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If you’re hunting for a new laundry appliance, consider our pick of the best washer dryer from our extensive buyer’s guide. After all, this kitchen appliance is a space-saving marvel, combining the best bits from both a washing machine and a tumble dryer. It’s safe to say, a combi washer dryer is the ultimate convenience, especially if you have a house full of laundry bins overflowing. They’re great if you’re limited for space – and won’t compromise on quality.

For a sleek machine that will fit into your small kitchen, a washer dryer is your best bet, whether freestanding or integrated. Plus, if you’re looking to move in the future, a freestanding washer dryer can fit comfortably under most worktops. However, washer dryers have two capacities, says Currys. You’ll need to think about both the washing and drying capacity before you make a purchase. This will depend on how many times you put on a wash in a week and household size.

Best washer dryer at a glance

Best freestanding washer dryer

Bosch WNA134U8GB S4, 8kg/5kg

Budget freestanding washer dryer

HOOVER H-Wash 300 H3D 485TE NFC 8 kg

Best freestanding washer dryer for features

HISENSE 5S WD5S1245BW, 12 kg

Best freestanding washer dryer for large households

BEKO Pro B3D512844UWE, 12kg/8kg

Making the most of your limited space, a washer dryer will sit your washing and drying needs, we’re sure, hosting plenty of nifty programs, which are efficient and may be great for your bills. Keeping clothes and fresh and clean is the main purpose of a washer dryer. But, did you know that a washing machine and tumble dryer should be cleaned, too? We’ve written guides on how to clean a washing machine and tumble dryer, which will prolong the life of your appliances.

Below, we have cut the jargon – and compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide, hoping you’ll be able to find the right washer dryer for your home, family and laundry requirements. After all, there is no point in getting a large, efficient washer for a smaller household and vice versa. There are plenty of factors to consider when shopping for a combi washer-dryer – from size to energy rating to spin speed. Take our FAQs for a spin, too, which may answer some questions you have.

Best washer dry for a combined appliance


Best freestanding washer dryer

Bosch WNA134U8GB S4, 8kg/5kgBosch / Amazon

With plenty of programmes, this Bosch WNA134U8GB S4, 8kg/5kg ensures a hassle-free laundry day. Bosch, is a great brand for home appliances and white goods, raising the bar for innovation and convenience in our day-to-day chores. This shows in their Series 4 Washer Dryer, which comes complete with a Quick program, AutoDry Sensor technology and a 24-hour delay timer.

On Amazon UK, this smart 8kg/5kg combi appliance, from over 150 reviews, has earned a respectable 4.6/5 star rating, with customers praising the quality, low noise level, performance and drying time. One customer loves that it's so quiet, that it can be used during off-peak times, therefore saving money on bills. You won't be waking anyone up in your home. With so many adjustments and excellent results, many agree that it's a great choice. Plus, the controls are user-friendly and intuitive.

However, some customers have had a few issues with the effectiveness of the gentle cycle. And, some customers are disappointed by how noisy the spin cycle is - but, this is to be expected.

Never miss an item, again, with the Reload function, which will help you add neglected clothes part-way through the wash cycle. For highly efficient use of water - even with small loads - ActiveWater Plus ensures the precise amount of water needed is used, to save you some money. Efficient, durable and extra-quiet. What's not to love? It's perfect for smaller kitchens, needing a combi washer dryer.


  • Quick wash to get your clothes clean in less time
  • Intuitive and user-friendly; easy to program
  • Quiet operation is perfect for open-plan living


  • Gentle cycle is said to be ineffective
Dimensions84.8 x 59.8 x 59 cm
Wash Capacity8 kg
Dry Capacity5 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassE
Noise47 dB
Warranty5 Years
  • Iron Assist: the clever steam treatment that smooths dried clothes.
  • Wash & Dry: wash and dry up to five kilograms in one go, or wash up to eight kilograms.
  • AutoDry: automatically dries to your preferred level of dryness.
  • EcoSilence Drive™: quiet, efficient and durable.
  • Wash & Dry 60: wash and dry small loads efficiently in just 60 min.

