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Wrap yourself in luxury with these feather duvets.

Best feather duvet

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When it comes to luxurious bedding, the best feather duvet can truly upgrade your sleep experience. Feather duvets, known for their plushness and warmth, are the epitome of comfort. Made from the soft, insulating feathers of ducks or geese, they envelop you in a cosy cocoon, making them the best duvet choice for those chilly nights.

While feather duvets are praised for their softness and heat retention, other types, like synthetic or down alternatives, have their own benefits. However, if you are looking for bedding that is made of natural fibre, then a feather duvet may be perfect for you. According to Sleep Seeker, feather and down duvets are usually at least 85 per cent feathers and 15 per cent down. There are also entirely duck or goose feather duvet options too.

Best feather duvet at a glance

Best feather duvet for luxury: The White Company Hungarian Goose Down Duvet - The White Company
Best value feather duvet: John Lewis Natural Duck Feather and Down Duvet - View on John Lewis
Best feather duvet for different tog options: Dusk Duck Feather & Down Duvet Collection - View on Dusk

As the seasons change, so do our bedding preferences. Knowing how to choose the best duvet for both your sleeping habits and the season is important. For those sweltering hot nights, a summer duvet comes in handy. Alternatively, if you overheat at night or have night sweats, a cooling duvet becomes indispensable, ensuring a comfortable sleep with ease. Feather duvets, with their natural breathability, can be a great choice even in warmer months when chosen with the right tog rating.

However, one thing to note is that a duvet is only as good as its cover. Choosing the best duvet covers that suit your style and comfort preferences is important too. So, without further ado, let's tuck into these luxurious feather duvets so you are one step closer to a dreamy sleep.

Best feather duvets

Best feather duvet for luxury

If you are looking for a cosy warm sleeping experience, then the Hungarian Goose Down Duvet could be perfect for you. This premium, lightweight duvet is filled with a luxurious blend of 90 per cent white goose down and 10 per cent small feathers – offering everyday luxury at an affordable price. The duvet is designed with buttonholes and cufflinks, allowing you to pair it with a second duvet for those colder winter nights. With a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you can rest assured of its lasting quality too.

Customer review: "Lovely duvet. It's soft, light and warm. My partner and I are very satisfied. Will recommend it to everyone."


  • Premium blend of 90 per cent white goose down
  • Versatile design allows attachment to a second duvet for extra warmth
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Contains 10 per cent small feathers but very close to a purse goose down

Best value feather duvet

Sink into dreamland with this comforting John Lewis Natural Duck Feather and Down Duvet. With a higher ratio of feathers to down, this duvet offers a weightier warmth, perfect for those chilly nights. The 230 thread count cotton cover is hygienic and breathable. Not to mention it is ethically sourced and sustainably made, this duvet supports both the environment and fair work practices. Plus, with the innovative Life Natural finish, you'll enjoy a fresher, cleaner sleep.

Customer review: "Our duvet needed updating and so pleased I bought this. It makes the bed look 'fuller' with the bed sheets to cover it. It's like sleeping with a fluffy cloud wrapped around you. I wasn't too hot or too cold, just right. It may feel a little stiff as you get it out of the box but I hung mine outside in the sun for the day and gave it a good shake which loosened it up a bit. My bed feels like a fancy boutique hotel bed now. I'd highly recommend it."


  • Higher ratio of feathers to down
  • Supports sustainable and ethical sourcing practices
  • Life-Natural finish with antimicrobial protection for added freshness


  • Sheds feathers

Best feather duvet for different tog options

Duck Feather & Down Duvet Collection
Price: £35+ (was £64+)

This Duck Feather and Down Duvet Collection is filled with 90 per cent duck feather and 10 per cent duck down and promises a soft, luxurious feel. The fully cotton percale casing ensures year-round breathability. Whether you opt for a 4.5 tog or 9 tog, this is a best-selling all-seasons duvet that guarantees you a restful night's sleep all year-round.

Customer review: "I have ordered linen and now a bed from Dusk and have to say I have been extremely satisfied with the quality and customer service."


  • Versatile with multiple tog options, including an all-seasons duvet option
  • 100 per cent cotton percale casing
  • Filled with a blend of 90 per cent duck feather and 10 per cent duck down for comfort


  • Limited information on ethical sourcing or environmental considerations.

Best feather duvet for sustainability

If sustainability is a top priority for you, then the EarthKind duvet could be the solution. This handcrafted duvet boasts a reclaimed natural filling sourced from pre-loved feathers and down. Despite its eco-friendly origins, it doesn't compromise on luxury or temperature efficiency. The unique regeneration process ensures a softer, quieter texture for uninterrupted quality sleep.

Customer review: "I was a little unsure what a recycled-down duvet would be like but it was far cheaper than the one it was replacing, so I took a chance, knowing that I could return it. However, this is as good as or possibly better than the one it's replacing so I'm delighted and will buy EarthKind for any more duvets we may need. I'd highly recommend this product and it feels good to buy recycled."


