The best things to buy and sell on eBay

One man's trash is another man's treasure...


by Aimee Jakes |

If you're looking for an easy way to make money, why not sell your unwanted things on eBay?

Not only is it super easy to get a product listed, it also encourages you to have a much-needed clear-out. Even if the whole idea was to save up to buy something new.

What can you sell on eBay?

Anything from your old casserole dish to your L.K Bennett coat! There is some criteria to think about, when selling products to ensure it 1) gets sold and 2) sells for a price that's worth your time and effort.

If you're more crafty, you might choose to sell on Etsy instead, or another popular online selling site is Gumtree too.

So, what items sell well on eBay?

Firstly, new items do really well on eBay. Especially if you still have the original box, it's never been used/worn and still has all the tags in tact. Make sure you mention this in the product description to boost the likelihood of a sale.

On the other hand, old items which are no longer available to buy are likely to be a hit with potential customers, too. Marking this a 'retro' or 'vintage' in the headline will help you sell on eBay.

Is it in good condition? If your smoothie machine doesn't blend properly or your M&S jumper has an unsightly stain, it's not worth selling and best to just get rid.

Ideas on what to sell on eBay...


The best things to buy and sell on eBay

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Sell your old clothes on eBay to make some money. Your return is likely to be low, but worth if you are clearing out a lot of old clothes. Well-loved brands are likely to do better, so are quirky bits. Have a designer bag or coat? These will do particularly well, so don't be afraid to start with a higher starting bid.

Jewellery and watches
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Sell your old valuables on eBay for instant success. Be sure to specify the details, e.g. the purity of gold, for a higher sale rate. Where possible, it's ideal if your jewellery comes in its original box with any certificates and receipts.

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Books are a great thing to sell on eBay. Dust off the classics you've read too many times and swap them for a new thrilling read.

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Think comic books, memorabilia, militaria, stamps and old vintage postcards. If you no longer want or need your collectables, you can sell them on for usually a good price if they're in good condition!

Branded tech
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Have an old phone you don't use anymore that's in great condition? A camera which is good as new? Sell on eBay for some quick cash. Good quality tech including phones, cameras, computers, tablets, TVs and headphones can make some good money!

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These days, most children take up a musical instrument while at school. This can be a rather expensive hobby, so many parents scour the web in search of good quality, second-hand instruments for their child to play. With instruments, it's important to factor in the postage costs with the cost of the item as this could be pricey.

Garden furniture
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Sell anything from garden chairs to tools, quickly and easy. They are in high demand now we're all spending a lot of time outdoors.

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As we spend more time in our homes, people are getting into interior design, and the popularity of retro and vintage homeware is on the rise. Anything from antique kitchen-ware, furniture, vases and more can fetch money.

Kitchen appliances
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Whether it was an unwanted birthday present or a blender you never got round to using, sell your old kitchen appliances on eBay.

Sporting equipment
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Buying brand new equipment for sports and hobbies can be very expensive, especially for people who aren't even sure if they'll enjoy it yet! That's why sporting equipment is very popular on eBay. Anything from skis to weights will sell and they're increasing in popularity!

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