9 best non-stick cookware sets for fail-safe cooking 2024

Chef it up in the kitchen with a little helping hand from the best non-stick cookware sets.

The best non-stick cookware sets UK

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You can't go wrong with the best non-stick cookware sets. From beginner to pro, non-stick cookware deserves the praise it gets. Not only are they generally smoother to cook with, but they're also a lot easier to clean. The best saucepan sets allow culinary novices to shine in the kitchen.

Non-stick cookware sets come with features like cool-touch handles, no-scratch surfaces, and durable heavy-gauge construction. Jamie Oliver's everyday cookware range is non-stick. And if you're looking for an environmentally-friendly option, read our review of the Prestige Eco 3 Piece Non-Stick Saucepan set.

Best non-stick cookware sets at a glance

Best for beginners: Tefal B372S544 5 Piece Essential Pots and Pans Set - View offer on Amazon UK
Best induction hob set: Circulon Induction Hob Non Stick Pots and Pans Set - View offer on Amazon UK
Best stainless steel set: GreenPan Premiere Stainless Steel Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan & Lid Set - View on John Lewis

Having non-stick cookware is also healthier – using a non-stick pan means you can cook with less oil or butter. On top of this, they allow you to cook 'stickier' meals, fry foods like stir-fries, and make flipping eggs and tossing sticky noodles easier!

Best non-stick cookware sets

Best non-stick cookware set for beginners

Tefal B372S544 5 Piece Essential Pots and Pans Set
Price: $62.93

With unique Thermospot technology that lets you know when the frying pan has reached its optimum cooking temperature and a resist plus coating that promises durable non-stick cooking performance, this cookware set makes cooking a breeze! Suitable for all hobs, including induction, this set of essentials is perfect for any beginner chef, ready to cook up a storm.

Includes: 20cm and 24cm frying pans, 16,18 and 20cm saucepans with lid.

Customer review: “Fantastic set for the price. I will say be aware that the frying pans are quite small, probably better for bacon and eggs, so if you cook larger portions of food, for example, a curry etc, I'd definitely purchase a larger one separately (I've also done this). They clean within seconds and are definitely non-stick!! They have a good quality finish to them and are a well-needed addition to your kitchen, for this price you can't go wrong!”


  • Themospot indicates optimum cooking temperature
  • Value for money


  • Customers comment that the cookware is small


This Circulon cookware set is made of hard anodised aluminium with a stainless steel base which provides excellent heat conduction and uniform cooking. The premium non-stick coating on the pan interior and exterior makes cleaning quick and easy. Compatible with all stovetops, including glass and induction, they’re a brilliant investment for any chef, beginner or experienced.

Includes: 14cm milkpan, 16cm and 18cm saucepans with lids, 20cm stockpot with lid, and 20cm skillet

Customer review: “We have only had them for two months but could not be happier. They show absolutely no signs of the heavy use over the Christmas period. The handles are solid (not hollow) stainless steel so there are no water traps. The clever design means that very little heat travels to the handle during normal use on the hob. The handles are attached with a pair of large rivets and seem very secure. I have seen comments that some would have preferred welded joints but, as far as I know, it is not possible to weld stainless steel to the heavy aluminium of the main body. I would definitely buy this brand again but hope not to need any new pans for many years now."


  • Close-fitting glass lids
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Induction hob compatible
  • High quality


  • Don't stack very easily

Best stainless steel non stick cookware set

Keep your cookware looking like new, with the Première stainless steel collection from GreenPan. Innovative and durable, with an advanced non-stick coating it’s ideal for intensive daily use. GreenPan's ultra-strong Thermolon Diamond ceramic non-stick coating is reinforced with diamond and is strong enough to withstand the use of metal utensils. Made from natural materials by GreenPan, the sand-based non-stick coating is 100% healthy and contains zero harmful chemicals.

Includes: 16cm, 18cm, 20cm saucepans with lids.

Customer review: “Very good saucepans. They are very well built, really solid, and a dream to clean. I have only had them a few months but so far I can honestly say they are probably the best saucepans I have ever bought. Saying that, they are the most expensive ones I have ever bought! I would definitely recommend them though.”


  • Premium quality
  • Suitable for all hobs
  • Ultra-strong non-stick coating


  • Lid handle can get hot

Best eco cookware set

Prestige Eco 5 piece Aluminium Plant based Non-Stick Set
Price: £114.06 (was £160)


This cookware set is made from recycled materials and contains a plant-based non-stick which is good and even better for our environment - it is palm oil-free and PFAO Free. Made in Italy from recycled aluminium and fully recyclable, the cookware set is extremely durable, so good for the environment. The steel induction base is suitable for all hob types and will allow perfect heat distribution for energy-efficient cooking.

Includes: three saucepans, three lids, two frying pans.

Customer review: “I've used these for a few weeks now and although I'm usually sceptical of marketing claims, I have to say that these pans are genuinely good! Solid and well-made. I do use some oil or butter when I cook but with these, you don't really need any. They're also easy to clean. Very pleased with my purchase and with the fact that I got them on here for much less than I could see advertised elsewhere.”