Budget freestanding washer dryer

For a budget option, this HOOVER H-Wash 300 H3D 485TE NFC 8 kg packs a punch. With the Hoozer Wizard app, you can control and monitor this appliance from another room - even run diagnostic checks. That's not the only smart feature that this budget-friendly water dryer has - but, it will save you money with its sensor drying (to stop over-drying your clothes) and the KG mode which will determine the correct amount of time and water needed for your wash. What are reviews saying?

From over 800 reviews, this HOOVER H-Wash 300 H3D 485TE NFC 8 kg has earned a decent 4.2/5 star rating from Currys. Customers rate it well for noise and drying performance, highly for features, cycle times, and ease of use - and exceptionally for value, build, design, and washing performance. One customer commented that it's a great choice with easy function and great results. Another added that it's a great price - with the perfect drum size and heaps of useful settings for family life.

Currys customers can offer improvement points in their reviews, which we find very useful. One customer says it's a little noisy, whereas, another thinks the spin speed is not powerful enough.

Preserve your washing machine's health and durability with the Hoover app. All the while this washer dryer does all the work for you, taking out the guesswork of laundry - with sensors and smart features. For a budget-friendly machine, it's innovative and complete with an allergy program.


  • Anti-allergy program - perfect for long-term sufferers
  • Quick cycles for fresh, clean clothes in under an hour
  • Perfect drum size and programs for family use


  • Some customers found it a little noisy
Dimensions85 x 60 x 52 cm
Wash Capacity8 kg
Dry Capacity5 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassE
Noise79 dB
Warranty1-year labour / 10 years parts
  • Anti-allergy program removes bacteria and other allergens.
  • Manage your machine on the app - super smart and innovative.
  • KG mode calculates the time and water for a specific wash.
  • Features Quick Wash cycles for fresh, clean clothes in under an hour.
  • Sensors will stop the cycle early if clothes are dry enough.

Best freestanding washer dryer for features

Hisense knows that doing laundry can be a hassle - but their super-smart HISENSE 5S WD5S1245BW, 12 kg comes with more than 15 programmes for all loads. It provides all the benefits of a modern washing machine and dryer - but, uses less energy. You can keep track of your usage (and savings) on the ConnectLife app. How cool is that? And, that's not it. the Auto Dosing and Auto Wash ensures you get perfect results every time, with no water, energy or detergent wasted - saving you money.

From over 30 reviews from Curry's customers, this Hisense 12kg Washer Dryer has earned an average 4.3/5 star rating. Reviews rate it well, concerning value for money. Customers praise the washer dryer for its ability to produce clothes that are "just right". One customer says it's easy to use - through the app and manually. They find the AutoDose feature handy - which can be overridden to your preferences. It's far more efficient than this customer's separate dryer too. Customers agree that it cleans well - and that the selection of programmes is great, handy and efficient.

One customer found that AutoDose doesn't give them the preferred amount of fabric softener (which, in this case, is a lot), rather it gives the most economical amount, to save money - no wastage. Luckily, you can override this feature. Another customer is finding it a little tricky to use.

Efficient and smart, this washing machine combi dryer will help you achieve perfect results. And, if you've missed something - don't worry - the Pause and Add will help you out. With auto Dosing, Half Load, Extra Rinse, Purse Steam, Allergy, and a quick 15-minute wash, you're well equipped to take on the world. It's a versatile pick - suitable for all kinds of mucky stains, materials and homes.


  • Complete with plenty of features and programs for all washes
  • Praised for its ability to produce clothes that are "just right"
  • ConnectLife app helps you keep an eye on energy usage


  • AutoDosing may not be the best for fabric softener
Dimensions84.5 x 59.5 x 64 cm
Wash Capacity12 kg
Dry Capacity8 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassA / D
Noise72 dB
Warranty2-year guarantee
  • Clean smaller loads quickly with Quick Wash + and they'll be done in just 15 minutes.
  • Auto Wash adjusts the cycle to suit whatever you're washing, so you get perfect results.
  • Download the ConnectLife app on your phone and keep an eye on your energy usage.
  • The Inverter motor rotates at just the right speed - it runs quietly and uses less energy.
  • Throw in bed sheets and towels without fuss thanks to the large porthole door.
  • If you've got clothes that just need freshening up, use the Pure Steam programs.
  • When you have tough dirt to deal with, the Pure Jet Wash lifts dirt quickly.
  • AutoDose chooses the precise detergent or softener dosage according to the weight.

