25 easy meals 11 year olds should be able to make

Could you have cooked all these dishes when you were 11?

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by Lorna White |

Cooking is a very important skill to have in life. And whether you learned your cooking skills from your dad or your grandma when you were younger, we've all got those trusty family recipes we're forever going back to!

But have you ever thought about how long you've been able to cook up a storm? A survey conducted by Samsung Family Hub, has found that parents think children should be able to rustle up at least 25 different meals by the time they’re 11. These include classics such as cottage pie, sausage and mash and a Victoria sponge.

This is despite the fact that children's kitchen skills have diminished by a third over the past 25 years thanks to things like fast food and quick microwave meals, so it's no wonder why modern day children aren't cooking as much as we did!

If your grandchildren are around this age, and you're keen to get their cooking skills up to scratch, here are the classic meals you could help teach them to make including the likes of spag bol, bangers and mash and more.

How many of the 25 could you cook at 11?

How many of these do you think you could cook at 11 and how many do you think the 11+ year-olds in your life could cook confidently?


Easy recipes that 11-year-olds should be able to cook

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A classic family dish that the whole family will love. Once you've made the tomato bolognese sauce, you just need to cook the spaghetti and drain to finish the dish.

scrambled egg
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You can't go wrong with a simple scrambled egg dish. Perfect for breakfast or a light dinner if you're not feeling too peckish!

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Omelettes are great for little fussy eaters as you can put in any ingredient they like.

Jacket potato
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A baked potato is a brilliant filling dinner for anyone, and with baked beans (and even cheese) on top they're super tasty.

Cheese on toast
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Teach your grandchildren how to use the grill with a simple cheese on toast.

cottage pie
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A classic British pie recipe, perfect for cosy night's in with a side of healthy veggies.

Sausage and mash
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What child doesn't love a dish of sausage and mash? Learning how to make their own creamy mash is a brilliant skill. Swap out your pork sausages for some veggie ones with our top pick of the best non-meat sausages!

Pasta bake
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A pasta bake is a tasty and healthy dish that's super easy to make.

Stir fry
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A stir fry is another dish that's great for fussy eaters as you can change the ingredients you include. One of our favourites is this quick and easy veggie stir fry recipe, made using a whole heap of left over veggies!

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Knowing how to make a creamy porridge is a must have skill. We love to put some tasty fruit on top of ours!

Dippy egg
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Dippy eggs and toast soldiers is a comforting dish we can enjoy from ages 1 to 101!

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Whether you prefer a beef stew or a chicken casserole, knowing how to make a slow cooker dish is good to know.

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A tasty stack of pancakes is a lovely brunch idea. Top with some berries and maple syrup for a sweet treat.

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Pizza's are so fun to make (and even better to eat). Top with your favourite toppings to make your pizza personal to you. We recently had the pleasure of testing out a pizza oven and we were very impressed with the results!

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Another Italian dish that's a favourite for all families. Serve this lasagne with a side of garlic bread and salad. Watching the weight? Have a go at this Slimming World lasagne recipe.

Mac and cheese
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Children love a tasty dish of mac and cheese so it's a great recipe for little chefs to know.

Fairy cakes
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From decorating them to eating them, fairy cakes are a brilliant treat to enjoy, whatever the occasion. Try out this tasty vanilla and chocolate cupcake recipe.

Roast Chicken
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Once you've roasted a chicken, you can enjoy it in so many different ways, from having a roast chicken sandwich to adding it to a tasty risotto. Find some more inspiration with these leftover chicken recipe ideas.

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A mild chilli con carne is a treat for everyone and a great family recipe to know. We love this delicious chilli recipe from the Hairy Bikers!

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Making a burger from scratch to cook on the barbie and enjoy in a burger bun is actually easier than you think. Prefer to swap your meaty burger for a veggie option? Have a go at this tasty veggie burger recipe.

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Similar to the burger recipe, little hands might find it easier to make the meat into balls rather than a burger.

Victoria Sponge
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When you're not sure what kind of cake to bake, it has to be a classic Victoria sponge with some fresh cream and sweet jam sandwiched in the middle.

Cornflake cakes
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You can make this simple recipe using either cornflakes or rice crispies and once you've covered them in melted chocolate and popped the mix in cupcake cases, you just need to pop them into a fridge until set.

Apple crumble
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A crumble is a much loved British recipe, especially when served with a tasty side of custard, cream or ice cream.

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From sweet to savoury, scones are a brilliant and basic recipe to have in your repertoire.

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