Automatic pet feeders to keep your furry friend happy and fed

Perfect for regular mealtimes and a healthy diet.

Automatic pet feeder

by Eleanor Weaver |

If you want to make sure your furry friend is being fed at regular intervals, keeps to their specialised diet, or that no other prying paws swipe at their food, an automatic pet feeder could be a great solution for you.

With one of these gadgets, you can automatically feed your pet without leaving them waiting or interrupting your busy schedule. You can set meal timers to feed you pet promptly, even when they want to be fed early in the morning before you've even got out of bed!

An automated feeder can also help prevent separation anxiety in your pup and help keep your feline stress free with a comfortable routine and a distraction which will keep them occupied while you’re away.

We’ve listed some of the best automatic feeders we've found for cats, dogs and smaller pets too!

Automatic pet feeders for cats

Automatic pet feeders for dogs

Automatic pet feeders for other smaller pets

Tips for choosing the best automatic feeder fit for your fluffy companion

Capacity and number of portions

When deciding which automatic feeder to buy, you'll need to consider how long you anticipate being 'away' from the device and how long you'll need to keep you pet fed for. If it's just for a day at a time, a 2-meal feeder will work fine. However, if you're often away or have a busy schedule, a feeder with a larger capacity and higher number of portions will suit best.


While capacity will feed in to the size of the automatic pet feeder, you'll need to make sure the device is suitable for your pet. For a large dog, you'll want to consider a feeder with a large bowl, taller height and customisable portion sizes to suit. For a smaller dog or cat, the more compact models will work just fine.

Ease of use

The feeder needs to be easy for not just your pet to use but for you too! You'll need to be able to easily configure the settings for the necessary timings, number of meals and portion sizes for your pet and have an interface that is easy to understand when it comes to low-food or power alerts.

Food type

Quite a few automated pet feeders have been designed for dry food only, especially those with a large tank capacity. If your pet prefers wet food, you'll need to look out for an automatic pet feeder that'll allow this without risking the feeder's performance.

Extra features

Some automatic pet feeders have voice recorders built in. While this might not be front of mind when looking for a feeder, it could work well to build the bond between you and your pet when you're not there, entice your pet to mealtimes and keep them calm and comforted with your voice when you're not around. Some come with smart apps too which we think is super helpful, especially if you want peace of mind knowing when your pet has fed when you're away.

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