Best freestanding washer dryer for large households

By far the biggest washer dryer we have seen, this BEKO Pro B3D512844UWE, 12kg/8kg is a great pick for larger households. Its large size isn't its only commendable feature, but this combi washer dryer can handle 5kg of clothes in under three hours - perfect for panicked weekend washes before Monday morning mayhem. And, with the Ironfast program, your clothes won't need pressing after cleaning and will look as good as new with the gem-busting Hygiene Therapy.

Customers have given this BEKO washer dryer an average 5/5 star rating, with reviews praising its value for money. For under £750, it's a formidable contender for the top spot. Not only is it compatible with an app, but it also has plenty of features and programs that help it stand out from the crowd. Sensors help the clothes from over-drying, saving time and money - better care for your garments, too. One customer said that it's great - after working out how to program it.

Proven to be a durable washer dryer- from rigorous testing - this pick guarantees a reliable performance with every cycle, for added peace of mind. It's ultra-fast, efficient, gentle on drying and leaves the garment perfectly clean and hygienic. It'll protect you - and your clothes.


  • Quick wash to get your clothes clean in less time
  • Sensor drying helps clothes to stay in good nick
  • The door has been built to withstand 20,000 uses


  • May take a little time to get used to
Dimensions84.5 x 60 x 65 cm
Wash Capacity12 kg
Dry Capacity8 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassD / A
Noise77 dB
Warranty1 year labour, 10 years parts
  • Sensor drying feature stops over-drying (and shrinking) from happening.
  • Keep your clothes germ-free with the HygieneTherapy function.
  • With the Quick program, you can wash and dry 1 kg worth of load in just 60 minutes.
  • Control the washer dryer from your phone with the HomeWhiz app.
  • RecycledTub is made from recycled plastic bottles to help reduce plastic waste

Best grey freestanding washer dryer

Do away with stains and nasty allergens, thanks to this LG TurboWash™360 FWY706GBTN1 10Kg / 6Kg, Grey washer dryer - which is sleek and stylish for all kitchens. If you're looking for a darker washer dryer appliance to suit your other "white" goods, this is a great choice. It comes with super-smart AI sensors that weigh the load, detect the fabric and adjust the cycle. Complete with a delay timer, a washer dryer has never been so convenient. What are reviews saying?

Thanks to over 15 reviews at AO, the LG TurboWash has earned an exceptional 4.7/5 star rating, with customers praising the seamless use of this 10kg drum, tackling sizeable loads with ease. For the ultimate answer to space-saving and convenience, without compromising on performance, one customer says this is a good choice. Another customer calls it a "game changer", with two small kids' laundry baskets to look after. A customer adds that the combined wash and dry cycle is very convenient - with a nice alert sound when a cycle is complete. Any negatives?

There are very few "cons". One customer finds the programs longer than expected.

LG is a brand we trust, paving the way for innovative and feature-heavy tech which enriches our daily lives. This TurboWash is no exception. Well-reviewed by its customers, it's a washer dryer that has been equipped to handle any laundry load, from the Steam to TurboWash 360 functions. It's a sleek, smart slate-grey addition to any space, perfect for a seamless kitchen.


  • Offers supreme stain, allergen and nasties removal
  • A large drum is great for larger households
  • Sensors analyse fabrics and adjust for the best clean


  • Some find the programs longer than expected
DimensionsH85 x W60 x D62 cm
Wash Capacity10 kg
Dry Capacity6 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassD
NoiseA Rating
WarrantyFive years
  • 10kg wash & 6kg dry load — Great for large households.
  • TurboWash™360 – Stain removal in 39 minutes.
  • Steam™ – Ideal for removing allergens and other nasties.
  • AI DD™ — Sensors analyse fabrics and adjust settings.

