Deal of the day - Asda offers £7.50 blood pressure monitor

Asda Pharmacy is putting the spotlight on the importance of monitoring your blood pressure. Known as the 'silent killer', high-blood pressure affects more than one in four adults in the UK and is the second biggest risk factor for premature death & disability.

High-blood pressure affects more than one in four adults

To help us keep on top of our blood pressure readings, Asda Pharmacies is now offering British Heart Society approved Salter Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitors for the *exclusive price of £7.50 (RRP £24.99)

The easy-to-use Salter monitor is fully automatic and comes with a hypertension indicator and irregular heart-beat indicator.

Asda is also offering a free in-store blood pressure check service at all 255 in-store pharmacies across the UK. With late evenings and weekend opening times, the service offers a convenient way to test those who struggle with attending doctor's appointments during the busy week.

Why is checking your blood pressure so important

  • 1 in 3 people in the UK has high blood pressure but isn't aware of it
  • Most people with high blood pressure have no signs or symptoms – the only way to find out is to be measured
  • Checking your blood pressure can help reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes. You can seek advice from your GP if you find your blood pressure is too high.

*This offer is no longer available 

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