Face masks: How to make your own and where to buy stylish face coverings

Find out how to make your own unique face mask and the best places to purchase a super stylish face covering.

Face masks

by Lorna White |

Although the lockdown rules may be easing slightly, the threat of coronavirus isn't going away just yet, and we still need to be doing our bit to stay safe and healthy. One rule the government are introducing this week is that we all have to wear face masks in shops from July 24th.

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If you're in need of a mask but want something a little different, why not try making your very own reusable one? They're very easy to make and can be easily washed after each wear, so you'll also be doing your bit for the environment too!

Doubling up on layers of fabric will also prevent you from inhaling any droplets of the virus, so you'll also be keeping yourself safe.

Before starting, you'll need to find some old clothes or fabric. One scientific study has found that the best materials to use are tightly woven cottons or twill, natural silk or quilted cottons.

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How to make a face mask at home

Make your own face mask
  1. Don't worry if you don't have a sewing machine, you can still make your very own mask in just a few simple steps. All you'll need is a bandanna or handkerchief that is square shaped, some napkins or paper towels to add some more layers and two elastic bands or hair bobbles.

  2. Fold either end of your square of fabric into the middle.

  3. Pop a smaller square of fabric, such as a napkin or piece of kitchen roll and fold the outer fabric into the middle again to cover it.

  4. Then place your elastic bands or hair bobbles around the end before folding the ends of the fabric into the middle to meet.

  5. Secure the two ends together by tucking one side into the other then put on your mask, looping the bands around your ears.

How to stay cool in a face mask

With summer well underway and plenty of sunshine to be enjoying, it's not the best season to be wearing a face covering. If you're finding yourself getting a bit hot and sweaty under your mask this sunny season, we've put together some top tips for staying cool in your face mask.

  • Make sure your mask is made from a breathable material such as cotton or bamboo.

  • Choose a lighter coloured mask rather than a darker one in hot weather.

  • Avoid make-up as it can mix with sweat and clog your pores to cause acne.

  • Apply sun cream to your face as you can still burn through a face mask.

  • Swap your mask for a visor if you find it too hot still.

  • Stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water with you at all times.

Top tip: If you find your face getting sweaty, make sure you take a spare mask out and about with you - if your mask gets wet it won't be effective when it comes to protecting you against the virus so it's important to keep your mask dry.

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The most stylish face masks to buy

Don't fancy making a mask of your own? There are plenty of stylish, reusable masks on the market to buy. We've rounded up some of our favourites below.

It's worth noting that most of these masks are non-medical PPE and for them to be worn at PPE, you should add washable material inserts as mentioned above, into the mask.

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