Premium freestanding washer dryer

The AEG LWR8516O5UD, 10Kg/6kg is kitted out - it's safe to say. With an extra roomy drum and a variety of quick programmes, your knitted jumper or bedding will be ready in no time at all. You won't even need to switch to a dry program, as this is done automatically. And, don't be worried about shrinking your woollens - SpecialCare adjusts the cycle to suit your delicate item. Complete with industrial stain removal, this uber-smart AEG model is a contender for the top spot.

From a handful of reviews at John Lewis, this EG washer dryer has earned an exceptional 4.7/5 star rating, with customers praising its great functions, design, programmes and consistent dryer results. One customer, a seasoned washer dryer user, after 30 years of using combi laundry appliances has proclaimed the best appliance they have ever owned. High praise, indeed. The pod drawer is a "stroke of genius", offering "simplicity, confidence and efficiency". With build quality beyond reproach, a friendly app for cycle selection. and nothing tricky about the setup, are there any negatives?

One customer says that the app helps you use lots of hidden/extra features, otherwise inaccessible through the front of the machine. If you're equipped to install the smartphone app, it'll be worth it. Another is let-down that the app doesn't set delay washes, which hopefully will be added, soon.

With an A/D energy class, customers find that the large capacity means they're using the machine much less in a week, saving them some dosh, which is handy. This AEG washer dryer simplifies laundry - with a large interface for a seamless, accessible experience. From steam cleaning to an innovative pod drawer to Add to the Wash, this AEG model offers, truly, a premium experience.


  • Guarantees stain removal - even at low temperatures
  • Complete with custom care for dedicated and woollens
  • User-friendly, for confident and efficient programming


  • Some customers found that the app is a little challenging at times (i.e. no delay timer), but will offer a multitude of additional cycles - which may be worth looking into
DimensionsH84.7 x W59.7 x D63.1cm
Wash Capacity10 kg
Dry Capacity6 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1600 rpm
Energy ClassA / D
Noise76 dB / B
Warranty5 year guarantee included
  • Stain removal at low temperatures with detergent evenly distributed for good results.
  • Adjusts the drying time according to the load size, delivering spotless laundry results.
  • SpecialCare Wash-to-Dry adapts to each fabric type for gentle yet effective cleaning.
  • This machine, washes and dries everyday items, delicates, and wool.
  • Restores the water protection of your outdoor garments.
  • Experience customised care by connecting this machine to the My AEG Care app.
  • Set programmes remotely, get cycle recommendations and receive notifications.
  • AEG's ÖKOMix ensures that every fibre is cleaned and cared for, even in shorter cycles.
  • Detergent and softener are mixed with water, activating it completely before the drum.


Best integrated washer dryer

Our top pick for integrated, seamless kitchens is the Candy CBD485D1E/1, 8Kg / 5Kg, a mid-range pick for medium households looking to replace their washer dryer, or hoping to size down their white goods, in favour of adding a dishwasher to their kitchne. If you need a helpful hand with your laundry, this Candy washer dryer may just be the right it for your home, with rapid cycles, sensor-guided washes to save money and a delay timer to add some flexbility, to fit around your lifetsyle.

With over 100 reviews on, this washer dryer has an average 4.6/5 star rating, which we're impressed by. Customers praise the efficiency, quiet run and how easy it is to use. One customer says there's "nothing to dislike" about this laundry appliance, which is high praise, indeed. It's simple to use and install, with the features you may require for a weekly wash for your medium household. Another review adds that the Quick washes are super handy and the KG tech is "fabulous".

A few pain points were mentioned in customer reviews. One customer found it a little noisier than expected, whereas, another said that the instructions were not easy to follow.

Power through your laundry with this integrated washer dryer, designed to be built into your ktichen for an immaculately seamless look. It comes complete with fabulous quick washes for Sunday evening panics and a KG detector to adjust the wash. It's a great choice for medium households.


  • 8kg and 5kg capacities - ideal for medium households
  • KG detector adjusts energy and water - to save money


  • Some customers found that it was noisier than expected
DimensionsH82 x W60 x D57 cm
Wash Capacity8 kg
Dry Capacity5 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassE
Noisemax. 77dB
Warranty1 Year
  • Rapid Programmes - best combination of time and performance: wash 3.5kg in 44 minutes, 2.5kg in 30 minutes or 1.5kg in as little as 14 minutes.
  • Hygiene Cycle washes at 60C, clearing any bacteria or dirt from your clothing.
  • Woolmark washes your woollen garments with the gentleness of a hand wash.
  • Minimises the amount of electricity used, reducing waste with weight sensors.
  • The delay timer lets you set the machine to start when you want.

