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Best cup and saucer

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Add some style to your tea-time gatherings with the best cup and saucer. Though we’re not in the world of Bridgerton, this doesn’t mean we can’t add a dainty piece of tableware to our collection, to make tea-times a little fancier. After all, a cup of tea is the beating heart of our nation – and we’re not sure where we’d be without it. From the kettle to the cup, we’ve found some affordable sets for your home.

Though mugs are practical and easy to hold, we can’t deny that there is a certain elegance to a cup and saucer set. Almost like a magnetic pull, we are drawn to this tableware, mainly for its beauty. If you are anything like Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances, you may like to sip in style, breaking out a beautiful teapot with fine china for guests. However, many shoppable sets nowadays aren’t so coveted, or as priceless.

Best cup and saucer set at a glance:

Best bone china tea cup and saucer: Wedgwood Midnight Crane – View Offer at Wedgwood
Budget buy: Gold Rim Breakfast Cup and Saucer – View Offer at Dunelm
Retro-inspired collection: Clarence Ceramic Cup and Saucers Set – View Offer at Oliver Bonas

Not only do saucers come in handy, catching overflow and splashy accidents, but they also serve as protection for surfaces from possible heat damage. Plus, we’re definitely guilty of stashing a few biccies in our saucers, ready to be dunked into our tea. Biscuits, honestly, taste better that way. Of all the gifts for tea lovers you could find, a matching cup and saucer set would be special, indeed. Although, we’re not knocking an ever-so-handy, personalised tea subscription.

A cup and saucer set is now seen as the tableware of the past, much like a stovetop kettle. However, at Yours, we love feeling nostalgic and looking back on past traditions fondly. So whatever type of hot drink you enjoy – whether black coffee, matcha tea, or an indulgent hot chocolate – we’ve chosen a range of the best cup and saucer sets that hopefully will inspire your tea-time (or coffee) experiences. Soon enough, you’ll be inviting King Charles and Queen Camilla around for a spot of tea…

Best cup and saucer sets

Best bone china tea cup and saucer

We're breaking out the Wedgwood in our first cup and saucer set. By far, the Wedgwood Midnight Crane was our favourite - but, there are plenty of designs to get your teeth into. Not literally, of course. This set will bring a sense of occasion to your afternoon tea. Why not feel fancy on your own? We love the elegant, floral design and 22-carat gold banding. It'll come carefully packaged in a Wedgwood blue gift box. A gift to yourself, from yourself.


  • Beautiful, intricate design
  • Trustworthy manufacturer
  • Easily cleaned in a dishwasher


  • Bone china is delicate

Best espresso cup set

For a delightful set of four, why not pick this Sara Miller Chelsea Collection Espresso Mug Set? This espresso set will surely brighten up the home. Exquisitely designed, these fine china cups arrive with touches of real 22-carat gold, beside a design inspired by vintage prints from Asia. Enchanting, with striking colours, this set has some appeal. If you could see yourself drinking a cup of Joe from this set, we don't blame you.

Customer review: "I have two sets of these coffee cups and saucers which are used all the time. Simply lovely, beautifully made and beautifully painted. Makes a perfect gift also. We love them."


  • Inspired by vintage prints from Asia
  • Exquisite, mid-range set
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort


  • Delicate - not dishwasher safe

Six-piece bargain set

The Argon Tableware Cappuccino Cup Set arrives with great reviews - and would be a reliable addition to any kitchen. Though a little plain in design, this set makes up for it with durability and easy cleaning. Simply, pop in the dishwasher to make life easy. It matches a wide range of crockery from the Argon collection and is designed to last for years.

Customer review: "Arrived this morning - must say, they're better than what I thought. Much bigger than I thought, too, than they were in the picture. Overall, a nice coffee cup."


  • Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe
  • Made from durable porcelain china
  • Budget-friendly set of six


  • A little larger than expected
  • Very plain design

Handmade in stoneware

China Blue Handmade and Rustic Cup Set
Price: £28.99+

Choose between two sizes and five colours with the China Blue Handmade and Rustic Stoneware Cup Set. We love the colour "Moss" - as it really brings out the earthy glaze of the stoneware. Suitable for drinking alone or for a special moment with friends, these durable stoneware cups complement any style of kitchen - and could even make a fabulous (and timeless) gift for tea lovers. Aren't they ever so cosy - and comforting?

