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Supercharge your workouts with some dumbbells.

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Whether you don't like working out at your local or garage gym, or getting into one simply isn't feasible, you can still get a thorough and pretty tiring workout from home with some adjustable dumbbells.

Whether it's through using resistance bands, viewing a live yogaclass, or just jumping on your home bike, working out from home has never been more accessible. Even for those less mobile, chair exercises are also quite effective in helping us tone up and get fit.

And for those who wish to incorporate weights into their training, or miss weightlifting, there's a very easy solution to this: dumbbells, or better even adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells are incredibly handy, the fact that you can vary the weights allows you to choose between different workouts, and gives you a much wider range of exercises.

Now there is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a pair, so we've searched high and low and rounded up the best adjustable dumbbells, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

The best adjustable dumbbells UK 2022

Editor's pick

These are overall an excellent product, with strong red nuts that secure and keep in place several weight plates. The corrugated non-slip handle is especially useful, particularly if you're prone to losing your grip (like most of us). It's also very versatile, boasting a barbell connector that will change two dumbbells into a barbell. It comes with eight plates of 3kg, four of 2.5kg, and four plates of 1.25kg. We also love that it's is vinyl coated, so it won't be loud or rattle when placed on the floor.

Pros: Easy to assemble, quiet vinyl coating

Cons: Limited range of weights

Best lightweight adjustable dumbbells

These dumbbells are ideal for anyone looking to add just a bit more weight to their workouts, ranging between 1-5kg they're excellent for any HIIT exercises. We also love that they come in either blue or pink, adding a dash of colour to your workouts. It also features a non-slip handle, so even if you get sweaty palms and don't have a pair of weightlifting gloves, you'll manage to keep your grip.

Pros: Waterproof material so they're easy to clean, sleek design

Cons: Small range of weights

PROIRON Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbell Set 20kg
Price: $99.00

These may look quite basic, but trust us, these traditional dumbbells are incredibly tough and durable. An added benefit of these is that they come with a free connector to adapt both dumbbells into a barbell, increasing the maximum weight allowed on the bar. It comes with four plates of 0.5kg, four plates of 1.25kg, and four plates of 2.5kg.

Pros: Wide handgrip, versatile as it can easily change from dumbbell to barbell

Cons: Short barbell bar

Best adjustable dumbbells for beginners

If you're just starting out in fitness, these adjustable dumbbells are a superb choice. They're very compact and comfortable, so they're ideal for beginners. They additionally feature a non-slip design so they won't accidentally slide out of your hands during your exercise.

Pros: Unique, non-slip design

Cons: Limited price range

Best adjustable dumbbells for professionals

If your end goal is to put on muscle and gain as much strength as possible, these dumbbells by Puregadgets might just do the trick. They're super easy to assemble, as well as switch between, and it comes with four plates of 2.5kg, four plates of 2kg, four plates of 1.5kg, and four plates x 1kg, totalling 30kg.

Pros: Large range of weights

Cons: The weight plates are quite chunky

Best adjustable dumbbells for ease

These dumbbells are incredibly easy to swap between plates, thanks to their GlideTech that makes it super quick to change from 2.5kg to 12.5kg. The black chrome finish is very stylish and caters to all-around workout styles. MuscleSquad also goes up to 40kg.

Pros: Easy to swap weights, stylish

Cons: Sold as a single dumbbell


We love this aesthetic, these dumbbells are incredibly sleek and ultra-portable too, so you can take them for workouts in the park too.

Pros: Soft grip, easy to use, compact

Cons: Limited weights

Why are adjustable dumbbells better?

Adjustable dumbbells sets can be a better option for your home than normal dumbbells as they're cost-effective and compact (so you get to save space). They are just one piece of equipment as opposed to fixed dumbbells that may need their own stand or rack as your collection grows.

They are much more versatile when you consider building muscle and strength without attending a gym.

Are adjustable dumbbells worth it?

This completely depends on you and your personal needs, but they can be an excellent investment for people who prefer to workout outside of gyms. They allow you to swap between weights thanks to the adjustable plates but can be awkward when doing exercises in quick succession that need different weights.

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