Budget integrated washer dryer

Beko WDIK754421, 7Kg / 5KgBeko / Donaghy Bros

Your home laundry will get a much-needed spruce with the Beko WDIK754421, 7Kg / 5Kg, designed efficiently. With the ability to wash a full 7kg load in under 30 minutes, this washer dryer will offer a saving on your money, as well as not take up any of your precious time. it's perfect if you live a busy lifestyle - juggling PE kits, school uniforms, and bedsheets galore, as it can be controlled (through the magic of Bluetooth) via the HomeWhiz app.

Customers rate this Beko integrated model highly, with high praise for its many features and virtually silent run. Not only is it said to produce good results (quickly), but one customer is happy with how simple and self-explanatory the control dial is to work during program selection. It comes with a great review average from AO. What about negatives?

One customer mentioned that the glass is a little tinted, so it's difficult to see what's going on inside. Another customer says its drying cycles are not as good as a tumble dryer.

With consistent results and a user-friendly interface, you'll be a washer dryer whiz in no time. It comes complete with an energy-efficient motor, ensuring a quieter, cheaper run. Beko is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint, with the machine tubs being partially made of recycled materials. And, we're also impressed by the HygieneTherapy, which will eliminate any nasties from your laundry. SteamCure will prevent any need for ironing too.


  • 7kg wash & 5kg dry load - great for medium households
  • Allows for remote control via the HomeWhizz app
  • Energy-efficient motor ensures a quieter cycle


  • Door glass is tinted - hard to see the interior
Dimensions82 x 60 x 50 cm
Wash Capacity7 kg
Dry Capacity5 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassD
Noisemax. 73 dB / B
Warranty1 Year
  • 7kg wash & 5kg dry load - great for medium households.
  • Fast laundry days – washes a full load in 28 minutes.
  • Adds steam to cycle & reduces creases for easy ironing.
  • Super quiet model - great for open-plan living.

Best integrated washer dryer for features

Hotpoint BIWDHG961485UK, 9Kg / 6KgHotpoint / AO

With this integrated Hotpoint BIWDHG961485UK, 9Kg / 6Kg washer dryer, your clothes will be looked after, with no problem. From the dedicated Wool Care settings to the Stop & Ad, this pick comes decked out with the best features that Hotpoint has to offer, making your laundry a lot easier. With a 9 kg wash and 6 kg dry capacity, this is a decent size, too.

With a decent average star rating from reviews, this Hotpoint appliance has everything you need, once you get used to it, and is deemed as easy to use, efficient, quiet and great value. One customer commented that AO delivery and installation were great.

Some found the wash-dry cycle was not efficient, instead, suggested using separate wash-and-dry cycles. Another commented that it took a while to get used to, also.

The Steam Refresh is a great function, meaning you don't have to spend forever with the ironing board out. Just sit up, and relax - the Hotpoint washer dryer will take care of everything, It takes care of your woollens and delicates with its special programmes. And, who doesn't love the Stop & Add function? It's super useful if you've forgotten something.


  • With programmes from Steam Refresh to Wool Care
  • 9 kg and 6 kg capacity - great for medium households
  • Stop & Add lets you pause the cycle - and add items


  • Some customers suggested using separate wash-and-dry cycles.
Dimensions81.5 x 59.5 x 54.5 cm
Wash Capacity9 kg
Dry Capacity6 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassD
Noise70dB (Wash), A
Warranty1 Year
  • 9kg wash & 6kg dry load — Great for medium households.
  • Steam Refresh — Freshens up clothes in just 20 minutes.
  • Wool Care — Fabric care for delicate woollen items.
  • Stop & Add — Add clothes after a cycle has started.

