Savoury and sweet pancakes perfect for pancake day

Savoury and sweet pancakes perfect for pancake day

Pancake day is the perfect day to indulge on some of our favourite flavours, incorporating them into a pancake in aid of shrove Tuesday. Here’s some of our favourite recipes we’ll be trying out…

Seafood pancakes


Enjoy this prawn and tomato pancake bake as a tasty dinner option.

Spinach and ricotta stuffed pancakes


This vegetarian recipe uses pancakes instead of pasta for a healthy pancake tea idea. Find the full recipe here.

Vietnamese pancakes with prawns


Add an asian twist to pancake night with these Vietnamese pancakes with prawns.

Chicken tikka pancakes


Spice up pancake day with these delicious chicken tikka pancakes and serve with a side of creamy yoghurt and sweet mango chutney.

Classic pancake mix


Make this the basis of all your recipes, sweet or savoury. We like to add lemon and a sprinkle of sugar to our classic sweet pancakes. Get the recipe here.

Banana pancakes


Add a healthy and fruity twist to your pancakes with these delicious banana pancakes - perfect for breakfast.

Cocoa pancakes


Perfect for chocolate lovers, these cocoa pancakes are ideal for those who want an extra sweet treat. Serve with some sweet berries and cream for the perfect pudding combination.

Salted caramel scotch pancakes


Serve with a dollop or two of your favourite flavour ice cream for the ultimate indulgent treat. Get the full recipe here.