The best cat litter trays and boxes for your feline friend

Find a cat litter tray that's purrrrfect for you and your feline.

Tabby cat on its back: best cat litter boxes and trays

by Eve Miller |

As a cat owner, you'll have definitely come to terms with the fact you need a litter tray or box. When buying a new litter tray, there’s a lot to consider, like your cat’s size and behaviour.

Cat litter boxes and trays can be filled with cat litter so that your cat can go to the toilet inside with no worries. They’re ideal if you have an indoor cat or you want to avoid accidents when they're in your home.

They're a cat owner essential, but they don't have to be unpleasant. These days there are clever ways to make emptying the litter tray easier, from hoods to stop your cat from scattering their litter all over the floor to self-cleaning sifting systems.

All cats have unique habits and needs, so it’s normal for them to need different types of litter trays or boxes. If you have multiple cats you may want to buy a range of litter trays too.

You also need to think about the best place to put it in your home. Ask your vet for their recommendation and advice if you're not sure. Whatever your fur baby needs, there's one for them. Here are the best cat litter trays and boxes out there.

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The best cat litter trays and boxes

Want to add your box or tray set up? Here are some must have products to help.

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