12 utility room storage ideas for every size and budget

Utility room storage ideas - washing machines and storage baskets

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A utility room can offer a great storage space for all your cleaning and laundry needs, but it can become a dumping ground if you’re not careful. Choosing the right utility room storage solutions will not only maximise the space in your home, but it’ll make chores easier, too.

Open-plan living is still popular, and for many of us the kitchen area is also the heart of the home, so having a utility room is a great way of keeping unsightly piles of laundry out of the way, as well as storing cleaning supplies. You can also de-clutter the kitchen with our kitchen storage ideas to create a calm, welcoming space.

A well-organised utility room can even house extra appliances such as another freezer or make a great sleeping area for pets at night. Below, we’ve got 12 storage solutions for your utility room, no matter its size or your budget.

Utility room storage ideas and tips

Stack appliances

washing machine and dryer stacked in a utility room
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If space is at a premium, stacking your washing machine and tumble dryer could free up extra room. It’s best to stack your drier on the top and invest in a stacking kit to do this rather than just sliding one on top of the other. We really like this stacking kit from Amazon which includes a pull-out shelf/ airer. It’s perfect for sitting the laundry basket on top or hanging clothes to dry.

NIUXX washing machine and tumble dryer stacking kitAmazon
Price: £78.89


  • Includes pull-out airer
  • Universal size


  • Isn't colour matched to white goods

Add some utility room shelving

utility room shelving ideas

Make use of the wall space in your utility room by adding some shelves. The configuration and layout can be determined by what space you have available, and how tall you are. You could even buy a small step stool if you want some shelves higher up. This unit from Amazon looks great, is reasonably priced, and has good reviews.

Utility room shelving unit, 3 tierAmazon
Price: $99.99


  • Extra rail and hooks for added versatility
  • Easy to install


  • Shelves are a fixed height

Consider bespoke utility room cupboards

utility room cupboards
©Getty Images / John Keeble

If you’re going to store a lot in your utility room, it might be worth looking into bespoke storage options. While they’re likely to be more expensive, made-to-measure cupboards really will make the most of the space available to you. Best of all, you’ll be able to close the cupboard doors on the mess!

Add an extendable clothes airer

hanging clothes on an indoor line
©Getty Images / Helen Camacaro

A lot of us will want to use our utility room space for drying clothes indoors. An extendable clothes airer is perfect for this, and it folds away neatly when not in use. There’s lots of options to choose from, including small racks that extend outwards. If you have plenty of space, you could even have an indoor retractable washing line.

Retractable clothes airer in whiteAmazon
Price: $32.99


  • Accordion fold for extra space-saving
  • Comes in 3 different colors to match your scheme


  • Doesn't come with strong screws - you might need to swap them for better quality ones

Think about storage inside utility room cupboards

under sink storage ideas
©Instagram / blissfullittlehome

When you think about utility room storage, paying attention to how you organise the cupboard space can pay dividends. If bespoke cupboards are beyond your budget, pick up some baskets that will fit neatly inside existing spaces. A caddy is a great idea for keeping cleaning products for a specific room e.g. the bathroom together, as you can just lift it out in one. This unit, available on Amazon, is ideal for under-sink storage. The bottom sliding shelf makes accessing items easier in a limited space.

Under sink storage unitAmazon
Price: £15.99


  • Sliding bottom shelf for easy access
  • Also comes with 2 hanging cups and 4 hooks


  • Not height adjustable

Use height where possible

tall storage shelves in a utility room
©Getty Images / Imaginima

I’m the shortest person I know, but I’m still a fan of using height (and a small stepladder). This is a particularly useful tip for small spaces. If you can’t go out, go up! I like a Victorian-style clothes airer, which uses a pulley system to hang the clothes up high. Not only do wet clothes get out of the way but heat rises, so they can dry quicker. Floor to ceiling cupboards will offer storage for taller appliances such as vacuums or ironing boards.

Ceiling clothes airerAmazon
Price: £39.99


  • Comes in a wide range of sizes


  • Tricky to install

Make the most of wall space

hanging brooms in understaffs cupboard
©Instagram / InLineOrganizing

Utility rooms are great for practical ironing board storage or hanging brooms or mops. If you don’t have space for a tall cupboard, why not add some wall mounts to keep it all in place? A budget friendly option, these broom holders come in a pack of four and have a hook to the side as well – great for hanging keys, umbrellas or scrubbing brushes.

Broom holder Amazon
Price: £12.99


  • Come in a pack of four
  • Added hook for versatility


  • Adhesive might damage paintwork

Conceal clutter with a curtain

under sink curtain
©Instagram / Chloe Jonason

A utility room might not always be on display, but it’s still pleasing to hide any clutter away. If your current layout doesn’t allow for cupboards, some low shelving with a curtain in front can make a world of difference. I have a worktop in my utility room, with shoe storage underneath for muddy boots. A curtain slides in front of it to keep things neat.

Use all available space

slimline utility room storage unit
©Instagram / homelittlehome_109

Does your utility room have annoying gaps between the washing machine and the cupboard, or is that just mine? Make the most of small gaps with some nifty storage. This Spacekeeper  trolley offers a slimline storage solution and is ideal for holding items such as pet food, towels, tools...anything really.

Slimline 3-tier storage trolleyAmazon
Price: £15.19


  • Large capacity
  • 3 colour options to fit your scheme


  • Can feel a bit flimsy

Add a hanging rail

hanging clothes rail with grey t-shirt on
©Getty Images / Years

A hanging rail in your utility room is useful for hanging clothes such as jumpers out of the way to dry. What you choose will depend on what space you have available, but ideally you want room to hang a few garments with space between them. Best of all, hanging items right out of the washing machine minimises the need for ironing.

Lock things away

baby lock on cupboard door
©Getty Images / tiburonstudios

This is particularly important if you have small children in the house – either living with you or visiting. Child-proofing cupboards is crucial if you’re storing cleaning chemicals such as bleach or washing powder. There are many different types available – take a look at the Mother and Baby guide to baby-proofing kits to decide what’s right for you.

Explore some budget-friendly options

Storage baskets in utility room
©Getty Images / Daniel Cortez

If a utility room re-fit is beyond your budget right now, there are still many other ways to improve storage. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, can be stored in cupboards, on shelves or counters and can hold lots of items. A collapsible laundry basket will fold up small when not in use, and jars or tubs can be repurposed for things like pegs or laundry tablets.

Frequently asked questions

How can I maximise space in a small utility room?

Explore shelving options and think about adding height if width isn’t a choice. Utility rooms often have nooks and crannies that can be utilised as well. Foldable clothes airers can slot neatly away, and wall hooks can be used to hang coats.

What can be stored in a utility room?

Anything you like! A utility room is a great space to keep things you don’t use all that often, such as wellington boots, ironing boards, vases, and so on. But you can also make it a storage space for cleaning and laundry products, especially if you keep your washing machine in there.

How can I store a clothes airer?

A clothes airer that folds flat is perfect, as it won’t take up much room when not in use. Heated airers are a popular choice, and many of these fold up fairly small too.

How should I organise my utility room?

Logic is key when it comes to organisinng your utility room. Keep laundry products near to the sink or washing machine, and cleaning products where young children can’t get to them. Pet products can also have their own space and try and group things according to purpose – such as umbrellas, rain coats and wellies all in one area.

What shelves should I have in my utility room?

As many as is practical for your needs and space. Do you want your washing powder kept up high on a shelf, or under the sink? Would you rather display spare vases or keep them in a cupboard? Think about the height of things you want to shelve, too, as this will affect how many shelves you can fit in.

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