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best heated clothes airers

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If you're fed up with the sight of your laundry draped over your radiators, getting one of the best heated clothes airers could be the solution you're looking for. The great British weather can make it extremely difficult to get our laundry dry, particularly in the autumn and winter when rainy days mean hanging outside is not an option.

This means we're forced to hang our washing inside on an indoor laundry airer or accept the expense of running laundry loads in the tumble drier. However, this can add up quickly on electricity bills, and hanging clothes inside can lead to dampness and condensation and can even be a hazard to our health.

The best heated clothes airers at a glance:

Best heated clothes airer overall: DrySoon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer - View on Lakeland
Best three-tiered heated airer: Bargains-Galore 3 Tier Electric Clothes Airer Heated - View on Amazon UK
Best for sturdy build: Dunelm 2 Tier Heated Airer - View on Dunelm

Hanging clothes to dry inside can lead to mould and spores in the air and on your walls. These spores can also trigger health issues and aggravate allergies. So, if your house is prone to dampness, a heated clothes airer will be really beneficial for you.

The best heated clothes airers to buy

Best heated clothes airer overall

The best heated clothes airers: DrySoon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated AirerCredit: Lakeland

Rather than hanging your clothes out all day to dry, this speeds up the protest and even has a handy timer so you can run it for as long as you want to. It even has clips, so once you fold it away, it stays stored securely rather than opening when you try to move it.

We love that you can also purchase a cover for this heated airer. We found that the cover shortened the drying time as well as saving on our electricity bill. All though this is an extra purchase, we found that within a month, it had paid for itself in bill savings.

Our review: "Due to the cost of living crisis, I've been avoiding using the tumble dryer and putting the heating on where I can, but was finding it frustrating how long our clothes were taking to dry. I can absolutely see why it's been so popular!

"I've been really impressed with how effective it has been drying our clothing and the fact that the running cost is so low in comparison to our dryer.

"The timer is a really useful feature as it's very easy to forget to turn the fairer off and leave it on longer than necessary, so it gives me real peace of mind that I don't have one more thing to remember to do. The airer folds together really compactly, with clips to hold it in place so I can neatly store it away once I've finished using it.

"I absolutely love the cover, which not only helps with the drying time but also means that I no longer have to hide away our drying washing when we have guests over. "


  • Offers 21m of drying space
  • Easy to set up
  • Relatively compact
  • Sleek design


  • Makes more of a difference, leaving some bars empty

Best two-tier heated clothes airer

The best heated clothes airers: Easylife Heated Airer with timer - XL sizeCredit: Amazon

Costing just 6p an hour to run, this two-tier heated clothes airer from Easylife is an effective solution for the family. It comes delivered assembled so you can simply fold it out and plug it in to start drying your laundry. The electrically-heated rails provide a gentle, natural dry whilst the auto-off timer switch means you can set your airer to run for two or four hours.

Customer review: "I love this, easy to assemble. It’s on wheels so easy to move around. I like that it has a timer and the cover keeps all the washing smells in. It has plenty of hanging space. Much cheaper than a tumble dryer too."


  • Adjustable drying space to accommodate long garments
  • Flat drying
  • Ready assembled
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with four detachable castors


  • Bottom bars are quite low - not ideal for long clothes or if you have a bad back

Best three-tiered heated airer

The best heated clothes airers: Bargains-Galore 3 Tier Electric Clothes Airer HeatedCredit: Amazon

With three tiers to dry your clothes, it's less bulky than a lot of clothing airers which take up more room. It's mains powered and gets to 45 to 55 degrees. It's also a lot cheaper to run than using a tumble dryer!

Customer Review: "I love the airer now the weather has turned, great size as we are a family of 3 and I feel it drys my
Clothes in enough time. Its a brilliant purchase."


  • Ideal for flat drying or hanging long items
  • Durable
  • Plastic caps on airer prevents scratching in wooden floors


  • Some found it hard to fold up

Best for sturdy build

The best heated clothes airers: Dunelm 2 Tier Heated AirerCredit: Dunelm

Whilst customers often find airers to be a little flimsy, they found the opposite with this one in particular. Many customers remarked on the sturdy build and how the airer turned out to be much roomier than they'd initially expected. With a running cost of approximately 7p per hour, this airer can dry 13m of clothing at once and folds away neatly to save space.

Customer Review: "Very pleased with my purchase, given how expensive it is to use a tumble dryer. This heated airier is brilliant and causes no condensation."


  • Easy to set up
  • Compact fold
  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight
  • Heats up quickly


  • Some found it didn't heat up hot enough and took a while to dry garments and sheets

Best portable heated clothes airer

The best heated clothes airers: Aerative Heated Clothes Airer HangerCredit: Amazon
Price: £75

A slightly different inclusion among the more traditional airers on this list - this is a portable item you can take away in your suitcase, or use at home for drying out wet shoes. The two arms of the unit unfold and blast hot air from vents either side for maximum airing power.

Our review: "This airer is portable in the sense that you can pack it away neatly in your luggage for a trip, but it still needs mains power rather than being rechargeable for use on the move. Still, that does at least mean it can be put into your hand luggage on an aeroplane.

"It certainly packs a punch too, I've found it very effective for drying out a single t-shirt or shirt in under 20 minutes, with the added benefit of knocking out some of the creases picked up during cleaning. It's a great way to save on hotel laundry bills.

"Really though its most useful function for me is at home drying out a wet pair of shoes. When I get home from a soggy bike ride, I no longer have to hang my trainers up in the airing cupboard for 24 hours before they're usable again."


