Best sewing kits for all ages

Here is a list of the best sewing kits tailored for your needs

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by Ellen Kinsey |

Want to take up sewing but not sure where to start? Whether you are looking for a small travel sewing kit or a complete set in an antique box - we have picked out the best sewing kits to suit your every need. We have also selected the best kid's sewing kits so you can get crafty together.

Some may say this is old fashioned, but we still firmly believe a sewing kit is a must-have in any household. They are a saviour for fashion emergencies, clothing repairs and can be used for craft projects too.

If you're brand new to sewing and you are on the hunt for a starter sewing kit, we have chosen a few options to help you on your way. The beauty of sewing kits is that it takes the hard work out of deciding what supplies you need to get going.

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What should your sewing kit include?

Maybe you already have most of your kit ready to go, and you want to add a few things to it, or you want to double-check what you need to be on the look for; either way, here's what you should have in your sewing kit.

Pins (and cushion)

Tape measure

Scissors (paper and embroidery)

Seam unpicker

A selection of threads


Tailor's chalk

Pattern ruler (somewhat optional)

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With that in mind, let's look at the great quality sewing kits we picked out to help you in a fix.

AUERVO Sewing Kit

Best overall sewing kit
Sewing Kit AUERVO

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The AUERVO Sewing Kit is the perfect lightweight kit to help you in any fashion emergency. It is a portable, compact kit packed with all the high-quality sewing necessities you need. With 30 different colour sewing thread spools, this is a great starter kit or all-rounder.

Kit contents: 30 x Colored Thread Spool XL,18 x Colored Pearly Sewing Pins XL, 30 x Golden Tail Needles (30 in 1), 1 x Tape Measure, 5 x White shirt buttons, 1 x Seam Ripper, 5 x Snap-fasteners, 1 x Marking Pencil, 1 x Metal Crochet Hook, 1 X Plastic sweater needle, 1 x Silver Metal Thimble, 1 x Scissors, 5 x Safety Pins, 1 x Sewing Threader, 1 x Magnifying glass, 10 x Crochet stitch markers.

Review: "This is a great sewing kit. Although too big to put in your handbag, it's great to take on holidays in your suitcase. It's got everything you might need, and there are full-size threads. Not like the ones you find in a mini kit that will only allow you to use the thread a few times before it's finished. Even though I have a sewing machine and a box full of thread skeins available, it's handy to have a kit like this at home for quick and easy access. I just grab this kit for small jobs, and everything I need is there in one place."

Professional Sewing Kit 167 Pieces

Best value sewing kit
Professional Sewing Kit 167 Pieces

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This kit has all the essentials you need to get sewing. It includes fabric scissors, safety pins, needles, pins, elastics and more. There is a wide choice of sewing thread colours and thicknesses, making it an ideal accessory to your sewing machine or hand sewing. It has a total of 167 pieces, and although it looks basic, it will be a helpful kit that will be used time and time again.

Kit contents: Sew In Polyester Velcro Pieces, Cashmere Yarn in 6 Colours, 15.5cm Hobby Scissors, 150cm Tape Measure, Fasteners on Cotton Tape, 10 Hand Sewing Needles, 80 Straight Pins, 10 Assorted Safety Pins
1 Thimble, 1 Needle Threader, 1 Seam Ripper Polyester Threads in 16 Colours and more.

Review: "I purchased this sewing kit for my daughter for her Birthday, and she was very happy with it. It contained everything she needed to start her sewing hobby."

Portable Mini Sewing Kit

Best mini sewing kit for travelling
Sewing KIT

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If you are looking for a kit to take in your bag on the go or travelling, this mini sewing kit just might save the day. The kit contains all the essential tools that are required for performing basic repairs, such as a pair of scissors, 12 thread colours, an assortment of sewing needles, shirt buttons, a seam ripper, thimble, needle threader tool and a foldable measuring tape. You really get a lot of your money with this kit. 

Kit contents: 30 needles in a needle holder, 10 Color Pins, 8 Safety Pins, one thimble, one needle-threader, 1 Stainless steel scissors, one long measuring tape, one seam ripper, one sweater needle and 12 colour spools of thread.

Review: "Very pleased with this little kit. Looks nice, has everything you need in it, a generous amount of cotton threads and a nice choice of colours. Very light and compact, so ideal for travel. "

BILIEASY Sewing kit

Best sewing kit for clothing repairs
BILIEASY Sewing kit

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Fix any sewing disaster in style with this lovely kit. With over 46 pieces to choose from, it provides easy access for those quick, on-the-go repairs. The design is fun and practical, this sewing kit is neat and tidy, plus it has everything you need for day-to-day sewing tasks.

Kit contents: PU leather sewing box, 500Y Sewing thread: 12 colours, needle: 16 pcs, All metal yarn scissor, Needle-threading device, Stainless steel pin:10 pc, Thimble, Seam ripper, Sewing Needles Container, the European version of invisible buckle: 5 pairs, Pin cushion and a Tape measure. 

