The best air fryer under £100 for cooking on a budget 2024

Finding an air fryer to cook up deliciously crispy food doesn't have to cost a small fortune...

Best air fryer under £100

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If you want to invest in one of these super popular kitchen appliances but you're on a tight budget, we're here to help as we've searched the web for the best air fryer under £100. These great-value air fryers will not only deliver tasty meals at the push of a couple of buttons but also save you time and money, too.

Air fryers are the must-have kitchen gadget of this decade, soaring in popularity over the last few years. With the cost of living crisis forcing us to tighten our purse strings, many of us just haven't got the funds to splash out on a trend. However, using an air fryer to cook with, rather than your conventional oven, can actually save you money. Research from the Energy Saving Trust states that an air fryer can often be cheaper than using your oven for the same meal, with a typical cost per use of just 6p.

Best air fryer under £100 at a glance:

• Best overall: Instant Vortex Plus with ClearCook – Buy now on Amazon UK
• Best budget air fryer: Salter EK2817H 2L Air Fryer – Buy now on Amazon UK
• Best medium air fryer under £100: Tefal Easy Fry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer and Grill – Buy now on Amazon UK

To make sure you get value for money and all your needs are met, there are a couple of features you'll want to look out for when choosing a cheap air fryer. We've covered these in detail in our FAQs section but the biggest thing to take into consideration is the cooking capacity and overall size. For example, if you're after one to cook for a large family, you may want a dual-drawer air fryer whereas a smaller one will be ideal for solo or two-person meals. You'll also want to take a look at the versatility offered and whether it has more functions than just air frying, as some of the best air fryers under £100 can be used for grilling and baking, too.

You don't have to spend a small fortune to get a decent air fryer. You can get some great air fryers for families of four for less than £100 that will deliver top-quality results. From perfectly crispy chicken and chips to beautifully roasted potatoes and vegetables, cheap air fryers can perform just as well as top-of-the-range models without compromising on taste or texture at a fraction of the cost. Without further ado, here's our list to help you find the best air fryer under £100.

Best air fryer under £100

Best large air fryer under £100

If you're regularly cooking for the whole family, the Tower T17071 7L Vortx Vizion Air Fryer will help you to cook faster, easier and healthier than ever. It features an extra-large cooking basket with a seven-litre capacity and uses rapid circulation technology to cook your food in less time compared to a conventional oven, without compromising on taste. It has easy-to-control dials that can be used to set the timer for up to 30 minutes and temperature between 80 to 200 degrees. We love that it's got a viewing window and internal light so you can check on what's cooking without opening the basket.

Customer review: "I bought a small one and so was impressed I went out and bought this larger one. It's so easy to do everything from warm a quiche or a sausage roll to roast potatoes with a meat dish. Save a lot of power and time, and the interior and support trivet are non stick and really easy to clean. I'd thoroughly recommend buying one."


  • Viewing window and internal light
  • Reheat function


  • Some may prefer an air fryer with a digital display

Best overall

First up on our list and just coming up under budget is the Instant Pot Vortex Plus ClearCook Air Fryer. We love it for the vast variety of settings it has, you can air fry, roast, bake, grill, reheat and dehydrate with this clever gadget and you can easily see how your food is progressing without opening the basket as it has a see-through window with a light inside. It features a touchscreen display with a control dial as well as pre-set buttons so you can easily adjust time and temperature to suit whatever you're whipping up.

Our review: "Overall, I'm impressed with the performance of this product. Whether it was baking brownies or roasting chicken, the air fryer delivered every time. I like the fact that you're able to adjust the temperature and time cooking (even when in use). I've found that going from an oven, some of my timings were off - so I'm getting used to how long items need to be cooked for. That said, I wouldn't go a week without using this now."

Read our full Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer review


  • Multiple cooking options for avid cooks and bakers
  • It has a big capacity but is still portable


  • The sound function alerting that the food is ready could be louder

Best medium air fryer under £100

Combining the benefits of a health grill and an air fryer in one is the Tefal Easy Fry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer and Grill. It comes with a sizzling grill plate, which is great for cooking meat and fish, and it's made from die-cast aluminium to give it those authentic grill marks when you're searing your meals to perfection. The clever air circulation design ensures food is excellently crispy when using it on air fryer mode and it also comes with a 60-minute timer and auto alert function for your convenience.