  • Portable
  • Multiple uses
  • Attractive design


  • Still needs to be plugged in

Best for flat drying

The best heated clothes airers: Argos Home 11.5m Heated Electric Indoor Clothes AirerCredit: Argos

A smaller, more convenient option, this heated airer enables you to dry your clothes whatever the weather. The heated bars will warm the sections of fabric in immediate contact which will in turn help to dry the rest of your clothes. It can be folded flat for convenient storage while the wings make it ideal for flat drying items of clothing.

Customer review: "This is great. I have a small flat and this thing works really well with the room I have. It warms up quick and dries my clothes very fast as well."


  • Quick heat up
  • Quiet easy to put away
  • Lightweight


  • For best drying performance, it's recommended to regularly move items to dry all parts of the garment

Best heated airer for limited space

The best heated clothes airers: JML DriBUDDI Heated Indoor AirerCredit: Argos

Designed much like the Dry Drying Pod, this indoor airer uses a warm air motor to drop creases and leave your clothes feeling dry and fresh. You can set the timer and just let the airer do the rest, getting 18 items of clothing dried at once.

Customer Review: "Used this a few times and it is fab, costs 20p an hour to run and dried a full load of tops, blouses, t shirts in 2 hours. Doesn't take up much space either."


  • Compact width
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Gentle dry


  • Not the quietest

Best flat drying airer with cover

Minky Wing 12m Heated Clothes Airer with CoverCredit: Argos

Lightweight yet sturdy, this heated clothes airer from Minky is ideal if you've got lots of clothes to get dry. It offers 12 metres of drying space so it can hold a 10kg laundry load. On top of that, it costs less than 8p an hour to run and comes with a cover that helps to retain heat and improve drying performance.

Customer review: "I brought this just before Christmas for myself as we don't have the room for a tumble dryer ( nor do we have the money to run it) this product is a great replacement for it. It is very cheap to run (I haven't even noticed it on my electric bill) and it really speeds up the drying process. You could dry half a load of washing in 1 day, but you have to move the clothes around so that the heated part is touching the clothes. But I leave mine on 8 hours a day and it dries the clothes in 2 days (rather than four in this cold weather)."


  • Includes a cover to be more efficient at drying
  • Sturdy
  • Holds one wash load


  • Larger size may not be ideal for those limited on space

How do electric clothes airers work?

The answer is just like any clothes rack - the key difference being you plug it in!

Each rack on the airer warms, drying the clothes you hang quicker, more efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of running a drier.

It's a bit like hanging your clothes on the radiator, except a heated airer offers you more space to hang your clothes. Hanging your clothes on radiators actually makes them less efficient at heating your house, meaning your boiler needs to work harder, incurring higher energy bills.

In the warmer months, you won't want to turn on your heating to dry your clothes quicker, and if you have radiators that are unfit for hanging clothes on, this is a perfect solution for you.

Heated clothes airers are perfectly safe, take up no more space than your usual clothes horse, and since they dry the clothes quicker you can take them down and store them away more swiftly than with a standard clothes rack too, saving you space in your home. They also provide a safe place to dry your washed wool garments without ruining the shape of them.

Some come with covers, which make them even more efficient by holding the heat inside the airer rather than letting it escape. Electric airers are also very economical to run, some less than 3p per hour.

Hints and tips to get the best out of your electric heated airer

Electric heated airers can be a convenient and energy-efficient way to dry your clothes, especially during the colder months. To get the best out of your electric heated airer, here are some tips and hints:

Load Clothes Properly: Do not overload the airer. This is one of the most common mistakes. Avoid putting too many items on the airer at once. For efficient drying, leave enough space between items to allow warm air to circulate. Shake out clothes before hanging them to reduce wrinkles.

Choose the Right Location: Place the airer in a well-ventilated area, but not too close to open windows or doors, as this can decrease its efficiency. Ensure there is enough space around it for proper airflow.

Sort Your Laundry: Dry similar types of clothing together. Lightweight and heavy items can have different drying times, so it's more efficient to group them.

Use the Timer: If your airer has a timer or adjustable heat settings, use them to control the drying time and temperature. Not all items need the same level of heat or drying time.

Rotate Clothes: Periodically rotate or reposition the clothes on the airer to ensure even drying. This is especially important for larger items like towels or bed linens.

Drying Order: Start with the lightest items first, as they tend to dry faster. This prevents you from having to remove dry clothes and leave damp ones on the airer for longer.

Check for Dryness: Periodically check the clothes to see if they are drying evenly. Remove items as they dry to make space for others.

Ventilation: Ensure there's good airflow in the room. If your home is too humid or poorly ventilated, it can slow down the drying process. Use fans or open windows slightly if necessary.

Energy Efficiency: Use your airer during off-peak electricity hours if your electricity provider offers discounted rates during certain times of the day.

By following these tips and hints, you can make the most of your electric heated airer, ensuring efficient and effective clothes drying while prolonging the life of the appliance.

Heated clothes airers FAQs

Are heated clothes airers expensive to run?

Electric airers are really economical to run and a lot cheaper than a tumble dryer. Some can even cost less than 3p per hour, though more commonly you’re looking at 4-6p per hour when in use.

Do heated airers shrink clothes?

No! Using a heated clothes airer is just like drying your clothes on a radiator, giving you no shrinkage and reducing creases at the same time.

Can you leave heated clothes airer on overnight?

Heated clothes airers are really safe, but of course, we wouldn’t recommend leaving it on overnight while unattended. However, thermostatic-controlled ones with auto-off timers are perfect for getting some controlled drying time overnight, if necessary.

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