12 lazy spas for the perfect garden retreat

Soothe your soul in bubbly bliss with these home hot tubs.


by Eleanor Weaver |

If you want to get some luxury in your back garden or introduce your very own holiday-inspired getaway to your patio, investing in a lazy spa can help you soak up the stress of the day-to-day and help warm your mind, body and soul. And you could even put it right next to your shed bar to create a real holiday feel!

Much like visiting a real spa, this home hot tub can provide a wealth of health benefits including muscle relaxation, pain relief, improved sleep and lowered blood pressure.

So, soothe yourself in the bubbles and relax in care-free bliss!

Which lazy spa brand is best?

While there is a range of lazy spas available to buy, one of the biggest and best in the UK is the Lay-Z-Spa. As the country's most 5 stars reviewed hot tub brand, they provide premium inflatable spas with advanced technology, unique features and award‑winning design which helps them stand out above the rest.

For this reason we're going to list the best Lay-Z-Spas on the market for a range of budgets and sizes with a couple of alternative great brands thrown in for good measure!

The best Lay-Z-Spa deals in 2022

Sales are coming in thick and fast at the moment, just in time for the summer and heatwaves. This is the perfect time to keep your eyes peeled for deals on Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs. Here are the best hot tub deals available to shop for right now:

Lazy spa hot tubs: The 4 best alternatives

What you need to consider before buying

Style, size and included features are obvious considerations for buying a lazy spa and it would be difficult to buy one without considering these first. However, when it comes to the long-term usage of your lazy spa, it's worth thinking ahead...

Maintenance and cleaning

Unfortunately, it's not all easy-breezy! The maintenance of a lazy spa may seem a daunting task but so long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions, it should be fairly simple.

Part of the maintenance process includes cleaning the filter, managing the chemical levels and changing the water.

The main chemicals you will test for will be the alkalinity, pH levels and Chlorine in that order, using a provided testing kit or one bought online.

Alkalinity neutralises the water to prevent it being too acidic. By measuring the pH levels you can test how acidic or alkaline your water is, helping to prevent a range of problems that can take away from the enjoyment of your spa. Using your testing kit, balanced pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

Changing the water will depend on the degree of usage and the chemical testing - if the levels have fallen out of range then the water should be changed and refreshed.

The use of Chlorine will help keep your lazy spa safe and clean. Alongside this, you'll also be advised to clean your filter regularly - the video from Lay-Z-Spa below shows you just how it's done!


As well as the initial price, you'll need to consider the extra cost of running your lazy spa at home and the effect this could have on your energy bills.

According to Lay-Z-Spa, they estimate it costs around £7 ‑ £10 a week to run a lazy spa based on average usage in customer feedback.

Opting for one of Lay-Z-Spa's models to lower costs is a great choice with their thick, insulating materials and intelligent thermostat regulation that heats and keeps the water at the desired temperature without wasting energy. Their newer models also come with the Power Saving Timer and Freeze Shield™ which will help make your lazy spa as efficient as possible.

You can help improve the energy efficiency of your lazy spa too by setting it up in a sheltered or covered area to prevent wind chill, keeping your inflated lid and cover on when heating up and when not in use and by shopping around for your energy provider.

Every little helps!

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