Mugs for dad to bring a smile to their Father’s Day

You won’t be left looking like a mug with our pick of the best!


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Stuck on what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Or looking for a gift idea to help out the kids? You can’t go wrong with a mug for dad. After all, it's a classic gift they're sure to appreciate.

Sure, our cupboards may be full of a mishmash of mugs from different occasions. However, there’s no denying that a personalised coffee mug is a great gift of appreciation. It'll always go to use and is sure to boost a dad's mood when they’re drinking their tea, coffee, or even something a little stronger.

Best Father's Day mugs shortlist:

Best mug for football fans: Penal-Tea Mug
Best mug for music loving dads: Classic Rock Vinyl Records Mug
Best dad ever mug: Love Mug Best Dad Mug
Best personalised mug: Personalised Hobbies Mug
Best for green-fingered dads: Emma Bridgewater Gardening Tools Mug

As a result, we’ve picked the best mugs for dad for Father’s Day. You’ll be sure to find something suitable on our list. There are mugs for dad to make them chuckle, personalise with something more sentimental, take on the go, and more. There’s even a mug you can gift from the dog!

Here are our favourite mugs for dads to make them smile this Father's Day. Check out our best Father's Day cards for Dad too so your all set to show how much your care for Pa.

Best Father's Day mugs

Best mug for football fans


This Penal-Tea Mug is a bit of fun for football fans as a mug and finger football practice! They

Best mug for music loving dads


If we know one thing about dads, it's that they love their classic rock. This unique Classic Rock

Best dad ever mug

Price: £13.99


This jazzy Love Mug Best Dad Mug will show your dad just how much you think of them, and there’s a

Best personalised mug


This mug is a great pick for personalising your dad's favourite hobbies, as well as adding a

Best for green-fingered dads

Price: £13.80 (was £22)


This ½ pint mug is an essential accessory for any keen gardener. Beautifully decorated with the

Best mug for dad from older kids

Price: £9 (was £10)


For the older kids, this Personalised World's Best Taxi Driver Dad Mug is guaranteed to make dads

Best mug from the dog


We found quite a few 'Dad Dog' mugs online but this is by far our favourite. Personalising the mug

Best first Father's Day mug


This cute Personalised First Father's Day Mug mug can be personalised with names for new dads,

Best stepdad mug


It can be difficult to find a mug for stepdads, but this one makes for a cracking gift! With a

Best grandad mug


This adorable set is perfect for celebrating your grandad on Father’s Day, and you can

Best funny mug for dad


If your dad considers himself a bit of a joker, this mug will make them chuckle and bring a big

Best photo mug for dad


Design your own thoughtful Father's Day mug with a photo collage design and a 'Love From' message.

Best cool mug

Price: £9 (was £12)


This cool Papa Blue Ceramic Mug is refined in its design with the contrasting aqua blue and white

Best mug for DIY dads

Price: £12.99


This If Dad Can't Fix It We Know We're Screwed Large Mug is a fab gift for dads who love to carry

Best reusable mug for Dad


If your dad enjoys his coffee on the go, or struggles to finish his coffee in the morning rush,

Best mug for dads who love fishing


This Gentlemen's Fishing Fuel Outdoor Mug is perfect for outdoor fishing trips as it's

Best beer mug

Price: £17.99 (was £19.99)


Perfect for dads who prefer to indulge in a craft beer or ale and wouldn't get as much use from a

Best mug for geeky dads

Price: £20.20+


Whether your dad's a little on the geeky side or just loves all things space-related, this Science

Looking to add a little extra?

If you're looking to up the ante and want to add something to compliment your mug, we have a few ideas up our sleeves...

• If your dad loves a frothy coffee, buy a milk frother that’ll enhance their experience and take their brew to the next level

• Are they always leaving their tea or coffee to go cold? A mug warmer would be a great gift that’ll do the trick

• If they're obsessed with tea, we have some great gift ideas for tea-lovers that'll bring their passion to life

• Want to add a personalised gift to really show how thankful you are for everything they do? We've listed the best unique and meaningful personalised gifts here

• Give them the gift of fresher coffee with a coffee grinder

• Create a little gift set using your mug as the centre-stage present. Surround or fill their mug with their favourite snacks, treats, or a trusty pair of socks. Thoughtful and affordable!


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