How to make DIY paper flowers

Add some pretty paper florals to your home this season with this simple craft project.


by Lorna White |

We all love the smell and colour of fresh flowers around our home and garden, but in recent years, artificial flowers have really grown in popularity. And it's no surprise - not only do you not have to water them or deal with them looking wilted and dying, but they can look just as pretty as the real deal too!

Of course, there are plenty of brilliant faux flower options available to buy, but if you love crafts and DIY projects, you might want to have a go at making your own out of paper. From colourful bouquets to showstopping flower walls, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild when it comes to paper flowers.

If you fancy having a go for yourself, we've rounded up some of our favourite online tutorials for you to try.

How to make your own paper flowers at home: paper flower supply list

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Here are some of the absolute essentials to get you started on your crafts

• Scissors

• Cardstock

• Construction paper

• Glue gun and sticks

• Pencils

• Mounting tape

Paper flower tutorials:

Paper hydrangeas

There's no denying how beautiful a big bunch of hydrangeas are. For this project, you will need: Blue Cardstock Paper, Green Cardstock Paper, Green Wire, Brown Wire, White Floral Tape, Green Floral Tape, Scissors and Wire Cutters.

Paper roses

Looking to recycle your old books? These paper roses not only look fabulous but they'll give your old books a new lease of life. All you need to make these is an old book, scissors, a glue gun and a paintbrush or pen.

Large paper roses

If you're wanting to decorate your home or garden with something a little larger, these colourful, big roses are a great option to try. These would look great stuck to a decorative wall or even to a fence outside if you're having a garden party! For this craft, you'll need: 65lb card stock (paper weight), Glue gun and glue sticks, tool to curl the petals and scissors to cut out the petals.

Hanging pom pom flowers

These are perfect for hanging in trees around the garden for summer to give any barbecue and splash of colour. All you'll need is pair of scissors, tissue paper and twist ties.

Paper hyacinth flowers

Try something different with these very pretty hyacinth flowers which would look lovely in a little bright vase. For these flowers, you'll need assorted colours of cardstock (not too thick), green construction paper (thin), scissors, ruler, pencil, glue stick, knitting needle (optional).

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers

This simple crepe paper flower is easy to create, making it a great craft activity to do with children. You will need crepe paper, scissors, glue sticks or hot glue, floral wire, green washi tape or floral tape.

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