Everything you need to know about Jessica Raine

Everything you need to know about Jessica Raine

We loved Jessica Raine as Jenny Lee in Call the Midwife, but the actress has done much more besides...


Who is Jessica Raine?

Jessica Raine is an English actress, best known for her role in Call the Midwife. She grew up in Eardisley, Herefordshire, where she grew up on a farm.

How old is Jessica Raine?

She’s currently 35 years old.

Who did Jessica Raine play in Call the Midwife?

Jessica played the protagonist Jenny Lee, who we followed as she moved into Nonnatus House to begin life with the nuns of Call the Midwife. She stayed on the show for three series.

Was Jessica Raine in Doctor Who?

She had a guest role on Doctor Who back in 2013. She appeared in the episode Hide, and then later played the show’s producer Verity Lambert in An Adventure in Space and Time to mark Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.


Jessica Raine in Wolf Hall

In 2015 she appeared in six episodes of Wolf Hall as Jane Rochford.

Jessica Raine in Line of Duty

She joined the BBC police drama Line of Duty in series 2, in 2015, playing Detective Constable Georgia Trotman.

Jessica Raine in Fortitude

As if 2015 wasn’t busy enough for Jessica, she also appeared in Fortitude over 12 episodes as Jules Sutter AND as Tuppence Beresford in Partners in Crime.

Jessica Raine in The Last Post

Jessica's most recent big role was starring the the BBC's The Last Post, as the alcoholic and rather brazen wife of a British army officer. The series is set in the colonial outpost of Aden in 1965, and sees Jessica looking every inch the sixties bombshell.

She's described her character Alison Laithwaite, who is seen swigging gin first thing in the morning as 'humming with dissatisfaction' and 'climbing the walls with boredom'. She's also called her the 'favourite character I've played so far, ever.' It's a big change from lovely quiet Jenny in Call the Midwife!

She admitted on BBC's The One show that she rather lost her cool while filming a scene involving a scorpion - she had to do several re-shoots after getting frightened. To be honest, we can't blame her for that!

 Jessica with Emilia Fox at the 2013 BAFTAs

Jessica with Emilia Fox at the 2013 BAFTAs

Has Jessica Raine been in any films?

She had a role in Robin Hood, in 2010, as Isabel of Gloucester, and played Nanny in 2012’s The Woman in Black.

Is Jessica Raine married?


Yes she is! She married actor Tom Goodman-Hill in 2015 in a London ceremony. The pair met while acting in a play in 2010 and wed just two weeks after news broke out of their engagement!