The best plant pots for indoor and out

Give your plants a pretty home with these plant pots.

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So you've bought your beautiful plants but where will they live? Whether your plant is suitable for indoors or outside, a plant pot can make a stylish piece of home decor.

There's so much choice that you're bound to find the perfect pot to suit your home and style. While you can of course just opt for a simple terracotta pot, we're big fans of the plant pots with a little character.

To whet your appetite, we've rounded up our favourite plant pots you can buy today.

The best plant pots

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Choosing a plant pot

Eliza Nicholas, garden designer and founder of Rocket Garden Design shares her top tips for picking out the perfect plant pot and what you should look for.

Your plant’s needs:

• When choosing a pot, it’s important to consider the plant size and its growing habit – it might be fast-growing, or have trailing stems, for example. Look at the container it was purchased in, and consider sizing up to allow space for the roots to grow and the plant to flourish.

• Ideally, your pot should have a drainage hole underneath, allowing for water to drip away. If your plant is indoors, pop a saucer or plate underneath, or move it to a sink when watering to avoid your surfaces getting wet!

Pot positioning:

• Where your pot is intended to sit could impact what material you choose. For exposed patios or gardens, a frost-resistant pot is ideal to increase resilience over winter and avoid shattering. For balconies and other weight-restricted spaces, always consider lightweight container options. There are also many pots made from recycled materials, and for houseplants, you might choose something that can easily be wiped down.

Visual style:

• Pots are usually on display in homes and gardens, so it’s important to choose a style that suits the surroundings, as well as personal taste. Terracotta pots give a classical and traditional feel, while angular styles can create a modern look with clean lines. There are many sculptural and creative pot designs that can be mixed and matched to suit an array of interior and exterior themes.

• When it comes to colour, you may like to create contrasts against painted fences or walls with bright glazes, or choose a subtle container to ensure the plants are the focal point. When considering the overall design of your garden or indoor display, the colours and shapes of the plants you’re growing (e.g. Cactus, flowery annuals, or trailing foliage) may dictate the style you choose.

Signs you need a new pot:

• Whether you’re growing indoor or outdoor plants, keep an eye on how quickly they’re growing and if they might need re-potting. Foliage that looks overly ‘top-heavy’ or roots coming out of the drainage hole could be signs the plant has outgrown the container and needs more space in order to thrive. A pot that’s too small can lead to restricted growth and unhealthy plants that may fruit or flower less.

Where to buy plant pots

There are more places than ever to pick up a plant pot. Here are a few of our favourites:

• Oliver Bonas

• Asda

• Dunelm

• B&Q

• Homebase

• Anthropologie

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