Vicky McClure to star in new ITV crime drama, Without Sin

We can't wait to watch this new crime thriller!


by Lorna White |

Vicky McClure is a very in-demand woman at the moment. Not only is the talented Line of Duty actress currently starring in police drama Trigger Point, she's also going to be starring in ITV's latest crime thriller, Without Sin.

What is it about?

This four-part psychological thriller follows mum, Stella Tomlinson (played by Vicky), who returns to her home one night to find her 14-year-old daughter, Maisy, murdered, with a man named Charles Stone standing over her dead body covered in blood.

Three years on from the harrowing event, Stella continues to be consumed by the grief and trauma, struggling to come to terms with what has happened. She chooses to live a solitary life, estranged from her husband Paul and working as an Uber driver.

In an attempt to move on from the tragic loss of her daughter, she and Paul listen to a tape recording from Charles, and following this, Stella decides to pay Charles a visit, but nothing could prepare her for what he would tell her during their visit...

Who stars in Without Sin?

Vicky McClure will play the main character of Stella. Speaking about the project, she was thrilled to be able to film a drama in her home town of Nottingham.

"I am also thrilled to be working once again with my good friend, and one of the UK’s finest actors, Johnny Harris, along with members of Nottingham’s The Television Workshop. To be filming in my home town is a dream come true."

Johnny Harris, who you might recognise from The Salisbury Poisonings, will be playing the murderer, Charles.

When will Without Sin be on TV?

There's not currently a release date for Without Sin, but we do know it will air on ITV at some point in 2022.

Without Sin trailer

The trailer for Without Sin isn't yet out, but we'll let you know as soon as it is.

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