The best weighted hula hoops for a stimulating home workout

Lose weight, burn fat, tone up and have fun while doing it.

The best weighted hula hoops

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Level up on your at-home workouts with the addition of one amazing piece of equipment, a weighted hula hoop!

Now we all remember hula hoops, a school playground classic that kept us entertained for hours, weighted hula hoops are a step up.

Optimised to help you target your core muscles, weighted hula hoops can weigh anywhere between one to three kilograms, while that may sound super low, spinning that weight around your waist provides for a very stimulating workout.

Benefits of a weighted hula hoop

Adding a weighted hula hoop into your current workout routine is a great way to spice things up and keep your workouts both interesting and stimulating. A hula hoop comes with many great benefits like:

Burning calories – following research from the Mayo Clinic, they found that women can burn about 165 calories during 30 minutes of hula hooping and men can burn around 200 calories.

Improving core strength – hula hooping activates the muscles in your core, allowing you to strengthen them over time (six-pack here we come!).

Improving aerobic health – hula hooping is an amazing stimulating aerobic exercise, with similar benefits to dancing. Aerobic exercise is great for improving blood flow, lowering stress levels and promoting a stronger heart and lungs.

Keep reading to find out our favourite weighted hula hoops, suitable for every budget and the whole family, plus, weighted hula hoop techniques and beginner workouts to get you started.

The best weighted hula hoops UK

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ResultSport UK Weighted Hula Hoop

Rrp: £19.99

Price: £16.99

The ResultSport Weighted Hoop series was launched in 2008, and has sold over 50,000 pieces since, used by kids to professional hoopers all around the world. The perfect weight, that’s also adjustable, ensures an effective workout for every member of the family.

Weight: 1.2kg

Diameter: 100cm

Design: Smooth padded foam

Best weighted hula hoop for a quick workout
DUTISON Weighted Hoola Hoop
Price: £25.98

Now, this weighted hula hoop is a more simplistic design, but that doesn't mean it's not a great choice. This hoop is extremely easy to put together - so it's ideal for travelling with, and you can adjust the weight of the hoop whenever you please - giving you total control.

Weight: 1.2kg-3.2kg

Diameter: 90cm

Design: Smooth

Best weighted hula hoop for a comfortable workout

This has been designed with two main elements in mind: comfort and effectiveness. The smooth design ensures complete comfort, allowing users to work out for longer, and thanks to its non-absorbent soft foam padding - users can easily clean the hoop without the fear of bacteria.

Weight: 1kg

Diameter: Adjustable- 75cm, 87cm or 98cm

Design: Choose between smooth or wavy

Best weighted hula hoop for a stimulating workout
K-MART Smart Weighted Hula Circle

Rrp: £24.99

Price: £23.30
Alternative retailers
Decathlon£19.00View offer

Okay, so we know this is a bizarre-looking hula hoop, but you're going to love the benefits of this one: not only does this hoop provide a fitness workout, but it also massages your muscles! The goal is to keep the swinging weight always moving without allowing it to fall. So, if you want to spice up your home workout routine, this one is for you.

Weight: 0.7kg weighted gravity ball

Diameter: Adjustable, up to 132cm

Design: Rubber massaging heads

Best deluxe weighted hula hoop
Powerhoop Deluxe
Price: £49.95 (was £59.95)

This hoop comes with additional weights that you can add over time- at your own pace- to increase the severity of your workout. We love the gorgeous rainbow design.

Weight: 1.6kg-1.9kg

Diameter: 102cm

Design: Wavy

Best budget weighted hula hoop

With optimised padded soft foam that perfectly fits your waist while exercising this hula hoop gives you effective massage pressure on your waist. Easily assembled and disassembled and a comfortable weight, this hoop is perfect for beginners.

Weight: 1.25kg

Diameter: 100cm

Design: Padded foam

Best weighted hula hoop for beginners

This hoop has been named 'best for family', for its beginner-friendly, yet challenging, weighted element. It is adjustable, so you can change the diameter of the hoop, making it ideal for sharing with others. It is cased in soft, squishy foam, that ensures comfort for longer.

Weight: 1.4kg

Diameter: Adjustable, starting at 90cm

Design: Soft padding

Best weighted hula hoop for on-the-go
PROIRON Weighted Hula Hoop
Price: £24.99

This detachable design includes eight sections so you can adjust the size from six to eight sections, as you wish. Easy to store in a carry bag, makes this hoop super convenient to take to the playground, garden, lawn, beach, gym or anywhere on your travels.

Weight: 1.2kg- 1.8kg

Diameter: adjustable, 73, 87 or 98cm

Design: Smooth padded foam

Can a weighted hula hoop slim your waist?

Let us break this down: swinging a weighted hula hoop around and around, and balancing it on your waist for a good 30 minutes is going to be an excellent form of cardio, as well as combined with strength training (using your core, stomach muscles and back muscles to keep the hoop from falling). So a weighted hula hoop is certainly going to be a fabulous calorie burner, and will, in turn, strengthen your stomach muscles. So, yes, weighted hula hoop exercises could contribute largely to slimming down your waist.


This goes hand-in-hand with other contributing factors, such as your overall body fat, how often you work out, your stress levels, and the quality and amount of sleep you achieve. It's important to remember that you cannot spot reduce fat, therefore, you will not be able to specifically target your waist.

That doesn't take away value from the fact that a weighted hula hoop will certainly fast-track you to losing weight, building strength and burning calories fast!

Weighted hula hoop techniques

Knowing where to get started with a new piece of exercise equipment can be challenging.

Check out this video by Jeannette Ryals on how to get started following some great techniques and tricks for beginners.

For a full guided weighted hula hoop workout, take a look at this amazing Beginner HIIT the Hoop Workout. Only seven minutes long, it's a great way to bring hooping into your daily workout routine, either at home or at the gym!

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