  • Environmentally friendly with reclaimed natural filling from pre-loved feather and down
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to traditional naturally-filled duvets
  • Packaged in a reusable bag


  • 4.5 tog rating might be too light for colder seasons

Best feather duvet for warmth

Price: £198.76+ (was £265+)

You may have heard of those super warm Canada Goose jackets for their warmth – and this duvet is no different. Canadian goose feathers are recognised as one of the world's best natural insulators. This Canadian Goose Down Duvet is warm yet breathable and lightweight. The fine, lightweight cotton casing is filled with premium, ethically sourced down, resulting in a duvet that's as light as air. The cold Canadian climate ensures generously sized, quality down clusters, promising a duvet that's both light and luxurious.

Customer review: "The best quality sleep for a pair of 'night owls', who usually find difficulty with five hours straight. Attribute this to the acquisition of this duvet. Nothing else has changed."


  • Filled with ethically sourced, premium Canadian goose down
  • Comes in a range of togs for year-round flexibility
  • Made and tested to EN standards 
  • 15-year guarantee


  • Doesn't have a single option

Best budget feather duvet

Wrap yourself in pure luxury with Viceroy Bedding's Duck Feather and Down Quilt. Suitable for all standard UK sizes, this duvet boasts a blend of 85 per cent white duck feather and 15 per cent white duck down. The 233-thread count cotton casing ensures natural comfort, while the pocket-stitched design guarantees even warmth distribution. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, it's the perfect blend of cosiness and practicality.

Customer review: "I'm always hot even in winter and the other half is always cold so I got this for me much better."


  • 233-thread count cotton breathable cover
  • Hypoallergenic and 100 per cent natural fibre anti-dust mite casing


  • Reviews say unpleasant smell to start with

Best feather duvet with pillows

Snuggle down with this Duck Feather and Down Double Duvet. Designed for year-round comfort with a 10.5 tog rating, this duvet promises a level of warmth throughout the whole quilt. The blend of 85 per cent duck feather and 15 per cent duck down is encased in a 230-thread count soft cotton fabric, ensuring even warmth and no cold spots. Machine washable and non-allergenic, it's the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Customer review: "At first fit this is a noisy quilt. That may sound strange but it sounds equivalent to a crispy baby toy. But don't be deterred. After a week or two the crispiness becomes soft and you have nothing but comfortable sleep after. A little expensive but a small price to pay considering the comfort you get. I absolutely recommend this quilt."


  • 230 thread count soft cotton fabric cover
  • Soft touch microfibre and non-allergenic


  • One review says it's noisy and rustles when moving it around

FAQs: Best feather duvets

What to consider when buying the best feather duvet

Feather volume: This indicates the volume and quality of the feathers. A higher fill power means better insulation and fluffiness.

Tog: This measures the duvet's ability to trap warm air. A higher tog rating is warmer, making it suitable for colder months, while a lower rating is ideal for summer.

Feather vs. Down: While both come from birds, feathers are larger and flatter with a quill, whereas down is fluffier and provides better insulation.

Hypoallergenic properties: For those with allergies, ensure you opt for a hypoallergenic duvet.

Care instructions: Feather duvets require special care. Always check the cleaning instructions to maintain its quality and longevity.

Soft folded white blanket close up

What's the difference between a feather duvet and a down duvet?

While both come from birds, feathers are the outer covering and have quills. Down, on the other hand, is the fluffy layer underneath feathers and is known for its superior insulating properties. Down duvets tend to be lighter and fluffier, while feather duvets have a bit more weight to them.

Why choose a feather duvet over other types?

Feather duvets are renowned for their exceptional warmth and luxurious feel. The natural properties of feathers provide excellent insulation, ensuring you stay snug on those cold nights. Plus, there's an undeniable touch of luxury that comes with feather bedding.

How often should I replace my feather duvet?

With proper care, a high-quality feather duvet can last up to 10 years or more. However, if you notice it becoming lumpy or flat or if the filling starts to escape, it might be time for an upgrade.

Is a feather duvet suitable for all seasons?

Yes, while feather duvets are known for their warmth, they're also breathable. By selecting the appropriate tog rating, you can enjoy the comfort of a feather duvet year-round. For summer, opt for a lower tog, and in winter, go for a higher one.

Can you still use a feather duvet with allergies?

Many feather duvets undergo special treatments to make them hypoallergenic. This process ensures they resist dust mites and other allergens. However, always check the product details and consider a hypoallergenic cover for added protection.

How to care for a feather duvet?

Feather duvets require a bit of TLC. It's best to shake them out regularly to maintain their fluffiness. While some can be machine washed, always check the care label. Professional cleaning is often recommended to preserve their quality.

Why does a new feather duvet have a distinct smell?

It's not uncommon for a new feather duvet to have a natural scent. This aroma usually dissipates after a few days. Airing it out can speed up the process. If the smell persists, consider getting it professionally cleaned.

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