Best black integrated washer dryer

The Hoover HBDOS 695TAMCBE 9/5KG, Black washer dryer has a large capacity and a fast spin speed. Complete with an A and D energy rating for wash and dry, respectively, this machine is efficient, saving you money on bills and using the optimum amount of detergent. No waste, here. Superior at cleaning, this machine comes equipped with 12 wash cycles (including Steaming and Quick) and three drying programs to help tackle the laundry. What are the reviews saying?

With 91% of buyers recommending this model, we can't help but include this in our round-up. From the handful of reviews, it has earned a respectable 4.4/5 star average, with design, feature and performance rated highly. One customer says they love all settings - and that it's not too loud, compared to others. Another adds that the washing capacity is helping them to reduce their laundry loads - which is handy and saves them money, too.

However, noise is rated poorly (1.9/5), so maybe it's not gest for open-plan living. And, some customers were unhappy with the effectiveness of the drying cycles. Remember to spin and drain after your washes, if you can.

Complete with 12 wash cycles, extra wash options and 3 drying functions this washer dryer has you spoiled for choice. The Hoover HBDOS is perfect for any home.


  • Adjusts the water and detergent to suit the laundry
  • With Rapid Cycles and Start Delay for convenience
  • Quiet to use, down to the efficient, inverter motor


  • Noise is rated poorly amongst reviews
Dimensions82 x 60 x 52.5 cm
Wash Capacity9 kg
Dy Capacity5 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1600 rpm
Energy ClassA Wash / D Dry
Noise76 dB / A
Warranty1-year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Rapid Wash Cycles - ensure that your clothes are cleaned in the quickest time possible.
  • KG Mode - adjusts water/detergent based on your load and fabric - most efficient wash.
  • Hygiene Program - clears any bacteria or dirt from your clothing, at 60 degrees.
  • Inverter Motor - vibrates less, for a quieter and more efficient wash.
  • Start Delay - this means your laundry will be ready just when you want it.

Premium integrated washer dryer

Quiet Mark certified, this washer dryer from Neff is a great pick for open-plan living. The NEFF V6320X2GB, 7kg / 4kg may be best for open-plan living. Integrated, it will provide a seamless look for your kitchen. Not only space-saving but it's convenient with its special programs, easy to use display and clever features, such as the child safety lock.

From a handful of reviews from Curry's customers, this Neff model has received an average of 4.1/5 stars, with value for money rated well, features, noise and cycle times highly and ease of use and build quality are both rated exceptionally (5/5). One customer says it works "brilliantly" - as expected from a premium brand.

However, one customer felt the load size for the wash and dry was a little small.

Space saving and efficiency. What's not to love? It's a premium brand, so you get what you pay for. However, the capacity may suited better to small to medium households.


  • Quiet operation is perfect for open-plan living
  • Special programs from stain removal to delicate silks
  • Easy to use with the clear LCD display and dial


  • Capacities are better suited to smaller households
Dimensions82 x 59.5 x 58.4 cm
Wash Capacity7 kg
Dry Capacity4 kg
Spin Speedmax. 1400 rpm
Energy ClassE
Noise74 dB / A
Warranty2-year guarantee
  • Easy to use - with a clear LCD display, dial and buttons
  • Clever features - from child safety lock to A-rated noise emissions.
  • Variety of programmes - that cater for different types of laundry.

Verdict: Which is the best?

Which washer dryer is best? Well, we have a few picks that we feel, are the cream of the crop:

The Bosch WNA134U8GB S4, 8kg/5kg is our top freestanding pick, with innovative features and energy-saving capabilities. And, for the best integrated washer dryer, the Candy CBD485D1E/1, 8Kg / 5Kg promises great results, with its KG detector saving on detergent and water.

Buyers Guide

There are a few factors to consider before you buy. Choosing the right washer dryer for your utility room or kitchen will make sure your laundry is freshly cleaned and dried with no hitches. So, our buyer’s guide lays out every possibility to mull over whilst making your choice.

Fit and installation

Freestanding washer dryers – can sit wherever there’s a connection, says Currys. This way, you can pop it under your kitchen counter, easily – and you have more freedom with placement. However, freestanding washer dryers vary in size – so, make sure to measure your space.

