Sewing craft kits for adults that make being creative easy

Getting crafty isn't just for the kids...

The best sewing craft kits for adults

by Eve Miller |

Everyone will have fond memories of the little craft projects they had as a kid. Getting creative can bring us a lot of joy so why should that lovely feeling be left in the past? Adults can get in on crafting too and there are loads of kits to get you started or just to make it easy.

Sewing craft kits are a simple, yet great option as you can create something beautiful without having to be a pro. Sewing can seem intimidating but these kits make it accessible to everyone.

Whether you want a new hobby or a one-off project for a bit of fun, there’s a sewing craft kit for you. We have taken the liberty of finding the best of the best so you can get threading quicker.

The best adult sewing craft kit shortlist:

Best cross-stitch kit: Joy Sunday Cross Stitch Kit

Best weaving loom kit: Large Rectangular Weaving Loom Quintessential Kit

Best for beginners and most fun kit: Flamingo Mini Cross Stitch Craft Kit

Best for making a gift: Hoooked DIY Kit - Giraffe Eco Barbante

Best felt kit: Lavender Houses Felt Craft Kit

Best for making something practical: Make Your Own Puzzle Pillow Kit

Best for embroidery: YINVA 3 Sets Embroidery Starter Kit

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