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Jack Ashton

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From playing the lovely vicar Tom Hereward in Call the Midwife to falling in love on set with his partner Helen George and being dad to their baby Wren, here's all you need to know about the actor Jack Ashton.

Jack Ashton in Call the Midwife

Jack first appeared on Call the Midwife in series three as the new Poplar curate, Rev Tom Hereward. Since his arrival, he had a relationship with Trixie, played by Helen George, before their engagement was broken off in series four.

He then began a relationship with Nurse Barbara Gilbert and the pair got married at the end of series six.

One of the most memorable moments from the series is when the lovely Nurse Barbara passed away. We can all remember sobbing into soggy tissues the day poor Barbara passed away in Call the Midwife.

Jack says filming her dying scenes were incredibly difficult, not least because they were shot just days after his daughter Wren was born and he was struggling with the lack of sleep.

In a recent interview he said: “Filming those scenes was emotional because we all love Charlotte (Ritchie, who plays Barbara). We knew we were acting – but we also knew we were saying goodbye…” He pauses. “It’s emotional thinking about it now… I was lamenting the loss of someone I care about and I’d just had a baby, so I started sobbing… with snot and tears everywhere. The director asked if I could stop and cry for the next take, but I didn’t think I could stop crying at all."

Why did Jack Ashton leave Call the Midwife?

Call the Midwife cast

Asked if he would like to return to Call The Midwife for another series, Jack said: “Of course I would" suggesting that perhaps Tom could come back “in 1970 with long hair and strange ideas”.

After Barbara's (Charlotte Ritchie) tragic death, Jack's character Tom bid a sad farewell to Call the Midwife after four years with the show.

His character went off to Papua New Guinea to grieve his wife. Talking about his exit recently Tom said “I think it was more that it was just decided that it just felt like the right time for everybody.

“I think because obviously Tom had been through this kind of rollercoaster with Trixie (played by is partner Helen George) and then he’d sort of met the one with Barbara and then she’d so suddenly died.”

At the time of leaving the show, Tom had also just welcomed into his life his baby girl Wren and needed to take charge of childminding duties while his girlfriend and former co-star Helen George returned to the show as Trixie.

But the big question is, will Tom ever return to the show? Very excitingly, there's a chance he just might be!

In a recent interview Tom revealed he would “consider” returning to the much-loved Sunday night show after his character Reverend Tom Hereward left to go to Papua New Guinea to grieve the loss of his wife Nurse Barbara Hereward (played by Charlotte Ritchie).

While Jack has admitted he found it hard to leave the show, he's still in regular contact with all the gang through his partner Helen.

“Before lockdown, I still got to see a lot of the guys and we’re all friends separately anyway.”

He continued: “So I’m in a good situation where I’ve left but I’m still close to the guys there and I have to be because we all had a lovely shared experience and that’s what’s brought us as friends.

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He's read a bedtime story to help during the pandemic

Jack recently joined in the Tonie Box campaign, recording himself reading The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson to help children feel more connected during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as raising money for NHS Charities Together.

He said: "I’m in prime dad story reading mode at the moment, so when they approached me I said yes straight away because I thought I’ve had a bit of practice at this."

Jack Ashton and Helen George

Jack met his partner Helen George on the set of Call the Midwife when he was playing vicar Tom and she played Nurse Trixie Franklin.

Jack Ashton and Helen George baby Wren Ivy

In an interview Helen has revealed the pair grew especially close while filming scenes for the Christmas special in South Africa but their move from friendship to something more was "a slow process".

What else has Jack Ashton been in?

Most recently you might have seen him starring in the detective series McDonald & Dodds alongside Jason Watkins.

You may also have seen Jack in Broadchurch, Endeavour, Holby City and the Children In Need special of Strictly Come Dancing.

Is Jack Ashton on Instagram?

Yes, he shares many photos of him and his family on Instagram as well as behind the scenes photos of TV series and films he is acting in. He also shares plenty of photos of his adorable dog.

Jack Ashton instagram photo of wife Helen George

Does Jack Ashton have any children?

Yes, Jack and Helen have a daughter together called Wren Ivy. Wren was born in 2017.

How old is Jack Ashton?

Jack was born on 19 November in Bristol. The actual year of his birth is still not disclosed to the media, but probably in the mid-1980s.

Where is Jack Ashton from?

He was born in Bristol but currently lives in London.

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