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Over the past few years, exercising at home has become far more popular than it was before. Investing in a multi-gym allows you to work on your fitness at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home and focus on what you really want to do.

Multi-gyms are a staple for any home gym. There are various different types of multi-gyms you can get, but overall they work on muscle-building and weight lifting.

If you're on the search for the perfect multi-gym to fit your space and your budget, look no further. We've found the best multi-gyms on the market right now.

What is a multi-gym?

A multi-gym is what it says in the name: a multi-purpose exercise gym machine that usually tackles an element of cardio and weight-lifting in one device. These machines are pretty useful if you're looking to build up your stamina and strength all in one go.

If you're looking to build up the ultimate home gym, then a multi-gym is a great option to invest in because of its efficiency and compactness. You'll be killing two birds with one stone! These multi-gym machines tend to focus on weight-lifting and will have bench presses, a detachable bench, leg press, bars for shoulders and arms, as well as free weights.

Should I buy a multi-gym?

A multi-gym is good if you're looking for a fitness machine that's going to tackle different muscles and not just one area on your body.

Sometimes with machines like exercise bikes or treadmills, it can be boring to keep going to do the same exercise. With a multi-gym, you can keep it fresh and your fitness routine may be more exciting for you to do, especially when you have an at-home gym.

They are an investment, though. So you will need to weigh up which machine is best for you and how much you can afford to invest in it. Luckily for you, we've broken down all the components you'll need to think about to choose the best multi-gym for you.

The best multi gyms UK 2021

If you're looking for something that's not too expensive but works well for someone getting into fitness, this vidaXL multi gym is perfect for a new gym-goer. At just over £300, this includes a curl and butterfly station, leg curling as well as eight weight plates - perfect for a whole-body workout.

Features: Backrest, curl and butterfly station, leg-curl, 8 weight and one top plate (4.5kg each).

Total dimensions: 150 x 99 x 204 cm

Review: "Excellent for beginners. Does everything asked of it would recommend this gym for anyone looking for a casual work out."

Top-rated by Amazon users for its quality and a good all-around option. Another brilliant choice that isn't too expensive, but has a lot of bang for its buck. It has a multi-position foldable bench as well as a 20kg sand-filled boxing bag for a variety of uses.

Features: Foldable bench, 20kg boxing bag, steel frame, 1.5mm main tube thickness, lat pulldown bar, 68kg weight stack.

Package dimensions: ‎185 x 230 x 214cm

Review: “Absolutely made up with it. Still finding different exercises to do, managing to even do shoulder press and rear delts and rear shrugs. Great piece of equipment. The whole family can use it and we all are.”

If you're looking for value for your money, this Opti multi gym is perfect, coming in at under £150. You get ten different options for workouts, so works well if you want options in your fitness routine. Reviewers love how easy it is to assemble.

Features: Weight stack 29kg providing 75kg maximum resistance, bench press, butterfly press, pec dec, leg extension, arm curl, low rowing, triceps press, back leg curl, lat pull down, double pulley system.

Package dimensions: ‎ H202, W80, D141cm

Review: “Argos service was brilliant from start to finish. Incredibly easy to assemble - primarily because instructions are so clear. We ordered this because of lockdown issues, but my husband had very low expectations and thought it would be nowhere near as good as going to a proper gym. He was very pleasantly surprised! It’s well-made, sturdy and robust, yet fairly compact.”

Another great option for Opti, we couldn't recommend this multi-gym without also looking at the higher-weight category. This multi-gym goes up to 50kg, perfect for those who are looking to build their muscle-up.

Features: Weight stack Cement filling 50kg providing 65kg maximum resistance, Pec dec, Leg extension, Arm curl, Low rowing, Chest press, Back leg curl, Lat pull down.

Package dimensions: ‎H202, W198, D168cm

Review: “I bought this to replace an old York machine I was using which was falling apart after many years of use, so very pleased this machine is a solid piece of kit and is well thought out (i.e. protective surround for the weights, storage place for the pins when changing from bench press to pec fly etc).”

If you have more space and money to spend, consider splashing out on this Fit4Home TF-1007 multi-gym with up to 150kg max resistance. There are 75kg max weights per stack and heavy-duty construction, which is sure to last you a while.

**Features:**2x nylon cable handles, 2x straight bar handles, 2x chrome stirrup handles, heavy-duty steel tube frame, chest flys, face pulls and pullup bar, 150kg max resistance.

Package dimensions: ‎ 256W x 61D x 206H cm

Review: “Bought this as a present for my husband as he has been keen to set up his own gym at home since the lockdown. He's really pleased with it. Apparently, it allows him to do all of the exercises from his programme and it's sturdy and well built. It took two people to put it together and took several hours as the instructions aren't great! Pleased overall with the purchase though.”

If you're looking for a multi-gym to tackle up to 50kg, this D PRO T option is a great choice with scratch-resistant steelwork and easy use for the whole family. It's also non-slip so sure to stay secure in your home.

Features: Come with pre loaded weight plates of 50 kg and adjustable seat positions.

Total dimensions:‎ 160 L x 120 W x 209 H

Review: “This multi-gym is well made and compacted. I have the 80kg version which has more than enough weight plates. You can do lots of different exercises and muscle groups. I have added a Triceps pull down rope to the kit which helps vary the exercises. It takes about 5 hours to assemble and you have to do a bit of adjustment to get it right, but once set it's fine.”

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