Customer review: "Fantastic!!! Fantastic!! Came well packaged and came the next day. This is a 5-star seller. I'm so happy with my cups they look beautiful. Ordered smaller sizes for guests. Thanks so much!"


  • Rustic, handmade feel
  • Clean easily in the dishwasher
  • Five colour variations


  • 200ml cups have low stock

A simple, timeless set of four

ProCook Café Collection in Grey
Price: £36 (was £64)

With a timeless design, the ProCook Café Collection in Grey may be what you've been looking for. Practical, these cups have a subtle rounded shape and come with a handle that is easy to... well, handle. They're crafted from porcelain, a durable variation of bone china, which is dishwasher safe. Generously sized to hold your favourite hot beverage, these cups will make your tea or coffee-drinking moments special.


  • Durable, long-lasting porcelain
  • Simple, timeless design
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


  • Colour selection is limited
  • Brand new - no reviews yet

Budget buy

Flying solo, this Dunelm Gold Rim Breakfast Cup and Saucer is one of our favourite picks. This set looks rather expensive, despite being only a fiver. Made from porcelain, this cup and saucer come in a simple (yet fancy) white finish and gold rim for a touch of style. Unfortunately, this cup is handwash only - but matching sets are available.

Customer review: "Excellent quality. Perfect for afternoon tea with friends and family. Bought six and presented them with scones and cakes. Everyone thought they were very posh!"


  • Stylish white finish with gold rim
  • Matching crockery is available
  • A luxury-looking bargain


  • Handwash only

Best bone china coffee cup and saucer

Partial to a cup of coffee? This set from Wedgwood is a treat. Wedgwood Wild Strawberry Coffee Cup feels vintage and very British. The illustration is one of our favourites from this list, offering a botanical whimsicality to tea (and coffee) time. Your morning cup will feel all the more glamorous if you break this out of the cupboard. Made from Wedgwood's unmistakably silky white bone china with gold banding, this classic shape is elegant.


  • Beautiful, intricate design
  • Trustworthy manufacturer
  • Easily cleaned in a dishwasher


  • Bone china is delicate

Vintage-inspired floral

Ideal for enjoying your tea in style, the Roy Kirkham Breakfast Cup in Honeysuckle is a fabulously adorable cup and saucer set. Crafted from fine bone china, and finished with a delicate gold line at the rim, this breakfast cup may be handwash only, but it's totally worth it - with the generous capacity and intricately-vintage pattern.

Customer review: "A fine china tea cup and saucer that is an example of aesthetic excellence and practicality; it holds the optimum quantity of brew to restore normality, and is rather nice to look at."


  • Vintage-inspired design
  • Trustworthy manufacturer
  • Generous capacity


  • Handwash only

Tropical set for the garden

We love Habitat's homeware range - for its stylish affordability. Fill this floral beauty to the brim, with the Habitat x Kew Ceramic Cup and Saucer, you're set for the summer. Habitat's collaboration with Kew Gardens is inpired by floral and fauna from around the world - and it is divine. This hardy stoneware tea cup and saucer is a great piece, adorned with stunning illustrations and finished with a vibrant palette and handpainted rim. We're very impressed.

You can grab the matching teapot, for the authentic experience.

Customer review: "This is divine! Gorgeous cup and saucer."


  • An element of a wider, tropical set
  • Perfect for al fresco dining
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher


  • None we can think of!

Retro-inspired collection

Clarence Ceramic Cup and Saucers Set
Price: £24.50 (was £59.50)

Art Deco to a tee, the Clarence Ceramic Cup and Saucers Set from Oliver Bonas is a dream. If you're swept up by the retro fever, then this Oliver Bonas set may be the one for you. We could just see ourselves sipping from this cup and saucer set from a mid-century-inspired kitchen with classic, checked floors and geometric patterns adorning the walls. Of all, the patterns on these cups are complementary, yet individual. You can even grab a matching teapot.


  • Retro, Art Deco-inspired set
  • Vibrant, contrasting pattern
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher


  • No customer reviews

An artistic vision brought to life

Take your pick from six of Van Gogh's renowned designs. Whether you're a fan of the dreamy, alluring Starry Night or the bright, joyful Sunflowers, this cup and saucer set will sit beautifully on display - and in your hands. Why not get one of each and complete the set? They're such a treat. Van Gogh's infamous designs have been loved for hundreds of years - and that'll never change. This set makes an unusual pick, ideal for art enthusiasts.

