equipment. With this light jump rope fitness set, you can burn fat, boost cardio, and build lean muscle.

You buy your rope dependent on your height, with user heights ranging from 4'9" to 6'9", and in your set, you'll receive slim, easy-to-grip handles backed by a lifetime warranty, plus a carry pouch, a 1/4 pound weighted rope ideal for endurance and HIIT workout, and a 1/2 pound weighted rope ideal for beginners and advanced cardio. Easily interchangeable with a fast clip connection, the rope has supreme durability for use on any surface, and you get access to the Crossrope app with new app workouts added weekly.

We think this makes it great value for money and with the handle lifetime guarantee, it's likely to outlast other skipping ropes on the market.

Promising review: "Worth the money. I have been attempting to find the perfect jump rope and have gone through 3-4 other pieces of trash from Amazon. I wish I would have saved the money and bought this one, to begin with" and, "I love these ropes and love the workouts that I can do with them! No excuse not to get in a little exercise and fun anytime."

How to skip rope

If you're new to skipping and starting as a beginner, you may be a little nervous to get going. However, there are plenty of videos on YouTube like the below which show you how to jump with the proper form to help prevent injury or tripping over your rope.

What are the benefits of skipping?

We couldn't 'skip' over the benefits now, could we? First of all, it's worth pointing out that skipping is easy to get started with and can support most fitness goals, making it a great all-rounder for getting your heart rate up whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your endurance or cardio fitness.

There are loads of benefits linked to skipping, and here are some of the best:

• As an excellent form of cardio exercise, it can improve your overall heart health and mental health, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

• As skipping involves coordination and balance, regular usage can help improve your balance in day-to-day activities too. This will also benefit your concentration which helps to boost your memory and alertness.

• Skipping encourages blood circulation and breathing which can help improve your pulmonary function and even give your skin a glow as toxins are released faster.

• Regular skipping can help you to lose weight and decrease your whole-body fat. As well as this, it can strengthen your muscles and increase bone density.

• By increasing your stamina, regular skipping can reduce fatigue and improve your agility.

And last, but not least, skipping is fun! Exercise, no matter which you prefer, is always a mood-booster.

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How many calories does skipping rope burn?

Using a skipping rope is a really efficient way to burn calories, with research suggesting that you could burn over 1,000 calories an hour!

To apply this to a practical workout, and dependant on your build and energy levels, you could burn between 300-450 calories by skipping for 30 minutes.

Skipping has been found to burn more calories than running, making it more efficient as a choice of exercise, but experience level and technique can also play a part in this efficiency. It's lighter on the joints than running or jogging and is meant to be a lower impact if done properly. However, beginners tend to jump higher than necessary which is why it's important to practice your form to make sure you don't stress your joints if you don't need to.

If you are able to, we think it would be good to combine both skipping and running if you're looking to burn calories as this will allow your body some rest time and prevent the exercises from becoming monotonous.

Is it okay to skip every day?

It is okay to skip a small amount every day, assuming you have a decent skill level and overall physical health, but you should skip in moderation to allow your body a break. Rest is important and you don't want to burn out after all! You should start slowly and listen to your body to prevent any injuries from occurring.

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