6 mini sewing machines for projects on the go

Mini sewing machines are extremely portable and very small - here are six of the best.


by Ellen Kinsey |

Mini sewing machines are small but mighty machines that are essential for expert crafters and beginners alike. Whether you are curious about home sewing and want to have a dabble before you invest in a state of the art sewing machine or are looking for a machine that can be easily transported to a craft class or friend's house, then a mini sewing machine is the best option in terms of price and portability.

You can take your hobby wherever you go with the best mini sewing machines from well-known brands such as Brother and Singer, as well as a handheld sewing machine for quick repairs such as fixing rips or hemming trousers. Plus there is an option for kids and teenagers who are eager to get started on their creative hobby in a safe way.

Plus, portable sewing machines are also a fantastic option if you are short of space.

What is a mini sewing machine?

The main difference between a mini sewing machine and a regular one is that they are lighter, smaller and more affordable. Although miniature sewing machines may be small in size, they're big on features and performance. As they are so lightweight and compact, it makes them easily portable and a great option for beginners who don't want too many functions that can be overwhelming.

Mini sewing machines can be used to repair clothing, such as fixing up hems, mending tears, and reattaching buttons. They can also be used for craft projects too.

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Can you sew clothes with a mini sewing machine?

These machines can sew lightweight fabrics such as cotton or suede. However, heavier fabrics such as denim or canvas can wear down the parts or may even cause the needle to break. In addition, you should not overwork your mini sewing machine as it is designed for small projects and will reduce the longevity of the machine.

So now that you know about how mini sewing machines work let's take a look at the six best sewing machines on the market right now for your creative hobby.

The best mini sewing machines 2022

Brother LS14S Metal Chassis Sewing Machine

Best overall mini sewing machine
Brother LS14S Metal Chassis Sewing Machine

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Reliable and portable, the Brother LS14S is one of the best beginner models out there - and for a reasonable price. As it is a budget sewing machine, this device is limited in terms of its features compared to a computerised sewing machine. To select a stitch, just turn the dial to the required stitch. Easy as that. 

Overall, the Brother LS14S is a good mix of affordability and quality, making it no surprise that it has become one of the best-selling sewing machines. 

Dimensions: 17.5 x 9 x 22 cm 
Weight: 6.2kg
Stitch: 14 different options 
Motor: 50W motor
Box includes: Sewing machine, extension table, power adapter, foot pedal, four bobbins, needle, needle threader and manual.

Review: "This machine is amazing value for money. It is easy enough for a complete novice like me to set up. I had to use instructions for the first two or three times but no problems. Would recommend. Sewed through a double layer of sequinned fabric no problem and just took in a pair of PVC shorts, and it coped with the thickness."

SINGER Start 1306 Sewing Machine

Editor's choice
SINGER Start 1306 Sewing Machine

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Even if you are not a sewing expert or have never used a sewing machine, don't worry, as the SINGER 1306 is an excellent machine for beginners or on the go. It offers six built-in stitches, a four-step buttonhole, easy threading, and a simple stitch selection. 

Additionally, there is an extra high presser foot lifter and a free arm, and snap-on presser feet that are easy to change. It is also durable with a heavy-duty metal frame making it long-lasting and ensuring skip-free sewing.

Dimensions: 29 x 35 x 18cm
Weight: 4.3kg
Stitch: 6 different options 
Motor: 70W motor
Box includes: Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine, All-purpose foot, Zipper foot, Buttonhole foot, Darning plate, Pack of needles, Bobbins, Needle plate screwdriver, Spool pin felts, Seam ripper, Lint brush and a Soft-sided dust cover.

Review: "My first sewing machine was a Singer at the age of 15, and a few decades on, I have another. A nice compact machine as I'm short on space in my apartment lots of features and easy to use."

KPCB Tech Mini Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit

Best lightweight mini sewing machine
KPCB Tech Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit

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This unique design has been created with portability in mind. The built-in lamp helps you see the dainty thread quickly, and as it is pre-threaded, it can be used for projects like alterations, dressmaking and more. 

