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5 healthy changes to make for World Heart Day

HealthBauer XcelCelebrity, Heart
5 healthy changes to make for World Heart Day

This World Heart Day (September 29), the lovely Sally Bee from ITV's Lorraine, is asking you to look to your heart.

Heart health is something it's easy to not pay much mind to, especially when we're busy, but taking care of your heart is so important to staying happy and healthy. This is a message Sally Bee knows all too well having survived three heart attacks herself in her mid-thirties.

Now the TV nutritionist and chef is urging the nation to make a few easy tweaks to their lifestyle to keep their heart in shape. For just the odd change to your diet and exercise could be all it takes to make a real difference.

So here's Sally's top five new habits to start this World Heart Day:

  • Like any finely tuned engine, your heart needs the right fuel to pump efficiently. Load up on dark coloured vegetables, fruits and pulses (we're talking blackberries, plums, red cabbage) along with clean, unprocessed protein. And don't scrimp on your veg intake. The stocks need replenishing regularly!
  • MOVE! Just like any muscle, if it’s not worked it will go all flabby! Your heart needs to be worked daily to keep its fitness, keep the structure strong and vessels clear. Try a brisk walk round the park, some morning stretches in front of the window, a relaxing swim or a crisp autumn bike ride through the trees.
  • Rest is just as important as exercise. And proper rest allows the cells in your body to rejuvenate ready for the next bout of activity. There is no such thing as a half-hearted rest. It needs to be 100 per cent so put your feet up with a cuppa and classical music or take a nice nap.
  • Keep stress at bay. Stress is a negative emotion that messes with your body and your heart tends to take the brunt of this! Try diversion techniques whenever you feel stress creeping up on you, such as deep breathing, meditating, squeezing a stress ball, counting to ten or going for a walk or long hot bath.
  • Be happy. Happiness, being with peeople we love and laughter are one of the best medicines for the heart. So keep friends who sap your spirits at a distance and surround yourself with happy people

To find out more about heart health visit the World Heart Federation

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