10 best milk frothers for dreamy frothy coffee

Make rich, creamy froth in seconds with this handy kitchen gadget.

Milk frother

by Eleanor Weaver |

If you're looking to upgrade your hot drinks to barista quality at home, buy yourself an affordable, handheld electric milk frother that'll aerate your brew for a lighter, creamier and silky smooth beverage. From creamy chai lattes to cappuccinos in a flash, here are the best milk frothers for frothy hot beverages that will hit the spot.

There are different milk frothers available, from manual, handheld electric and coffee machines with milk frothers attached - there are plenty of options available for every budget and preference.

Different types of milk frothers

For our list, we've chosen handheld electric milk frothers, which work like a vortex to inject air into the milk. Handheld options are affordable, versatile and easier to use if you have weakened dexterity in your hands.

They'll also produce a good froth to your drink, and some include settings that'll heat your milk to the perfect temperature: 60-65 degrees Celsius. Less than this, your drink will be lukewarm, and at a temperature of 70 degrees plus, the milk will begin burning. Not ideal!

By choosing an electric milk frother, you're more likely to have an excellent quality product and finished drink at a cost that won't break the bank.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the best milk frothers for the perfect latte.

Best electric milk frothers

What can you make with a milk frother?

You can use a milk frother to make not just your favourite hot drinks but cold drinks too! You can try making:

Hot chocolate

• Latte

• Iced Latte

• Cappuccino

• Iced Cappuccino

• Cold Brew Coffee

• Flat White

• Mocha

• Macchiato

• Matcha

• Milkshake

• Smoothies

• Protein shakes

You can even use your electric milk frother to beat eggs or whipping cream to add to recipes, mix pancake batter or to mix up homemade dressings.

If hot chocolate is your drink of choice, check out our pick of the best hot chocolate makers, with milk frothers and other alternatives included too.

Can you froth dairy milk substitutes?

While the protein content in cow's milk is perfect for foaming, there are vegan and non-dairy alternatives that can be frothed too.

According to RAVE, the coffee subscription service, pea, hemp and soy milk are great alternatives that can be frothed well in coffees. As the consistency of each is similar to cow's milk, especially pea and hemp with high protein, they have very similar fab frothy qualities.

Cashew and oat milk can also be used to froth well but will produce larger bubbles.

Almond milk tends to separate when heated, so it can foam but may leave a watery layer beneath, and coconut milk can be a bit hit and miss,

Rice milk, unfortunately, does not work well as a frothing alternative as there's not enough protein to make bubbles.

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