M&S flower delivery: The very best blooms for Mother’s Day

We've handpicked the most beautiful flowers from Marks & Spencer to mark the occasion.

Marks and Spencer flower delivery

by Lily Anderson |

This isn't just any flower delivery selection, this is a handpicked Marks & Spencer flower delivery round-up that is exceptional for any occasion.

Sometimes words aren't enough to say "happy birthday", "I'm sorry" or "congratulations". Sending or receiving flowers, on the other hand, does so much more.

A bouquet delivery can put a smile on any face during tough times, proclaim a love of all kinds, mend a rift - sometimes, but always is a nice surprise.

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Why choose a M&S flower delivery?

As well as offering a stunning collection of summer blooms, house plants and thank you gifts, M&S offers more than just a bunch of flowers.

Did you know that you can get free nominated-day delivery on all flowers and plants, with contact-free delivery? You'll never miss a birthday or anniversary again. Now, that's a relief!

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How to arrange your bouquet according to Micky Bruni, M&S Flowers Buyer:

Step one: Make sure all foliage is taken off the bottom part of the stem.

Step two: After placing a bloom, rotate the bunch a quarter of a turn then add another bloom and rotate. Keep repeating this step until all flowers and foliage have been used.

Step three: Tie the bunch with a string or elastic band.

Step four: Cut all stems (one by one), at an angle. This means there will be more surface area to absorb water.

Step five: Place your flowers in a clean vase with fresh cold water and always add our flower food, and enjoy your work of art!

Step six: Change your water every few days to keep your flowers looking fresh.

If you want to wrap your flowers in something different why not try newspaper or your copy of Yours magazine, or even sheet music. Then tie with a pretty ribbon.

The best M&S flower delivery for Mother's Day 2022

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