The ideal summer duvet for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep

Stop yourself from overheating with a summer duvet.

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by Rosie Floyd |

It can be challenging to sleep in hot weather. There’s nothing worse than when you’re tired - but you’re too hot and bothered to sleep. No matter how much tossing and turning you do, getting comfortable will always be difficult if you’re overheating. Do you want to beat the heat for a better night’s sleep? You need to get your hands on a summer duvet.

When should you use a summer duvet?

You’ll know when to swap to a summer duvet by simply looking at the weather outside. We usually experience our first spell of warmer weather towards the end of April, so that’s usually a good time. As a general rule, if we are experiencing more warmer days than cooler days, that’s usually the best indication to start changing over your winter bedding in favour of a summer duvet. However, if you’re somebody who gets hot while you sleep no matter what the temperature outside, you may want to consider permanently switching to a summer duvet all year round for a comfortable night’s sleep.

What tog is a duvet for summer?

Before you drift off to the land of nod, your body’s core temperature needs to decrease slightly to allow that to happen. The optimal sleep temperature is between 16 to 21°c, which can be difficult to achieve during the height of summer. How hot you get when you’re trying to sleep will impact what tog of duvet you require. The lower the tog, the cooler the duvet. Summer duvets start around the 4.5 tog mark and can get as low as 1 tog.

To help you choose a duvet for those hot and sweaty nights, we’ve put together a list of duvets that will help you have a better night’s sleep in the summer. They all vary in tog and material, so you can find the one that is best suited for your requirements. Whichever one you choose, a summer duvet will help you sleep better and most importantly, stay cool

This 1.5 tog summer duvet is made from 220 high thread count microfibre. As well as being designed to cool your body as you sleep, the fibres in this lightweight duvet are hypoallergenic to help those suffering from allergies.

Tog: 1.5
Material: Microfibre
Weight: 1.05kg

Review: “I keep my summer duvet on all year round as I do overheat at night. I have never seen a 1.5 tog in the shops. I put it on the bed for the first time yesterday. It feels very comfortable and soft. I certainly didn't need to throw the duvet off as much as normal. Highly recommended”.

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The summer duvet doubles as a blanket, so you don’t necessarily need to put any bedding over the top of it. It has cooling fibres that keep the duvet feeling cool and silky, which will help keep your body comfortably cool throughout the night.

Tog: 4.5
Material: 100 per cent cotton
Weight: 180g

Review: “I really like the material. It's smooth and cool. You can feel the coolness when touching the inner side, which is pretty amazing, in my opinion. It's also very lightweight, which means that I can still hold on to my duvet/cooling blanket in hot weather. I didn't put any duvet cover as the material looks fine and doesn't just look like a white duvet. I suppose you could use a duvet cover though if you wished to. It's also easy to clean as well (I put it in the washing machine) and didn't take significantly longer than other clothes to dry.”

The Silentnight summer duvet is lightweight and breathable, so it doesn’t feel too heavy or restrictive. The microfibre cover helps wick away sweat, making it a great choice if you suffer from overheating.

Tog: 4.5
Material: Recycled fibres
Weight 1.06kg

Review: “I love everything about this duvet. It’s not only perfect for summer, but also a Godsend for menopausal women, like myself, in the winter!! Reasonably priced and well made – I highly recommend.”

With its blend of fabrics, this summer duvet provides the softness of cotton with the long-lasting durability of polyester. If you’ve had a particularly sweaty night’s sleep, this summer duvet can be machine washed to maintain its freshness.

Tog: 1.5
Material: 50 per cent cotton, 50 per cent polyester
Weight: 1.1kg

Review: “Best quilt I’ve had. It’s great as it lets your body breathe while to keeps you warm – like a blanket or cotton sheet. I don’t use a synthetic duvet cover as it would defeat the purpose – cool cotton is always best.”

This Marks & Spencer duvet will help to keep you comfortable on those hot summer nights. It has climate control technology to help regulate your temperature as you sleep. The cotton will also help to keep you cool.

Tog: 1
Material: Cotton

Review: “Duvets with higher togs are too warm for me, so I find that this is a perfect tog even in cold weather. I just add a throw over the top in winter and then as the weather gets warmer, it’s good just on its own. The cotton outer helps keep you cool in warmer weather while the recycled polyester filling keeps you warm on colder nights.”

This 1 tog duvet is a great alternative to just a flat sheet to keep you cool in the summer. It has a hollow fibre filling to give it a full look and feel without being too thick and hot.

Tog: 1
Material: Polyester

Review: “Excellent duvet. I needed something heavier than just a flat sheet, so this is ideal. It states 1 tog and I believe it IS a 1 tog.”

If you’re looking for a summer duvet that feels full and luxurious, this John Lewis & Partners duvet is ideal. It is filled with Hungarian goose feathers, so it is super soft and comforting, while the 2.5 tog ensures it is thin enough for a cooling night’s sleep.

Tog: 2.5
Material: Cotton

Review: “This duvet is excellent quality and really well manufactured. We bought it for the summer months, especially for when you wake up during the night and feel like you need to grab the duvet and pull it over your shoulders. So far it has been great.”

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You can be sure to have a blissful night’s sleep when it’s warm and humid outside with this summer duvet. It has a soft touch cover to give you a cosy feeling, while the fibre filling is designed to keep you cool.

Tog: 4.5
Material: Microfibre

Review: “My son said it’s the best duvet he's ever had. He sweats a lot when he sleeps but this has sure helped to regulate his temperature.”

The Simba Hybrid 3-in-1 Duvet is super versatile for summer and winter thanks to it having a choice of a 3.5 tog summer duvet and a 7 tog duvet for spring and autumn. You can then combine both layers for an ultra-warm 10.5 tog winter duvet. It also has superior airflow and moisture balance, so you can have the most comfortable and restorative night’s sleep - whatever the weather.

Tog: 3.5, 7 and 10.5 tog when combined

Material: Filling: 80% Simba Renew (Polyester) / 20% Modal. Cover top: 100% Better Cotton with Stratos® finish. Cover bottom: 55% Better Cotton / 45% Modal

Tried and tested by Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner: "When it comes to summer, I find it tricky to get comfortable with a duvet and then as with the typical British weather one minute is tropical temperatures the next it's freezing and raining and I'm scrambling for warmth. I've so far only tested the 3.5 tog part of the duvet and it feels light yet comforting and so I know when it gets inevitably colder switching to the 7 tog or combining them both will be ideal."

Made from 100 per cent pure cotton with a 180-thread count, this is a fabulous option for someone looking for a luxurious and super soft duvet without the use of feathers. It is incredibly lightweight and breathable - it's everything you could want from a summer duvet.

Tog: 2.5
Material: 100 per cent cotton

Review: “I love this lightweight duvet. I always get too hot when I use even a low tog goose down duvet, and I can now sleep comfortably with this much lighter cotton version. It’s also extremely good quality.”

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