Integrated washer dryers – are designed to slot into cupboards or under-counter spaces, to ensure your kitchen looks seamless. Most will be built to fit standard cabinets, but Currys still recommends measuring up carefully. Integrated appliances are generally more expensive.

Washer and dryer capacity

Washer dryers will have different capacities for their two main functions: washing and drying. This is measured in the typical kg format, with ranges averaging around 6-12 kg for washing and 4-7kg for during, says Currys. Think about how much drum space you need for your laundry.

Energy rating

Energy ratings (from A to G class) will differ from model to model and will determine how cost-effective your laundry washes are, as they may use water or electricity more efficiently. Washes are quite energy-efficient, however, tumble dryers aren’t as much – so combis are balanced.

Open washing machine with some laundry inside with energy rating
©Photo: Aitor Diago / Getty

Spin speed

Spin speeds don’t vary a lot from model to model. But, in case you have a lot of delicate clothing (e.g. underwear and eco-friendly materials), make sure your chosen washer dryer has gentle cycles with lower spin speeds. Higher spin speeds will help your clothes dry quicker.


Don’t expect to be able to have a conversation whilst the dryer is performing a high-speed dry cycle. Maybe a washer dryer isn’t best for open-plan living. But, some washer dryer models offer a peaceful laundry experience, with lower noise levels.

Extra features and programmes

There are some innovative programmes and features that washer dryers may offer, for a little convenience when facing a mountain of unwashed clothes. We’ve listed our favourites:

Steam cleaning – is a common feature, with benefits such as improved stain removal and a reduction in creases. So, don’t worry about breaking out the iron. That’s not all. A steam cleaning function can even help with odour removal and get rid of nasty germs and allergens.

Quick Wash – is a feature that is a must for our washer dryers. They’re handy when you’re in a rush or have a few urgent items to rush through – less water and energy for some loads. It’s the perfect programme for families constantly in a rush, with cycles lasting as little as 14 minutes.

Auto dosing – a clever piece of tech, that will help you save money on detergent. A high-end feature, Auto Dosing is super clever, dispensing the correct amount of washing liquid for each load you pop in your machine, meaning no wastage and guaranteed consistent cleaning results.

Add to the wash – is perfect if you’ve dropped a sock on the way to the utility room, that didn’t make it to the washer. An Add To The Wash or Pause Cycle will remedy this issue. No more mismatching pairs. This will help households with PE kits that need to be washed (urgently).

Sensor-guided wash – takes out the guesswork, when approaching a washing load. With built-in, smart sensors, a washer dryer can adjust water, heat, and detergent to fit how much you’ve popped in. So, you’re never using more energy and water than you need, says Currys.

Delay timer – is another great feature. You can pre-load a wash in the evening and the washer won’t start until the morning. That way, no washing is left in the drum overnight, sopping wet and getting smelly. Instead, clothes are only just freshly washed, perfect for when you have a minute to hang up them on your heated airer. It’ll help you keep on top of your washing, that’s for sure.

Smart connectivity

Some models will have smart features that elevate them above the rest. With smart connectivity, you may control it in the palm of your hand thanks to WiFi and budget smartphones. You may have access to special cycles, maintenance updates, and reminders to clean your washer.

Portrait of mature woman hanging laudnry indoors at home
©Getty / Halfpoint Images


How does a washer dryer work?

The washing process works identically to a washing machine, says Reliant. Water is drawn by the machine (at an exact temperature) and added to the central rum, along with the detergents. The rate of the drum will achieve different effects for your laundry. For example, a gentle spin helps remove dirt and the high-speed spin, at the end, extracts any excess water.

As for drying, washer dryers heat up the drum and spin to get the water out of your clothes and bedding. Unlike heat pump dryers, they will use a special vent to collect steam, before being sent to a condenser. The condenser turns the steam back to liquid, which is drained out.

Does a washer dryer need a vent?

Washer dryers remove moisture from clothes via a condensation process, says Appliances Direct. The condensed water is then drained away – so, they do not require a vent.

Where does the lint go in a washer dryer combo?

Typically, there isn’t an external lint filter (or trap) in a washer dryer; instead, lint is removed when the water is drained. This neat system saves you a job, which we’re very happy about.

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