Review: "Nice compact little case. Good selection of cotton, needles and other bits needed for small repairs. There was room in the case for me to add some pins and elastic and still a little room for anything I needed to add later. Keeps everything tidy and in one place."

John Lewis & Partners Glisten Sewing Kit

Best mini sewing kit with an attractive design
John Lewis & Partners Glisten Sewing Kit

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This beautiful cotton mini sewing kit is perfect for sewing on the go and the ideal travelling companion. It has everything you need to make basic sewing alterations. 

Kit contents: This zipped kit contains 12 thread reels, embroidery scissors, tape measure, safety pins, seam ripper, buttons and needles.

Holzsammlung Portable with over 140 PCS 

Best vintage sewing kit
Holzsammlung Portable

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If sewing has become your new favourite hobby, this beautiful sewing kit box comes complete with everything you need to get started. This vintage sewing box is filled with compartments and includes sewing thread, hand needles, a metal needle threader, pincushion, tape measure, seam ripper, scissors and buttons. 

Kit contents: Sewing organiser box, sewing thread, hand needles, quality metal threader, square pincushion, tape measure, seam ripper, scissors, button and more. 

Review: "Bought as a present but everything inside the box was really good. The box itself was really nice and will be used for something else after its life as a sewing box. Really happy with it."

Liberty London Thorpe Print Zipped Sewing Kit

Best designer sewing kit
Thorpe Print Zipped Sewing Kit

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This gorgeous zipped sewing kit from Liberty includes everything you need to start your next creative sewing project and would make an excellent gift. The zip-up case is covered in cotton and expertly printed with Thorpe, a classic Liberty print and can be spot cleaned only.

Kit contents: Sewing kit, sewing needles, thimble, tape measure, button pack, scissors, safety pins, seam ripper.

Review: "Everything you may need for an emergency sewing repair and all in one gorgeous Liberty print zip-up kit."

BEE SEWING KIT Bee Applique Design with contents

Best handmade sewing kit
BEE SEWING KIT Bee Applique Design with contents Zip Case Super Quality

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If you are looking for a sewing kit from an independent seller, then this lovely bee sewing kit is a bestseller on Etsy. It comes with all the emergency sewing tools you need for a quick fashion fix. It is the perfect gift for any sewing bees out there. 

Kit contents: scissors, tape measure, cottons, safety pins, buttons, seam ripper, thimble, needles."

Review: "I am so thrilled with my purchase! I would definitely buy here again!

Best kid's sewing kits

Galt Toys, First Sewing, Kids' Craft Kits

The best kids sewing kit for ages five and up
Galt Toys First Sewin Kids Craft Kits

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This set is the perfect sewing kit for children aged five and over. As Galt products encourage learning and creativity through play, it is a great kit to introduce younger children to sewing. There's a guide to get them started, plus five sewing kits with foam sections and a cord that will show them how to create colourful accessories.

Age suitable: 5+
Kit contents: Five sewing kits of pre-cut foam pieces, a cord, a notepad and two pencils

Review: "I have to say, this is fabulous! The quality of the Sewing Kit was excellent, and both my Granddaughters loved it, especially my eldest aged 5. The kit is very easy to use & perfect for teaching Little Ones how to sew. I love sewing and am always sewing something, so my Granddaughters were very keen to learn with Grandma."

Hobbycraft children's sewing kits: Sew Your Own Rainbow Kit

The best kids sewing kit for ages eight and up
Sew Your Own Rainbow Kit

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Hobbycraft children's sewing kits are a fantastic way to give your little ones to explore their creative talents. They will be so happy to have made something that they can keep, but it also teaches them skills like patience and accuracy. This kids' sewing kit is the perfect way to inspire a new crafting passion, giving you everything you'll need to make this cushion from felt pieces, needles, stuffing, threads and more.

Age suitable: 8+
Kit contents: felt shapes, thread, stuffing and plastic needle

SMARTICA Sewing Kit for Children 

The best kids sewing kit for boys and girls
Gift Sewing Kit for Children

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Pry your kids or grandkids away from the screen and introduce them to a new hobby. Not only is this Jungle Friends felt sewing kit a wonderfully fun project to keep kids busy and entertained at home, but also a great way to bond with them. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and colourful pictures with pre-cut shapes and needle holes to inspire creativity and help develop fine motor skills. This kit is ideal for boys and girls aged between 7 and 12 years old. 

Kit contents: A case, embroidery thread, pre-cut felt shapes, plastic needles, kid's scissors, and stuffing.

Review: "It is a highly recommended gift for any age and expertise. I bought this for my daughter and then for my friend's 12-year-old who has medium expertise. Both mummy and daughter are pleased with the gift. Just right for beginners, the end product is beautiful enough to keep them motivated to move on next animal."

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