Customer review: "Really nice air fryer this. I have used it to cook halloumi, chicken thighs, pork steaks, and rump steaks so far. Really happy with the cooking instructions and abilities of the fryer. The steaks were perfect, and it's so much easier to clean the tray and grill than stinking out my entire house with a griddle pan. So glad I bought this."


  • Choice of preset cooking functions as well as two different cooking modes
  • Automatic switch off and beep to let you know your food is ready


  • Some reviewers say it is noisy

Best budget air fryer under £100

Salter EK2817H 2L Air FryerAmazon
Price: £32.99

This little Salter EK2817H 2L Air Fryer is currently on sale for just over £30, so if you're not sure whether an air fryer is for you, you can give it a go without breaking the bank. It's straightforward to use, thanks to its 30-minute timer, adjustable temperature settings and indicator lights. It preheats in just five minutes so you can serve up meals for one to two people in no time and it includes a removable non-stick frying rack for simple cleaning. Overall, we think this convenient and compact air fryer is a great option for those new to the world of air fryers.

Customer review: "Purchased this after contemplating getting an air fryer for many months. Wanted something relatively inexpensive but still decent quality - which this very much is. Very easy to use and cooked perfectly from the first use. Small enough to store easily both in and out of kitchen cupboards and not look like and eye sore. The capacity is small as stated but is more that enough for someone living alone or cooking meals for one."


  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Quick preheat time


  • Capacity isn't the biggest but ideal if you're cooking for one to two people

Best small air fryer under £100

Russell Hobbs 26500 SatisFry Small Digital Air FryerAmazon

Little to no oil is needed to crisp, brown and bake as required with the Russell Hobbs 26500 SatisFry Small Digital Air Fryer. It's designed to cook for one to two people and can hold a maximum of 700g of chips to ensure they get the right amount of crispiness they need. If you're not sure how long things will take to cook in your air fryer, there are seven pre-set cooking functions that are already set to the right time and temperature, including settings for chicken, steak, pork chops and baking, too.

Customer review: "I've found this a perfect addition to my kitchen. Easy to use and clean and energy saving. I also got some air fryer liners which help keep the mess to the minimum. there are pre-set cooking times that are easy to understand. I've so far not managed to poison myself yet. Ideal for one or two people, I would recommend this product."


  • Choice of preset cooking functions
  • Dishwasher safe tray


  • Capacity may not be big enough for some

Most stylish air fryer under £100

Swan Retro Air FryerAmazon
Price: £49.99 (was £69.99)

Available in green, grey, blue, cream and black in a retro-inspired design, the Swan Retro Air Fryer will certainly look the part on your countertops and is a great option for those looking for an air fryer to match other coloured appliances in their kitchen. As well as looking good, it's equipped with safety features like a safe start sensor that means the fryer won't work unless the tray is in properly, auto-stop when the cooking timer ends and non-slip feet. With temperature control dials and a mechanical timer, you can cook a wide variety of foods quickly and easily in the six-litre cooking tray.

Customer review: "Bought as a present for someone who loves vintage kitchenware to match her blue kettle. She is very pleased with it and it is in daily use especially for the kids tea. Very simple to use and easy to clean."


  • Looks great but is also packed with safety features
  • Large capacity


  • Some reviewers felt putting the tray in and out is a little clunky

Best dual air fryer under £100

Salter EK4750 Dual Air FryerCurrys
Price: £89.99 (was £99.99)

Another option from Salter on our list, the Salter EK4750 Dual Air Fryer is ideal if you're looking for an air fryer that you can use to cook multiple things at once. It has a generous 7.4-litre capacity across the whole air fryer with two non-stick cooking chambers so you can make meals for the whole family inside. Not only that, but it also offers a range of versatile cooking functions, including air fry, bake, roast and dehydrate, to cook a variety of savoury and sweet delights. The sync and match cook functions allow both compartments to be ready at the same time.

Customer review: "General impression is that it does a good job on everything from oven chips to small joints of meat. Controls are simple and easy to use and containers are easy to clean."


  • Large cooking capacity across two trays
  • Sync and match cook functions


  • Some reviewers felt the instruction manual could be more detailed

Best for versatility

Salter Professional EK4945 AeroGrill ProAmazon/Salter

This neat, multifunctional health grill and air fryer has 16 cooking functions and a spacious 3.8L capacity. It's versatile and can even accommodate small Pyrex dishes or silicone bakeware – ideal for browning a portion of lasagne. The display has touch controls so you can set the time and temperature with precision. Finally, Salter claims that this appliance can save you 68 per cent on your energy bill*.

