YoursCookery, Recipe, Seafood

Spicy seafood tagliatelle

YoursCookery, Recipe, Seafood
Spicy seafood tagliatelle



  • 250g (8.8 oz) mussels
  • 250g (8.8 oz) cooked prawns in shell
  • 3 tbsps olive oil
  • 25g (0.9 oz) butter
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • ½ tsp fresh red chilli, chopped
  • ½ tsp smoked hot paprika
  • 300g (10.6 oz) fresh cherry tomatoes
  • 375g (13 oz) tagliatelle
  • 2 tbsps fresh flat leaf parsley, chopped


  1. Wash the mussels and remove any beards using a small knife    
  2. Allow them to sit in cold water and at the end of 10 min, discard any open ones
  3. Put the olive oil and butter into a frying pan and once the butter begins to foam, stir in the garlic and chilli, and sauté until soft, but not browned
  4. Add the paprika and stir a couple of times before adding the tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes until the tomatoes have reduced down
  5. Stir the prawns into the sauce and add the parsley
  6. While the sauce is cooking, put the tagliatelle in a large pan of boiling, salted water and cook as per packet instructions
  7. When the pasta is ready, drain from the water and mix with the tomatoes, mussels and prawns and serve immediately


Preparation time: 15 mins

Serves: 4-6

Nutrition: n/a



Serve with lemon to give the dish a fresh zing