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Send a gift straight to the door of a loved one thanks to our guide on the best flower delivery service UK.

best flower delivery services

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Who doesn’t love the sweet fragrance from a bunch of flowers? We certainly do. There’s nothing better than getting a knock on the door with some boxed-up roses, lilies or freesias. If you’re looking to treat yourself or someone you love, we’ve found the best flower delivery services out there.

Don’t worry about panic buying some last-minute flowers at your local supermarket, because a lot of online flower delivery services offer next day delivery. Now that’s what we call blooming service.

Not sure what flowers will look amazing in your daughter's new home or which bunch to pick to cheer up your friend if they're having a bad day? Then we’ve found some incredible options to grow your inspiration for flower picking.

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Whether you're looking to buy a bunch as an engagement present, to brighten up your décor or put a smile on someone's face for their birthday, here are all the best flower delivery services to do so - some with next day flower delivery.

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Which flower delivery service is best?

From my previous experience, I've always received excellent service and sensational flowers from Bloom & Wild. Not only do they have a great selection, additional gifts and come with a cute little gift card, but they also arrive before each stem has blossomed - so the recipient will watch them go from bud to bloom.

Other online flower delivery services offer great choices, next day delivery and more - but seeing seasonal foliage open up is a spectacle in itself and makes a lovely gift even more magical.

We've been inspired by these gorgeous bunches on Instagram

How to keep flowers fresh for longer

Want to keep your flowers looking beautiful for as long as possible? We spoke to experts at Serenata Flowers who have provided expert insight on how to keep blooms looking fresher for longer.

Here are seven simple tricks you should follow:

Tip one – Keep them well-groomed

  1. Once a flower has been removed from its source of water, it’ll wilt quickly, and air will plug the water-conducting cells. Trim half an inch off the lower stem so that the water can be absorbed freely.
  1. Use a sharp unserrated knife and cut on a slant – exposing more surface area.

Tip two – Harden the flowers

Hardening your flowers speeds up the water uptake through the stems, thanks to kinetic energy in the warm water.

  1. After cutting the stems, place the flowers in 43.5-degree water.
  1. Leave to sit in a cool location for an hour or two.

Tip three – Preserve them with hairspray

Just as it preserves your hairstyle, hairspray keeps flowers pristine and prevents them from wilting.

  1. Remove flowers from vase and spray – holding can several inches away, lightly spray the petal undersides.
  1. Hang flowers upside down to dry before returning to the vase.

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Tip four – Don’t mix fruit and flowers

Some fruits – particularly kiwis, apples and bananas – produce ethylene, which rots nearby plants and fruits.

  1. Keep plants well clear from your fruit bowl and away from hot spots.
  1. If you’re going away, put flowers in the coldest spot in the house to slow water loss.

Tip five – Keep them well fed

Commercial preservatives are the best choice, but DIY 7 Up or Sprite mixture can also keep them happy.

  1. Mix together a cup of water, cup of Sprite and half a teaspoon of household bleach.
  1. If more liquid is required then increase the amounts proportionally.

Tip six – Clean your vases

Vases in regular use often contain microorganisms that will kill off your flowers.

  1. Fill the vase with hot water and mix in a tablespoon on baking soda and white vinegar.
  1. Scrub the insides with a cloth, empty the mixture and dry before housing new flowers.

Tip seven – Keep flowers away from appliances

TVs and laptops give off heat, which can lead to flowers becoming dehydrated.

  1. Place flowers in a cool spot where they will receive plenty of light.
  1. Make sure they have plenty of water and mist the petals daily.

What are the best romantic flowers?

Many would say that a classic bunch of roses are the most romantic of all the flowers, but in truth, the most romantic would be the flower your loved one adores best.

Other great classic options include tulips, orchids and lilies. Why not go unique and opt for a bunch of wild-looking flowers?

What are the best smelling flowers?

This is another one that will be down to preference, but the flowers that have the strongest scents are: peonies, roses, lilies, freesias, lavender, hyacinths, lilacs, and jasmine.

What should I buy with flowers?

A really great gift to give with a bunch of flowers is a vase to put them in - as you never know if the receiver will have one suitable or that isn't already being used.

You could also add chocolates to your order, or a bottle of something fizzy to enjoy them with.

The brilliant thing about flowers is that they're a versatile gift that can be given for any occasion, and they're really special as they are.

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