This mini sewing machine is a space saver and comes with 42 pieces sewing machine kit, including bobbins, scissors, measuring tape, a thimble, needle threader and needles. It also includes an extension table, foot controller and two pieces of fabric for convenient sewing.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 8.9 x 21.8cm 
Weight: ‎1.34kg
Stitch: 10 different options 
Motor: N/A
Box includes: Sewing machine, extension table, power adapter, foot pedal, four bobbins, needle, needle threader and manual.

Review: "So easy to use. I only take up clothes and curtains, but I have to say I was impressed by this machine; compact, lightweight and user friendly; what more could you ask for."

Magicfly Sewing Machine 

Best value mini sewing machine for beginners
Magicfly Sewing Machine for Beginner

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This mini sewing machine is a convenient starter machine with a lower price tag if you're curious about sewing but not quite ready to tackle sewing heavyweight fabrics just yet. It features 12 built-in stitches with a mixture of straight stitches, zig-zag, decorative and buttonholes and an easy-to-adjust tension dial.

If this is your first ever sewing machine, it even comes with 42 pieces to start sewing instantly. Though the machine is small and compact, it also comes with an extension table to support sewing larger projects, but you get the lightweight benefits and convenient size of a portable sewing machine.

Dimensions: 37.6cm x 32.29cm x 19.7cm
Weight: ‎3.39kg
Stitch: 12 different options 
Box includes: Portable sewing machine, 42 pcs sewing kit, extension table, 3 replaceable feet, extra needles

Review: "I am an absolute novice to sewing machine sewing, so I am more than pleased that this item has so far been really easy to use. I've only had it two weeks, but I made four dollies pillows and four dollies Santa sacks for my grandchildren in one evening. I'm thrilled with it for now."

Handheld Sewing Machine

Best handheld sewing machine for quick fixes
Hhandheld Sewing Machine

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This handheld sewing machine is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is lightweight and easy to use with an aligning flat edge and moves automatically, convenient for you to control, making it ideal for beginners and experienced sewings. There are two speeds to get proper control.

It also provides a starter kit, especially for crafters just getting started. Whether you are a professional or just getting started, this mini sewing machine set has everything you need to get going.

Dimensions: ‎22.4 x 15 x 5.5 cm
Weight: ‎290g
Speed settings: 2
Box includes: Handheld sewing machine, spindle, extra needle, needle threader, detailed user manual and extra bobbins with a thread.

Sew Amazing Sewing Studio Sewing Machine

Best sewing machine for kids and teenagers
Amazing Station Electronic Sewing Machine

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The Sew Amazing Sewing Station is the perfect way for kids to get into the creative craft of sewing. This machine is a fully functional sewing machine, so kids starting out can practise in a fun and safe way. You can choose between mains or battery power, and you have the option to use a two-speed setting, plus a pedal and upper and lower threads. 

Although it is marketed as a kids' sewing machine, this super tiny model is also handy for adults who are just curious about sewing and want to see what all the fuss is about without splashing out. It is designed with younger people in mind; you can rest assured that it is entirely beginner-friendly. It also comes with threads, fabrics and even a design to make a clutch bag so you can get started with your first project. 

Dimensions: ‎22.4 x 15 x 5.5 cm
Weight: ‎290g
Speed settings: 2
Box includes: A sewing machine, foot pedal, mains adaptor, full instructions, accessories tin, a measuring tape, one spare machine needle, a needle thread, three bobbins, three spools, a thimble two sewing needles and eight-headed pins.

Review: "My girl loved this; so easy to use and safe. The stitch actually holds the material together, so it's not just a clunky toy. It actually works. I got her to stitch a hole in the side of her dress, and she seemed pleased that she had mended it. I must admit I did wait a while before buying this. I did a lot of looking around, and most of the ones on the market were just battery operated only also, this one's a lot more robust than the ones I'd seen in the toy shops."

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