Our top seven broccoli recipes

We all know we should eat more greens, but did you know how good vegetables such as broccoli can be for your gut? Recent scientific studies have found the reason why food like broccoli are so good for you and particularly how they can reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer. 

Broccoli contains the chemical indole-3-carbinol which can benefit the lining of the bowel. When tested on mice, the study showed diets high in indole-3-carbinol protected the mice from cancer, even those whose genes put them at very high risk of the disease.

To get more broccoli into your diet and benefit your gut, here are our favourite broccoli recipes.

Broccoli and feta strata 


Perfect if you've got some leftovers that need eating up. This tasty dish also makes a great side dish to the traditional roast dinner. 

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Broccoli and cambazola cheese tartlet 


Fancy something lighter? These tartlets make the ideal lunch when served on a bed of fresh green salad. 

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Beef and broccoli fajitas


Have a Spanish themed food night with these delicious and very simple to make beef and broccoli fajitas. 

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Quinoa salad with feta, broccoli and pomegranate 


This very healthy salad is packed full of flavour and goodness with the salty feta, sweet pomegranate and of course the crunchy broccoli. 

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Broccoli and butterbean pot pies


Who doesn't love a tasty pie? Especially as the cooler months draw closer! Enjoy this vegetarian pie totally guilt free for just 72p per serving! 

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Turkey and broccoli tagine 


A delicious Moroccan tagine using turkey and broccoli is the perfect meal as we move into autumn and need something a little more filling. 

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Orechietti with broccoli and prawns


Perfect for seafood lovers, this simple fishy broccoli dish combines your favourite tasty seafood with healthy broccoli. 

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