  • Even heat distribution
  • Stackable
  • Plant-based non-stick


  • Pans are a little on the small side

Best everyday non-stick cookware set

Prestige Everyday Cookware Set
Price: $151.72

The two frying pans included with this 5-piece stainless steel cookware have a smooth non-stick interior allowing you to cook healthier meals with less or no oil. You can use Prestige non-stick cookware set on all cooker types, including induction, gas radiant ring, solid plate, halogen and ceramic. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Includes: 14cm, 16cm, 18cm saucepan including glass lids, and a 20cm, 24cm frying pan.

Customer review: “We had our last set of Prestige pans for over 24 years and this new set, although not copper-bottomed, are fabulous. Easy strain, easy pour and easy clean...another great Prestige product!”


  • Pouring lip
  • Use on all hob types
  • Oven and dishwasher safe


  • Smallest pan is too small to fit on gas hob rings

Yours Recommends

GreenPan Cookware Set

Rrp: $399.99

Price: $205.05
Alternative retailers
Target$399.99View offer
QVC$399.99View offer
Macy's$666.99View offer

Made from natural materials and 100% toxin-free, this cookware set from Greenpan is crafted from hard-anodized aluminium for maximum strength and scratch resistance. From a quick fried egg for a lazy breakfast in bed to stepping it up with a 3-course dinner, this set will assist you in all your cooking adventures.

Includes: 20, 24 & 28 cm open fry pan, 16cm/1. 57L + 20 cm/3. 1L covered saucepan, 24 cm/3. 1L sauté pan, and a casserole 24 cm/5. 14L (4 glass lids included).

Customer review: “This cookware is excellent. I've had non-stick, Tefal etc in the past, and they always wear out, or even worse, the non-stick layer starts peeling off! These have none of that, they're as non-stick now as they were when I bought them. They're great to cook with, easy to clean, easy to look after. As an added bonus, I also think they're quite stylish.”


  • The original ceramic non-stick brand
  • Suitable for all hobs
  • Dishwasher and metal utensil safe


  • Non-stick coating stopped being effective for some customers


BergHOFF Leo non-stick cookware is loaded with features to enhance your cooking experience. These durable pans heat up quickly on any type of hob and the contrasting soft-touch handles offer a safer grip. Saucepans feature tempered glass lids with a silicone rim and steam vent for optimal energy efficiency. It's easy to pour away liquid with the lid on thanks to the integrated straining function.

Includes: three saucepans with lids and two frying pans.

Customer review: “I'd buy this set all over again, they are so nice to use, the feeling and weight, the fact that nothing sticks to them & you don't have to bother with scraping. Everything comes off so easily. Would 100% buy again and again.”


  • Suitable for all hobs
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Well-fitting lids


  • Some customers comment that the pans are small

Best investment non-stick cookware set

The most expensive non-stick cookware set in our round-up but how can you resist Le Creuset. The household name brand is recognised globally for its premium quality cookware, which is truly built to stand the test of time. This set of four 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware from Le Creuset is sure to give you a head start in the kitchen. Sleek and highly practical in design, this set features innovative multi-layering technology for an optimum cooking experience. With innovative multi-layer technology and high-grade non-stick surfaces, they’re the perfect investment for your kitchen.

Includes: 14cm non-stick milk pan, 24cm non-stick frying pan and 18cm and 20cm saucepans with lids.


  • Top quality
  • Precision pouring rim
  • Suitable for all hobs
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No customer review

Best 10-piece non-stick pan set

ProCook, Professional Anodised Cookware Set
Price: £329 (was £379)


The ProCook, Professional Anodised Cookware Set (10 Piece) is oven and dishwasher-safe. Each saucepan is made from anodised aluminium for strength and durability and come with a lid. All pieces have ergonomic CoolTouch® handles for comfort and safety.

Includes: Ten (includes 14, 16 and 18cm saucepans, 20 and 28cm frying pans, 20 and 24cm stockpot, 20cm steamer insert, 24cm shallow casserole and 28cm sauté pan)

Customer review: "Very stylish, brilliant value for money, well balanced in the hand etc. Quite how Procook can provide such great products, at fantastic prices and that are amazing to look at too is baffling – but I'm glad they can and do. My No1 place to get cookware – very happy to recommend."


  • Professional quality
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Suitable for all hobs, including induction


  • Best to hand wash

Best non-stick cookware sets FAQs

How to care for the best non-stick cookware sets

With the right cleaning and care, you can prevent your non-stick cookware sets from flaking and emitting harmful chemicals.

1. Avoid overheating. Although most non-stick cookware sets can handle cook temps of up to 260°C, you should stick to preheating with low-to-medium heat. For those pans that are oven-safe, avoid leaving them in the oven for too long. You’ll also want to pull them off still-hot burners when not in use.

2. Vent the room. When using extremely high heat, prevent fumes from harming the environment and irritating your lungs by switching on your exhaust fan or cracking a window.

3. Avoid metal utensils that can scratch non-stick coating.

4. Hand-wash with mild dish soap and a gentle sponge. Several non-stick cookware sets are dishwasher safe, but they’ll last longer if you hand-wash.

Should I throw away my scratched non-stick cookware?

When you see scratches on non-stick cookware it's a sign that it might be time to get a new set. It means that the non-stick coating is starting to come off your cookware, so you may start to notice your food getting stuck to it more often. It could also mean that it starts to flake off into your food, too, so to be safe, it's best to dispose of your old set and welcome something new into your kitchen.

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