Customer review: "I got two of these Van Gogh-inspired teacups of different designs and they both arrived in great condition. They're really quite beautiful for display and sturdy for use. Have to be my favourite teacups now."


  • Support a small UK business
  • Beautiful designs brought to a cup
  • Ceramic means not so fragile


  • Gentle handwash recommended
  • Delivery is a little long

For the animal lover

Twinings Yvonne Ellen Big Cats Set
Price: £38.25 (was £45)

From the well-known tea brand, we adore the Twinings Yvonne Ellen Big Cats Set. It's vibrant, inviting and will put a smile on the face of any animal lover. And - who doesn't love a swanky-looking big cat on their mug? We didn't - until now. Coming with the signature gold rim, this set is crafted from the finest bone china. Luxury.


  • Perfect for cat and tea lovers
  • A charming set of two cups
  • Vintage-inspired and vibrant


  • No customer reviews
  • Handwash only

Moroccan tile patterns

The Maxwell + Williams Cup in Mint Green is ideal for those who love to enjoy tea in beautifully-designed porcelain. This set is intricately-designed, making it a thoughtful gift for a loved one - or a special treat for yourself. We love the Morrocan-style tile pattern - and this cup is part of a wider set from Maxwell + Williams. Made from high-quality porcelain, this classic cup will add sophistication to any home, at any time.

Visit Maxwell + Williams' Amazon Store for more Mint Green goodness.

Customer review: "Bought two cups and saucers as a gift for my mum. Everyone commented as to how pretty they were. Excellent value and very fast delivery. I would buy it again for gifting."


  • Part of a stylish matching set
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Antique-style and beautiful


  • Smaller capacity than most
  • Lightweight, yet delicate

Cup and saucer buyer’s guide

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance to your daily tea or coffee? Well, the best cup and saucer set may make an ideal addition to your tableware collection. Whether you’re hosting a Bridgerton-style tea party with friends, or need a little 'me-time', here is what you may need to consider. You'll be ready to sip in style in no time...

What to consider:

Size – will vary from cup to cup. This factor is all down to you – and what you like to hold. Dainty cups aren’t for everyone, as they may be less ergonomic and likely hold less tea or coffee.

Material – comes next, with sets arriving in various materials: such as porcelain, bone china, ceramic and more. Pick a cup, provided it matches your style and how clumsy you tend to be. After all, some materials are more delicate (and therefore, pricier) than others.

Personal touch – above all, maybe the most important factor in this guide. After all, investing in tableware that matches your personal style and complements your home décor will be a treat. Luckily, we’ve listed a wide range of styles from vintage patterns to rather avant-garde styles.

Ergonomic handle – means: how comfortable is this cup to hold? After all, barely being able to hold a handle may ruin your drinking experience. Choose a set that fits your fingers and that you find easy to hold. For this, we’ve included picks with customer reviews…

Saucer size – may be something to think about. In theory, a saucer holds your cup and prevents drops of tea from staining the carpet. However, we see it as a place to hold a biscuit or two, close to our tea for dipping. If you are partial to a treat, consider a decent saucer size.

Cleaning – may be a job we dread, but with many modern sets, you’re catered for. Some of our picks are dishwasher-safe, saving you time (and effort) scrubbing out tea stains.

Budget – should be high up on your list, especially since things are getting a little pricier. To avoid spending too much, set a budget. But, if you’re looking to treat yourself, take a look at the bone china sets from Wedgwood. There are many sets that are great value for money.


How do I hold a cup and saucer?

Many of us may not know how to properly hold a cup and saucer. Traditionally, there is some etiquette to learn when handling fine bone china for afternoon tea. If you’re keen on knowing how, we’ve found a fabulous YouTube video from etiquette expert William Hanson:

What materials are cups and saucers made from?

Thanks to John Lewis, we have some clarity on what our picks are made of...

Earthenware - is strong and practical, often a little thicker than other ceramics. It's ideal for everyday use.

Stoneware - is made at high temperatures, making it tough, heat resistant and can come in a number of glazes.

Porcelain - an affordable luxury, is renowned for being translucent, tough, glazed and durable.

Fine china - is an affordable china made from synthetic bone ash. It’s creamy in colour and delicate, too.

New bone china – a modern take to bone china, is made from porcelain and calcium oxide to achieve the look.

Bone china – can be surprisingly durable – not to mention translucent, despite its delicate appearance.

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