The best heated clothes airers

We find out how a heated clothes airer could save you time, space and money...

best heated clothes airers

by Stephanie Anthony |

If you're fed up with the sight of your smalls draped over your radiators, a heated clothes airer could be the solution you're looking for.

The great British weather can make it difficult sometimes to get our laundry dry, particularly in the autumn and winter when rainy days mean hanging outside is not an option.

This means we're forced to hang our washing inside or accept the expense of running laundry loads in the tumble drier. However, this can add up quickly on electricity bills, and hanging clothes inside can lead to dampness, condensation and even be a hazard to our health.

Hanging clothes to dry inside can lead to mould and spores in the air, and on your walls. These spores can also trigger health issues and aggravate allergies.

So if your house is prone to damp, a heated clothes airer will be really beneficial for you.

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How do electric clothes airers work?

The answer is just like any clothes rack - the key difference being you plug it in!

Each rack on the airer warms, drying the clothes you hang quicker, more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of running a drier.

It's a bit like hanging your clothes on the radiator, except a heated airer offers you more space to hang your clothes. Hanging your clothes on radiators actually makes them less efficient at heating your house meaning your boiler needs to work harder incurring higher energy bills.

In the warmer months, you won't want to turn on your heating to dry your clothes quicker and if you have radiators that are unfit for hanging clothes on, this is a perfect solution for you.

Heated clothes airers are perfectly safe, take up no more space than your usual clothes horse, and since they dry the clothes quicker you can take them down and store them away more swiftly than with a standard clothes rack too, saving you space in your home.

Some come with covers, which make them even more efficient by holding the heat inside the airer rather than letting it escape. Electric airers are also very economical to run, some less than 3p per hour.

The best heated clothes airers to buy UK 2022

Answered: Heated airers FAQs

Are heated clothes airers expensive to run?

Electric airers are really economical to run and a lot cheaper than a tumble dryer. Some can even cost less than 3p per hour, though more commonly you’re looking at 4-6p per hour when in use.

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Do heated airers shrink clothes?

No! Using a heated clothes airer is just like drying your clothes on a radiator, giving you no shrinkage and reducing creases at the same time.

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Can you leave heated clothes airer on overnight?

Heated clothes airers are really safe, but of course, we wouldn’t recommend leaving it on overnight while unattended. However, thermostatic controlled ones with auto-off timers are perfect for getting some controlled drying time overnight, if necessary.

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