*Comparing the energy used (kWh) per kg of chicken using a 1.8 kW oven.

Customer review: "Extremely amazing grill /air fryer and with so many functions can cook any meal quickly and without any issues and fantastic value for money would highly recommend."


  • Cooks evenly without burning
  • Cook from frozen
  • Versatile
  • Non-stick and easy to clean
  • Energy-saving


  • Needs to pre-heat before use

Best for capacity

Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air & Grill Multi CookerAmazon/Russell Hobbs

This Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air & Grill Multi Cooker claims to save up 44 per cent energy versus a conventional oven. In addition, it cooks up to 70 per cent faster than its predecessor and is up to 76 per cent faster than a conventional oven. It has a larger 5.5L capacity, so it's ideal for cooking healthy chips for all the family. Crisp, brown and bake with minimal oil in this easy-to-use air fryer – now under £100.

Customer review: "Saves time and no doubt electricity bill. Easy to clean with plenty of room for just about any sized meal. It’s a case of experimenting with what to cook, but so far I’m well pleased and it’s a great replacement for my halogen oven."


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Good size


  • A little bulky

Best air fryer under £100 FAQs

What features should I look for in an air fryer under £100?

When looking for the best air fryer under £100, there are a couple of things you’ll want to think about to make sure you get a model that suits your cooking needs and preferences for a kitchen appliance. Here is a list of features that we think you should consider:

Cooking capacity

You’ll want to think about what you’re planning on cooking inside and who you’re cooking for as to what capacity you need. Choose one with an air fryer basket size that matches the number of people you usually cook for. A larger capacity is great for families, whereas a small air fryer will be the perfect size for individuals and couples.

Size and portability

You’ll need to think about the overall size of your chosen air fryer to make sure you’ve got somewhere suitable to put it in your kitchen. If you’re limited on space on your countertops, the last thing you’ll want to do is buy a huge model that won’t fit.

Safety features

To prevent accidents around the kitchen, look at what safety features your chosen air fryer has. Many have cool-touch exteriors to prevent you from burning yourself, some have non-slip feet to help stop it from accidentally falling off your countertops, and others have automatic shut-off when the basket is removed so it’s not still running after you’ve taken your food out.

Temperature control

Looking for the ability to customise the cooking temperature based on the type of food you’re preparing? Search for an air fryer that you can easily adjust the temperature setting to make sure you can cook food to your preference or the instructions provided.

Cooking pre-sets

To make cooking in an air fryer even easier, some come with pre-programmed settings that automatically set the temperature and time for specific foods, like chips, chicken, fish and more. If that sounds like something you’d benefit from, make choosing an air fryer with cooking pre-sets a priority.


If you’re someone that either overcooks or undercooks their food, a built-in timer will be essential for you. Some fryers are even designed to automatically switch off when the time is up.

Ease of use

Struggle with using complicated dials and buttons? You’ll want to look for an air fryer that is easy to use, with clear-to-read buttons or digital displays to make operating your air fryer a straightforward experience.

Easy-to-clean design

To simplify the cleanup when it comes to washing up, you’ll want to opt for models with removable non-stick baskets and trays so you can give them a good scrub after you’ve finished cooking. It’s an added bonus if these are dishwasher-safe!

What are the advantages of using an air fryer?

There is a reason why air fryers have grown in popularity in recent years, so here are a few advantages to using a budget air fryer to cook with:

Healthier cooking

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest reasons why people use air fryers is their ability to get deliciously crispy food using little to no oil. This is a significantly healthier way to make meals compared to traditional deep frying.

Fast results

Generally, air fryers cook food faster than traditional ovens as they preheat quickly and have concentrated heat. The level of convenience they offer makes an air fryer a must-have addition to busy households.


Compared to other countertop kitchen appliances, air fryers offer a great level of versatility as they can cook a wide range of foods, from chips and chicken to vegetables and potatoes, and even desserts. Some models offer different cooking settings and modes, such as baking and grilling to tailor your cooking experience.

Energy efficiency

We touched on it earlier, but air fryers and their quick cooking times can mean you’re using less energy compared to conventional ovens, which in turn can result in savings on your bills. As they’re smaller in size than a more traditional oven, you’re not heating up a huge appliance to only cook small meals.

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